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  1. Day 1 of 40
    Starting out by doing a walk with BFF to catch up on eachs others lifes. It is going to be a hot one today in SoCal so will also be swimming some laps!
    have a blessed day Michelle!

  2. Let’s rock these next 40 days!!! My motivation is my 16th wedding anniversary…It’s 40 days away!

  3. HI!! I just wanted to let you know I am ON BOARD for the 40 days!! this is going to rock!!

  4. Thank you Michelle for your 40 days to FIT! As a single mother to 3 young children I needed someone to push me as well as guide me! Thank you so much! I am starting by walking more with my kids and drinking more water!

  5. I think this will be fun! I’m already having fun interacting with so many excited people!!

  6. Shelley :I’m excited Michelle! Bring it on!

    Looking forward tothe next 40 days!!!!
    Bring it

  7. Starting with you…time to step it up and have some consistancy….lets have fun in fitness!

  8. well that’s why we all need daily encouragement and accountability!! You can do this!!! STAY STRONG and foucsed!!

  9. Make sure to check your spam/junk…I almost missed my own first message. You should get a WELCOME message today.
    Way to get started!!!

  10. Day 3 of 40
    Weight work out ahead. Planning on a full body circuit with a little extra legs and butt added it!

  11. Hey Michelle,
    Great website and I love the 40 day challenge. It’s just what I need to get my butt started. Day 1 for me and I’ve done great. Diet is clean so far and cardio and weights are done.


  12. Hi Michelle,
    I will be working out with you for the next 40 days. Thank you for the challenge!
    Today was day one and I did a 30 min bootcamp workout followed by a 30 min kickboxing working. It was a nice sweaty workout.

  13. I am turning 37 in a week & sitting here staring at my eliptical, eating my kids’ mac&cheese….very sad. This email was exactly what I needed to motivate one very overwhelmed momma. Thanks!

  14. I am excited about this, I can’t find my motivation and discipline from within and I think I need some of your help! Thanks

  15. I’m excited about this challenge. I am lacking motiviation and this is exactly what I need.

  16. I’m so excited to be able to do another challenge!!!

    Day 1: Abs, 30 minute lower body weights, 4 mile easy run and another 1 1/2 miles with my son getting him ready for his PFT at the end of the week.

    Making sure my nutrition is on target and feeling great!

  17. Hey Michelle~ I’m felling side tract already….But I know that I need to do this for myself….

  18. Yay ~Day 2 (kinda skipped day 1…lol)
    Bike class and Michelle’s upper body workout! Rockin’!!! Eats are the hard part….stay tuned!

  19. Hi Michelle…I think this is great what you are doing. I just signed up today. Haven’t gotten my email yet, but I already taken a 20 minute walk with the kids and dog. I plan on doing another 30 min on the treadmill and weight training this afternoon.

  20. Funny this came today. I started my own 40 day challenge last Thursday. Now I have someone to do it with. Thanks! My problem isn’t the workout. It’s my eating habits. However, I love tips on exercise. there is always room for improvement.

  21. Was excited to get this in my inbox today!Just in time too. Was starting to lose motivation. Thanks for this challenge

  22. Hey Michelle, I almost deleted this from my “spam”! So glad I did not! I am ready and raring to go on my 40 days!

    Today was just 45mn of kickboxing and then 45mn of pilates power sculting.

    I just finshed reading the Eat Clean Diet over the weekend so this is a perfect time to do this!

  23. So timely! I made a promise to myself yesterday that I would begin anew today. Workouts – no problem…food – constant struggle. I’m constantly an all or nothing person. I plan to be really clean for a couple weeks and moderation from there on out. None of this starting and stopping anymore!

  24. This will be a good time to get back on track after starting new job schedule. Can’t wait to get started.

  25. Just in time Michelle! Boy did I need a kick in the bootie Thanks sweetie. You keep me inspired!

  26. I just joined a few minutes ago, great timing with the challenge. It is just what I need to finish off the summer. Today I got in 30 min on the elliptical and some ab work. Cant wait to see the post email tomorrow.

  27. Looking forward to the 40 day challenge. Warmup on treadmill, then did airdyne, abs, and pushups.

  28. Michelle – Just finished 25 min HIIT on the treadmill, plus a lbwo consisting of squats, lunges, step ups, calf raises and a bit of cardio kickboxing. Worked abs as well. Again, thank you for doing this. The fact that you are willing to take the time to read each and every post AND comment on them is just pure selflessness!! You ROCK!!!! Thanks for helping all of us!!

  29. Good morning! It’s 5 am and I just did my chest and tri workout! Looking forward to a energetic day! I’ll train this afternoon for the 5K I’m running in Sept.!

    Have a wonderful day!

  30. I’ve been working out daily for the last two weeks, but got the 40 day challenge email and decided to join. I can’t wait!

  31. Actually~ if you are a member of the rally room that’d be an awesome place to post pics. Nice and private.

  32. Start with anything~ a walk is a good place to begin…or copy anything you see others doing. 🙂

  33. Hey, thanks for this! I got out of my routine after vacation and need to get back into the swing of things!

  34. I hurt my back in the garden Sunday, so yesterday and today have to be low key. I walked 2 miles yesterday and feel a world better today. Will be walking more today and hopefully getting nback into the swing by tomorrow.

  35. Today is my day 1! I truly do need something to re-start my MOJO… I love and have stuck to weight lifting; it’s the cardio I have been struggling with. HELP! Just looking at Michelle is motivation… I WILL look like her soon!!! Way to go to all of us BuffMothers!

  36. Today is my official Day 1 for the 40 day Challenge but I’ve been challenging myself for 4 weeks. I’ve lost 5 pounds and I’m feeling strong. I worked out twice yesterday (noon and 5:30) and will be going at it again today. I just ordered Michelle’s book and am looking forward to getting it!

  37. I’m all in! I am motivated! C’mon ladies lets DO THIS! No one gets left behind!!! I’m going on my ecliptical trainer before going to bed!

    Oh by the way,,, we should include some mantra’s into the routine…. ‘I am in the process of losing 30 kilos’ ‘I am fit and lean’ ‘I am healthy and wealthy’ ‘I looove to exercise’

    Who can think of some other positive sayings?

  38. SO excited, been working out for a couple months now and just not motivated so excerise is good but diet sinks. So this will kick me back into high gear before school starts again.

    M… H-town, TX

  39. Had a heavy chest workout, then did 65 squats, 10 at a time, ran intervals for about 10 minutes (huge for me since I am still convincing myself to like cardio) then finished off with with a heavy calf session… The gym is great “me time.”

    When I thought of the home-baked cookies my husband made, I pictured Michelle’s body with my face, and I was able to resist! LOL!!! Thanks for the motivation Michelle!

  40. Just got back to the gym after a long hiatus. Did some running on the treadmill which went right according to plan. I’ll begin the weight work on Thursday.

  41. I just started today but everyones comments on the blogs have really fired me up to get started.

  42. I started Monday. Which was 4 weeks since I had my 2nd child. I feel great, more energy throughout day and I need it with a 2 yr. Old and a 4 week old. I have lost 2lbs already and it’s only Wednesday!!! I know it’s baby weight but I’m Very excited!

  43. I’m so excited to do the 40 days to fit challenge! It’s 3 years since I’ve really worked out & ate healthy, so I can’t wait to get back in shape again:)

  44. I’m so excited to start the 40 days to fit challenge, especially since it’s been 3 years since I’ve really worked out or eaten clean!

  45. Wasn’t able to get on the computer for day 2. Day 1 was elliptical for 25 mins on interval mode after teaching a Pilates class. Wrapped it up with 100 walking lunges.
    Day 2 I wasn’t able to make it to the gym due to teaching a class at my church for teen girls.
    Day 3 – today = Elliptical today again for 25 mins after teaching Pilates, 100 walking lunges and some squats. Tired…tired.

  46. Hey Michelle! I haven’t had a chance to respond everyday on this blog BUTTTT that says nothing about my efforts. I’ve been training with a PT 3-4 times a week and working very hard on my clean eating diet. I just got your book last Friday and am feverishly reading it!!! Can’t wait to have a full month on the HT system!

  47. Started the new 40 day challenge – focussing on getting 350 min a week at the gym. So far so good, did a combo circuit training today. Whew, it felt good!

  48. Hi, my sister joined this group. She has lost heaps of weight and is looking great.
    I’m a single mother with seven children.
    I can’t wait to get into great shape.

  49. Yep you can pretty much do anything you did prior to pregnancy for exercises. Do be aware of your BALANCE~ as your tummy grows your center of gravity changes. So doing exercises on a machine is a good idea to help with extra stabilization.
    You can do abs during pregnancy also~

  50. I saw that 350mins thing on tv~ is that where you got it from?
    If you spend that much time in the gym each week you should be able to get buff~ be sure to LIFT!!

  51. Im excited to join this site full of other wonderful moms. Im a mother of 4 kids. Ages 14-19 months. Im super ready to get back into shape. 🙂

  52. Hello Michelle – This is the best website!! (I had 4 kids in 4 years like you. 1 boy 3 girls also!)

    I want a nice butt. I have a hand full of fat on each hip. No matter what I do, it never goes away?? Is this my diet? Will more squats take care of this? Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  53. Hey! thanks Christy!!
    BUTTS are hard and often the last place for fat pockets to leave. You do need to keep lifting hard and heavy with your legs, plus CLEAN up your diet. Some things to try omitting are artificial sweeteners, “fake” foods, dairy and grains.
    Check out some of these vids for more workout ideas:

    Butt squats:

    Smith Lunges (extra butt emphasis):

    Smith lunges (basic):

    Dead Lifts (dumbbells)- these are Romanian

    Dead lifts (barbell): these are Romanian

  54. Hi Michelle, you are already an inspiration to me because I’m also a mother of twins. The only different is that I had mine at 40. Do you think that I’ll still be able to get rid of twin skin (belly) without a tummy tuck?

  55. I know that you can improve your tummy for sure! Skin depends- but if you get after it and work hard you will be amazed at how much you can improve it!! GET after it and let me know how it goes!!

  56. You are kickin’ tail Keena!! I’ve learned to take it easy on practice days~ I’ll see you tonight!

  57. Yesterday-I ran/jogged for 10min, rode the bike for an hr and did weights!!
    This am-weights and elliptical for 35mins and football practice tonight. So…I think i’m good for today!! (:

  58. You are not late…the contest is open for anyone to start every day of may. If you just signed up today- tomorrow is your day 1 and you’ll be getting an email with the info you need.
    You are going to do great on this journey!!! time to SIZZLE!!

  59. Just joined today and I am pretty excited. I am a mother of 4 boys from 11-15. Looking forward to the challenge! I am active as far as cardio is concerned. I average about 6-7 miles a day 6 days a week at about a 6.5-7.0 mph pace. I am just a thinner version of myself, looking for better muscle definition, and upper body strength. 🙂

  60. 40 days to Fit was a great way to keep me motivated AND accountable!! Thanks so much, Michelle!!

  61. “40 days to FIT” join the challenge!!! – BuffMother! I was recommended this web site by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my difficulty. You’re amazing! Thanks! your article about “40 days to FIT” join the challenge!!! – BuffMother!Best Regards Craig

  62. Made it through the 40 days. And learned sooo much!!! Thank you for putting this together! I am looking forward to reading your blogs and learning much more from you! Thank you!

  63. Glad you enjoyed it!! I’ve gone through it personally at least 4 times myself and it seriously works to get my fitness momentum rolling!!

  64. I’ve spent the past 40 days reading your posts and everyone’s comments…..it’s been an amazing start to help me get fit again. I’m half way through the 10 week SSS Contest & I’m just so greatful to everyone for their help, support & information.
    Michelle – you are my inspiration, you have been for a number of years but since doing this 40 challenge I have come to admire you even more. I have recently booked my wedding so I now have a full year (14 September 2013) to get into the best shape of my life. I’m half way there do with all the exercise tips, actual exercise plans you post and your spiritual support from afar – I know I’ll do it. I’m super excited about the next 12 months in my life as I can already see my body responding to the new exercises. I’ll have some wonderful strong shoulders, tight abs & awesome thighs for my wedding day 🙂
    Karen xx

  65. Yay! I made it! Thank you for all the great information, the advice and the inspiration on a daily basis! I feel great and am proud of myself too!

  66. Awwww…thanks so much for your super kind words Karen. You gave me goose bumps 🙂
    You are going to be a stunning bride!! Stay in touch!!

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