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  1. Thanks for the invitation to this 40 day challenge. I look forward to having it help me jumpstart my challenge I just started simultaneously. Love the accountability factor. Thanks Michelle!

  2. so today I started off easy with a 4 1/2 mile jog (Ok i walked like 90% of it.) but my goal is to beable to jog the whole thing by the end of the 40 days.

  3. that happens a lot! You are totally gaining muscle and losing fat! Keep it up weight will come of soon~ are you buffing or boosting right now?

  4. WOW!! Got husband to join me for a 2 mile walk. I know it’s not much but it’s movement in the right direction. Better than being couch potato.

  5. Okay, today is the first day. I feel great, just worked my butt off in my basement and I can’t stop sweating. One day down 39 to go!

  6. Today was day one and did ok not great my eating stunk but everything else was good. My goal for week one is to clean up my eating and stay away from those sweets… Great job everyone..

  7. I’m at the end of my buffing phase. thanks so much for the confidence to keep it up! i had an active resting day today and went to a hot yoga class. It was great!

  8. Yesterday was Day 1 for me and I ate clean all day! One step at a time:) Had a bad migraine because of hormones – so stressed that my period is 4 weeks late – so I couldn’t work out:(

  9. Today was my #1. My son (7 years) went running this morning, and continued by playing soccer together. What a great day!

  10. Yesterday was my day one! I forgot how amazing I feel after working out, even though I am a pole dancing instructor it just isn’t enough to keep me physically fit. I had a long day at my day job but pushed myself to go to the gym, I did 15min of cycle and 1 hour of Yoga. Im looking forward to having my amazing body back!

  11. Today (8/5) is my day one. My goal is to eat lower carbs in the form of fruits and veggies, with some oatmeal or sweet potato after a workout. I’m also upping my lean protein to ~30 each meal and trying to eat healthy fats throughout the day. I jumped rope for 20 minutes last night!! (i haven’t done that in over a year 🙂 )

  12. DAY #1. I am having company. House is a mess-need groceries, but I am just going to “do it!”.I am a little cranky for that reason.
    I am out the door for a great
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. Day 1 here I come. I’m a body pump instructor and have been working out hard since October and literally haven’t lost a pound. I know i’ve lost inches but this has been so frustrating for me. I’ve ordered your books and vitamins and can’t wait to get going! I’m especially excited to get the abs after babys (I have 8, plus 2 in heaven) cuz this is probably my weakest area!Thanks for your encouragement and instruction.

  14. wow! 8 kiddos!! Be sure to keep me posted on how you progress~ i am sure your body is going to love the program!

  15. Day 1 and I am ready. I ate ok today but I can do better. Since today is Sunday, I did not workout as Sunday is reserved for rest day. Tomorrow I will run 3 to 5 miles. All depends on how hot the weather is and how early I can get up. I work a second shift and go to bed by midnight. I hope to be up by 7am or 8am at the latest.

  16. I am so excited to be a part of this and think this is the motivation and support I need 🙂 I’m pumped, well, pumped in spirit, my muscles need some work!

  17. This is day 1 for me. My hunger level is down, which is good. I plan to work legs and abs this evening!

  18. Hi Michelle,

    I did my Tae Bo Abs DVD today and ran 2.5 miles. I’m following the SparkPeople.com dietary intake for now. Looking forward to hearing from yo

  19. Hi all! I am really excited to be here. I am reading Hormonal Timing and can not recommend it enough! My cardio this morning really curbed my appetite all day and eating the way Michelle recomends is amazing!!! I never knew you could get so full eating so little. I LOVE IT!!! I am in the buffing stage and am excited about getting my supplements soon!!!!

  20. This is day #2 for me and I am learning more as I read along. Hopefully, I will get as git as Michelle!

  21. I am SO ready to finally loose this baby weight! Thanks for the inspiration and motivation!!

  22. Thanks for the motivation. My routine today is to have a cleaning marathon. Housekeeping is also a calorie burner. But I am going to continue to have willpower throughout the holidays! Yesterday I went to Kosama instead of participating in the holiday potluck @ work!

  23. Good morning! Workout and lots OS water in the plans today…big headache from low carbs and not enough H2O!!! Got to change that…have a great day!!

  24. I am so ready to get in shape and get rid of this extra baby weight. For me today, lots of housecleaning, laundry and my favorite kickboxing dvd!!!!!

  25. My 1st day of the 40 day challenge was really yesterday. I did LB work out and I can barely move today so I took today off! But I am reading the HT book again, I am so excited and motivated to do this! Thanks Michelle you are an inspiration!

  26. I signed up this morning…I am so excited 🙂 I can’t wait to see everyone’s great results!

  27. I signed up for 40 day challenge ..it said day one but not sure if I got the right thing it was just articles and asking to sign up again?????

  28. I think you may have hit the alternate link…but you are in the right place! hope you enjoy the articles and information!

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