40 days to FIT! Day 3~ I wanna see you!!!

My titles sure are a little bit boring this week, lol!  But it’s helping me keep on track…

I’ve been getting a ton of comments on my wordpress blog www.blog.buffmother.com, but very few people have avatars.  WELL…I figured I’d share with you how to get one.  It’s simple~ just sign up here with your e-mail and upload a picture.


I wanna SEE you~ It’ll really be fun to put more faces with names~ it really helps me remember who is who 🙂  AND I really do want to remember you! So if you can please do try to get your photo up so I can see your pretty face!! thanks!!

My Day 3 is going to be a busy one~ but different than yesterday or Monday. The past 2 days I’ve been behind the computer too much!  I’ve been trying to get caught up since my HD crashed on the 4th of July and I was with out my good computer for almost 2 weeks.

Today the rest of my day looks kinda like this:
STORE- get food!! so I can eat good~ lots of protein and greens~ Buffing Starts tomorrow!!
OUTSIDE!- I need some fresh air and sunshine
GYM- I plan on going at 4pm with the kids…all of us need to get OUT of the house and I need a GREAT workout!
COOK- I will cook up some of the stuff I bought- make HB eggs, Chicken Salad, and some stir-fry for supper 😉

OH Man~ I am blogging this for my own record…I get what I think are “NIGHT TERRORS” quite often….for a while it was almost a nightly occurrence.  About a year ago,  I figured out that if I made sure it was really dark in my room it didn’t happen.  Since then, I have had fewer recently.  BUT last night~ WOW!! I had a HORRIBLE one. They always start off the same I sorta wake up and look to the side of my bed and I “think” I see an intruder there (it’s actually shadows, I think). But at the time I scream, JUMP over to my husband’s side of the bed and FREAK out until I wake myself up. It’s really scarry!  Well, last night I was so convincing that my DH actually thought someone was attacking me, so he grabbed me and it escalated from there…both of us thought we were the attackers. After about a minute (which seemed like 5) we both woke up enough to figure out that we were freaking out over nothing.  IT was insane!!  My heart rate had to be about 250bpm and I was exhausted!

Today’s fit tip was about being prepared!  Preparing both mentally and physically is vital to our success~ so…

xoxoxo~ Michelle

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78 Replies to “40 days to FIT! Day 3~ I wanna see you!!!

  1. Night terrors are so frightening, I get them about rats and huge spiders, I have to shake all the covers out to make sure theres nothing there.

  2. I love how eating fresh fruit and vegetables makes your whole body feel so much better! I was never one to drink a lot of water and now that I have practiced drinking more it does make you feel refreshed. Good luck everyone!

  3. for 07/22/09
    Did not get to login last nite. Crazy times with kids. Well, I set a goal of doing at least some kind of cardio for 30 minutes a day & weight training every other day.

  4. well I am off to work today, then after work i run across the street for my gym work out… and I think some laps in the pool it is so hot her in southern CA. Good Luck Girls stay motivated i am pulling for all of you!

  5. I love going to the gorcery store and stocking up and fresh stuff! Yummy! Enjoy your day! 😉

  6. I must be blog-illiterate but I’m not finding this blog on wordpress. Anyways, my day 3 was yesterday (wed.) and i was fighting a migraine in the afternoon but took some meds and got to the gym about 9pm. I was half way through my interval on ellip. and was pooped. But . . . I had all your great picts in my mind and your abs motivated me to finish! Thanks!

  7. I will get a pic updated today! As long as Baby Samantha cooperates when I get back from the gym…I am off to do shoulders, bis and tris…PS – I have lost a pound since starting the 40 day challenge!

  8. I am sorry about your night terrors. I haven’t had those in a long time. I did my first crossfit training on tuesday and I am still sore. I am going to push through the pain and do something even if its just cardio.

  9. yes..you are supposed to get one every day…HMMM…I’ve had a few people miss theirs besides you. Sorry about that! Be sure to check your SPAM/Junk mail and add me to your address book and safe senders list.
    On the weight loss, you can’t go by the scale just yet. You need to realize that the scale doesn’t tell you the whole story. SO MANY factors can cause you to retain a bit of water and the scale will make you think you aren’t progressing. JUST STICK to it and you will see the scale go down soon!
    Be aware that your HORMONES really play a key factor. Do you chart your cycle? if not start asap!

  10. well…i probably was part to blame for confusing you. THIS blog is a wordpress blog~ So you are HERE!
    In order to get your picture up…just go to this website and sign up~

    Hope that helps!!

  11. My competition suit just got finished! when I get it, and a tan on, i’ll take a picture for my profile 🙂

  12. Hi…..I didnt get a motivation email today…..are we supposed to get one everyday?…..Anyway….How long does it take to see weight loss?….I have been going to the gym for days now and following the South Beach diet and I gained a pound….Is that normal?

  13. I couldn’t get onto your blog earlier. It kept timing out. But I’m checking for Day #3! Still sore too! LOL!

  14. Well, my eating for today was not that great. I’m about to hit the gym for the bi’s & tri’s workout with, hopefully, a 45 min cardio. I need guidance in one area…how to lose my last 10 lbs and my “babies” tummy fat! Any suggestions?

  15. Had a great upper body work out today and so happy that I actually was able to stick with my clean eating today…

    Great Job ladies who knows were these 40days may take us….

  16. Ok, so I thought that I commented, but I don’t see it. So sorry about the night terror! Those must be horrible. Looks like you were busy with all those kiddos!!

  17. interesting to hear that I am not alone with my terrors~ I bet you are so excited for your baby!!

  18. Hmm…that’s interesting to know about my blog timing out. I wonder if I need to check my server~ all this traffic could need more bandwidth!

  19. Started the day with oatmeal mixed with cottage cheese and some raisins… shared with my 17 month old! Feeling VERY preggo today, but am going to get a good walk in and some upper body.
    Ahhh… night terrors. Have them and they sound very similar to yours. They have been SO much less frequent since I had my son, but I have been having them again recently (scared of the impending new baby?) and they are freaky as hell. Thinking someone is standing next to my bed. Eeeek.

  20. Hi…..OK Yeah I weighed on our work scale today…..we are 1 week in on our office fitness contest and I lost 1 pound but lost 3% body fat….is that because of muscle, because alot of other peole lost more weight than me but less body fat…..thank you Michelle for your replys they really help…..I will start charting my cycle….very interested in that…..going to the gym again and starting a circut workout……Gonna do a Zumba class on Saturday at my gym….should be fun.

  21. Ok, I am a bit lost I guess. I created the gravatar account and uploaded the photo into that. How do I get it to appear here?

  22. I’m confused. I have been posting daily this week, but not on the 40 days to fit pages, didn’t realize the daily pages were here. duh

    am i still getting credit for posting?

  23. No… you were doing it right. These blog posts are my own journey through the 40 days~ You can comment where ever you want…I just want you to use it for accountability. KEEP FOCUSED!!

  24. I’ll work on the avatar tomorrow… In the interim, my post for Day 3 (from my notes): Do I get credit for using the stairs today? My daughter, Jillian, and I went to the mall and parked at the far end of the lot just to walk to and fro! We did eat Johnny Rockets though 🙁 Again, I’m disappointed with my failure to eat breakfast and Honey Nut Cheerios for dinner.

    Bad habits are hard to break. Working on them, though!

  25. The night terrors sound awful! I’ve awoken a few times to think that I saw a spider hanging from a web inches in front of my face… FREAKY!!!

    Day 3 was MUCH better! Clean eating… almost all day… except for the few Butter Rum Lifesavers… and a great cardio workout on the treadmill.

  26. Hmm, not sure where my post just went. But the long and short was I made it to the gym and now Im off camping for the long weekend.

  27. I’ve been on vacation since July 25th but I started to do this challenge while on vacation. For the past 6 weeks, I’ve been keeping a food and exercise journal and I thought this challenge would be great to finish out my summer (I’m a teacher and school starts on day 41). Today we walked for 1 hour and I did the abs routine. Thanks for the tips and excellent excersises. I’m enjoying my vacation, but I’m ready to see the gym on Sunday!

  28. day 3! i started it off right with a 45 minute run this morning before work… this was only the second time i’ve gone out in the morning since i usually have to be at work at 7 am. i went in at 8 today which gave me a little extra time. and i am really proud of myself for that. tonight i’ll be at the gym getting in some biceps/triceps/abs. thanks michelle!

  29. Oh goodness, I act stuff out in my sleep all the time! My poor husband awoke with my fingers in his mouth and me screaming ‘Spit it out’. I was having a dream that my son was choking…horrible!

    Gonna ROCK my workout today! And eat some good stuff!

  30. Scary! I bet that freaks your husband out big time! lol Getting prepared is a great idea, one which I will take to heart! Thx Michelle!

  31. Day 3… I love having to face this blog everyday as it sure helps me stay on track!!

    Celebrated birthday with family all day but ate correctly and got in my weights session….

  32. You know what is bad I have bunched my husband what was really crazy is that i was dreaming that i was fighting someone in my dream.


  33. day 3! started with a SHWEATTYY spin class (600 cals!!) and followed by an Upper Body lift day! whew.

  34. Tried posting yesterday from my blackberry, didn’t work, but my response for Day 3 is woooohoooo! i’ve lost 2.5 pounds in 3 days and i am pumped! Thanks Michelle! Can’t wait to get my books/vitamins and really get started!!!!

  35. What up, Elle? Today I pulled a Jared and walked a ways to Subway for dinner. Been good on the diet. Hoping to get in a bike ride soon and am downloading music into my MP3 player I got for Xmas that I haven’t touched yet. It’ll be great for the gym and bike rides. I usually plug into the machine at the gym and watch TV but music will get me more pumped to do more!!

  36. sometimes we need the sleep more! I don’t get force myself up early unless I have to…I know my entire day may suffer if I don’t get my ZZZZZ’s

  37. so i woke up this morning at 5am thinking that i was going to do cardio…went right back to sleep until 8!!!Felt guilty for not getting up…but then I chose to “just do it”!!!got in a cardio session and worked out my abs!!! Day #3 is great!!!!!

  38. Today is day 3. This is my off day, but I don’t plan on sitting. I’m getting ready to go play some golf. I’ve noticed a change in my stomach again. Getting closer. Thank you for the extra motivation.

  39. Ok now I am already a totally different person and I love it! Who is this girl that let her husband get the baby ready for school while she did cardio and came home to do jump roping WOW! Michelle your night terrors sound horrible. We had a night terror for real we were in the living room watching a movie and the whole work cabnet in our garage came crashing down! We thought someone was trying to break in talk about heart pumping!! Luckily the cars are ok and thank God it happened when no one was in the garage.

  40. Today is the first day my comment finally popped up! Yeah! Well I am following day 3 and have my bag packed for the gym. I am ready to just do it!!

  41. Feeling bleurrgh! Flu symptoms, it was -2 degrees here in London last night, so it’s a duvet day with meds today.. but eating clean and keeping up the protein to help my immunity.

  42. Okay…day 3 did not start off well so I had to redeem myself with 30mins on eliptical & an intense shoulder workout!! Now off to eat some chicken!

  43. day 3 was the hardest! I was so tired and unmotivated- haven’t been feeling too peachy and definitely down on myself.. hopefully i can snap out of this funk!

  44. Im low on energy this morning. But kids are off school and no running around to their activities. Im teaching Zumba tonight then going to try and learned another song from RIPPED..a new class that Im teaching on new years day…pressure to learn it and keep the kids busy too. ICan do it,,,I can do it is my new mantra for today!

  45. I share the anxiety from night terrors, i have them all the time, and i agree if the roomis completely dark my sleep is usually uninterrupted…I have vivid dreams to, i once woke up to my husband saying what are you doing, give the sheets back..I was pulling the bedsheets off the sell to a customer in my dream( i was working in sales at the time). Ok on the Buffmother side of things, im off to bed to catch some zzz before my first wrk out in 4months..:)

  46. NICE job!! I love it when my hubby has his workout mojo going!! Keep kickin’ it hard!!

  47. Body is sore today, and i LOVE it! been pushing through a “go so hard challenge” with hubby. Pull-ups, push-ups, abs, legs (squats, lunges etc.)Been more diligent in my protein intake as well!

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