High Expectations!

I have had HIGH expectations of myself all day today~ and guess what, I’ve risen to the challenge and have had a VERY successful day so far! I love that feeling!!

My workout today went like this:

Warm up- tanning and talking with my sissy
r-bike 10 mins
chest press 70x15x2sets

115×7,6, 5

Tricep bench dips
4×10 finished each rep with a inverted plank

Hammer strength seatedchest press

Incline Flys

Tricep extensions (skull crushers)

paired with bicep curls

A total of about 4 sets of abs during the workout~ I plan to do more later.

Ran intervals on treddy total of 18mins- 7 hard intervals (8,8,8.5×2, 9×3) I recovered at a pace of 6-7mph…I was very tired!

The rest of today has been spent working on my training programs, cleaning, organinzing, etc…the girls have been watching some movies.

My computer is in the shop until Thurs, so for now I have to share with the kids 🙂 It’s amazing how slow this old best of a computer is compared to my newer one! AND it’s also amazing how much the kids actually use it~ they are a totally different generation!

My POA for this weeks looks like a lot of cardio, heehee! I’ve got to shed the FLUF I gained over the 4 day weekend. I hope it goes away FAST! I’ll start no carbs tomorrow and keep that up until after my shoot. I really hold a ton of water from carbs and my body doesn’t lean up unless I really cut carbs. I always like to go into a photoshoot carb depleted and with as little water on my body as possilbe.

here’s the plan:

M-done with half over half of it~ chest, tri’s, abs, intervals +cardio …I have 30 mins left on the ubike

T- Starting the “NO CARBS”- eeek!! 20 mins warm up- LEGS and post lifting 20mins steady cardio

W-Back, Sh, Biceps, INTERVALS- sprints!!!

Thursday- chest/tri/abs +60mins cardio


Sat- start boosting! LEGS and food are in order!! and FUN UFC FIGHT NIGHT!!!

Sun- off day

I expect to see some AMAZING Results from my efforts this week~ you should too!! You can only get something if you EXPECT it!

Love ya!!




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