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780 Replies to “A bit About BuffMother!

  1. Your story never fails to encourage me Michelle. It’s the reason I knew that I could regain my body and even improve it after having six kids in 7 years. I’d also probably be afraid of the weight room still! Keep doing what youa re doing Michelle and motivating others.

  2. Your story never fails to inspire me michelle. You’re the reason that I knew that I could regain my body back after having 6 kids in 7 years. We are NOT resigned to saggy, droopy, unhealthy bodies just because we are mothers. Keep working hard michelle!

  3. no problem…I’ve been trying to fix my blog’s comment feature all morning…my spam checker was being way tooooo mean. I had to “approve” all the comments up until now.
    keep commenting!! I love the interaction!!

  4. This is so exciting! Had a great workout today. So glad you are having this challenge. Really needed this.

  5. Im ready,I just finished firecrackin hot on fri. taken a 2 day break,at this age I wont,cant stop.so kepp me going Michelle Im behind you

  6. That is sooooo true! I don’t need to try to REASON with that voice in my head that wants to find excuses for not working out….I need to JUST DO IT!

  7. thanks!! for all the excitement and comments ladies…I think I’ve got my “spam checker” fixed now so that it’ll be easier to comment from here on out.

  8. I am excited to see what I can accomplish in the next 40 days! Thanks, Michelle, for the encouragement.

  9. Ready to rock! Got my wo plan mapped out, meals planned, and a trip to the grocery store later to stock up on clean eats!

  10. Excited to be back into serious training – challenge has come at a great time for me. Did my Nia class this morning, all set for wts and Zumba tomorrow – Bring it on!

  11. I went to the gym right when it oopened at 8am and had a pretty good work out and half hour of cardio…thanks for the email push this morning…I almost didn’t go…..xo

  12. Starting Monday I’m helping a wonam at my work with a special medical diet she has to go on for at least 14 days prior to a thyroid scan she had to get. I told her for support I’d do it with her. It will be a good way to start off the 40 days. The diet she has to follow is very strict and limiting… basically low to no iodine. Thanks for starting this challenge!

  13. I started the 40 day challenge today and went hiking with a friend..we hiked 5 miles.

  14. thanks for the motivation. this is just what i need to get back on track from begin on vacation for 2 weeks.

  15. no rules really…just aim to comment on each day’s featured blog. If you do you’ll be “honored” as a graduate of the 40 days! I’ll be posting a “graduate” list at the end of 40 days~ your name can be on it!

    Great workout!!! and there’s plenty you can do at home with a set of db’s 🙂

  16. Thanks for the motivation…..My Monday morning 5 mile runs are always the hardest!
    I did it!

  17. Hi Michelle

    this is just what I need to take me upto my holidays at the end of August. You have done it again Michelle, you inspire me to stick with it and be the best I can be and I thank you for that Michelle, lets Just Do It!!!

    Love ya

  18. Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for keeping us motivated. I’m wondering, did I miss smth? What the rules are for the challenge?

    My start for today includes 20 min. jumping rope cardio and 20 x 3 pushups.
    ( I don’t have access to any gym until August. So it’s a double challenge for me to invent workout without using gym equipment.)

  19. Michelle,

    I am on this with you. Thanks for the challenge. August 28th? Eh? Let’s see what we can transform in that time. For me, today I’m working on my protein intake and water. See ya!

  20. Hi ladies!! How exciting. I am newly pregnant and really looking forward to having a fit pregnancy. My workout yesterday was pretty rough but I made it through and I feel fantastic today!! I’m doing legs today and can’t wait. Take care, S

  21. Putting on the shoes right now! Shoulder and abs day! Yippee! Doing it and doing it strong, sexy and loud!!!! 😀

  22. Ready to rock the next 40 days! I return to work on August 17th from 14 weeks of maternity leave, so 4 weeks away. this 40 day challenge will help me push myself even harder to get to where I was before! I WILL NOT let nursing a baby be my excuse for not loosing all my baby weight (you know, I need extra calories, blah, blah, blah!) I can still make good food choices!

    Cardio today!

  23. I totally agree with the nike slogan – Just do it- I have actally printed signs and hung then around in places where I will see them for encouragements. Workout today and then play outside with the kids!

  24. I am starting day one by hydrating and going grocery shopping for proper foods. I am not doing traditional workout today because tomorrow I start my cross fit training. I will be cleaning house and gardening though. That is definitely a workout itself! Just do it!!!

  25. Finished day 1 by staying a lot more active than normal and now today, day 2 will stay hydrated by drinking more water.

  26. Read this yesterday on my phone… but had a busy day… went walking at the zoo.. had a good family day!

  27. I am so excited for this challenge! You are an inspiration, I have lost a lot of weight since decemer, 45 pounds. I have recently become a certified zumba instructor, and now I want to muscle build and prove to myself I can lose this last 15 pounds and be one hot mommy! I can’t wait!

  28. I had to think about what “fit” meant to me right now before I put out some goals for 40 days to fit.
    For me, in the next 40 days, I would like to accomplish…
    1. 50 consecutive pushups
    2. The splits
    3. Since I am a SLOW runner I want to run a mile under 10 minutes, then improve from there.

  29. Hi Michelle,
    I just signed up yesterday, I ran 2 miles on treadmill and did 20 minutes of abs, and a 3 minute plank. Today I am off to my 45 minutes of kickboxing, then maybe another mile on treadmill and a bike ride with the kids! Thank you so much for the encouragement! Until tomorrow!

  30. What fit means to me is feeling good in your body. It is the moments you can not wait for your next workout or run. In the next 40 days I would like to be more cut and trim and prep to run a 10 K or half marathon in the fall.

  31. For the next 40 days I am also going to eat clean and increase my water intake. I just finished my workout of my “push” workout with a 2 mile run following. Tomorrow is my “pull” workout and another 2 mile run! I can not wait and neither can my new running shoes!

  32. I’m on board too!!! Had a great power walk this morning at about 5:30. Have worked all day but plan to do a killer ab workout tonight! Good luck ladies…we will ROCK at this!!! Ate great too…getting the early evening munchies but will be fixing a healthy dinner soon! Hope everyone has a great evening!!!

  33. Hello,
    I started the 40 days to fit challenge today as well. Lifted for an hour this morning and the diet has been great too.
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts,

  34. You are a true inspiration Michelle! Like today’s email said- Let’s Just Do It! 40 Days to Fit!

  35. Hi Michelle. I am so psyched to do this 40 day challenge. I have had great success with Body for LIfe but needed something new and you are such an inspiration to a mother of 4!! I am ready to rock this. I did an hour power walk today and am doing abs tonight.

  36. My motivation for 40 days to fit is my 40th Birthday in October!! I feel it’s very appropriate for me, don’t you? Even if it’s more than 40 days away, it’ll be a great jump start! So excited!!

  37. Looking forward to spending a week away with my husband to celebrate 10 years together – the 40 day challenge is just what I need to prepare for our beach vacation!

  38. I’m ready to get fit in 40 days!!! Today was a super good buffing UB workout plus intervals. I did pre-exhaust military pushups, arm extensions, rows, assisted pull-ups, flys, and chest presses, and abs in between each exercise. The next 40 days are going to be fun!!!!

  39. Hi Michelle,
    It’s like fate that I received your challenge! I have been struggling with losing those last pounds while trying to fall in love all over again with fitness! Ugh! But something click when I joined up here! Just do it? It ALWAYS seems easiler said than done. Maybe here I will learn why! Good luck to everyone!

  40. Oh yeah! Day 1! Thanks for another great challenge Michelle! This one I KNOW I can keep up with. 😉 I have serious DOMS in my hammies and butt today! Will be doing cardio, abs and arms today!

  41. Day 1
    4 days before period starts.
    Some cravings but after exercise this a.m. had frozen banana, fig, chocolate whey protein smoothie and feel great!

  42. Melinda Chancey :I am very excited about the 40 day challenge! I know great things are going to happen! Good Luck to EVERYONE! :0)

    Day one, cardio in the am 30 min jog, back day at the gym@ 5!

  43. Not feeling so fit! My baby is due on Thursday so feeling big and sore could run up and down the stairs a few times if I thought it might have the added benifit of get labour started! Bit of house work will be about all I can manage but will feel like a full body wiork out!

  44. I have that too~ super sore hammies and booty still!! I’ll have to push my leg workout to tomorrow instead of today~ UPPER BODY today instead!

  45. Getting ready to hit the treadmill — no time for the gym today. Something has got to be better than nothing though, right?

  46. I am so ready to get fit along with everyone here at Buffmother!!!!!! Get rid of stress. Get Buff and Healthy.!

  47. Even though I workout 5 days a week I think this 40 day challenge along with my workout will be an awesome push for me to reach my goals.


  48. running outside is so much better than on the treddy for sure! I hope the rain stays away!!

  49. I am heading out the door for some fresh air cardio right now.
    As a mom of 5 I know this is my time. In a matter of minutes it becomes everyone elses time!

  50. Ok, 1st day of the 40! Did a “bootcamp” this morning. Not a dry spot on my body! Ready to turn this flab into fab!

  51. I know, I love the “Just do it” slogan, also. I need to post it. OK, have to go get some milk for b’fast, and then I’m coming home and doing my workout — all of it, because it’s summer and I can. Nowhere to be, nothing that’s really as important. Not even laundry.

  52. Wow! Congratulations and I hope the next few days go well for you (or next few moments)! I admire you for doing this challenge and staying focused all through having your baby. Your hormones are going to be wild, but if your focus is on, you’ll do great. Let us know how it goes!

  53. I was still sore from Sunday’s workout so I did a 3 mile walk and yoga yesterday. Let’s keep it going!

  54. LOVE the Nike slogan…no excuses….JUST DO IT!

    Yesterday was Day 1 for me. I did p90X’s chest and back followed by ab ripper..FELT GREAT after a relaxing few days at the beach. My muscles are talking to me today and they feel wonderful 🙂

    Thanks for the encouragement!


  55. Did chest and tri’s this morn a 4:30 am! Feeling good and ready to take on the rainy, dreary day. Also training for a 5K, so you know I’m gonna work this body!

  56. Going strong! Forgot my cooler of food at home so had to go back and get it after workout. Oh well, good excuse to kiss hubby goodmorning!

  57. What a great website. It seems as though once I turned 40 it was all downhill!!! I so look forward to your help, tips and advice. It is going to be great

  58. I just did it this morning. Lifted legs this morning. Tried to make it hard but short and sweet. 1 hr. No cardio, I’m on a mission to build muscle.

  59. Just do it, no if ands or buts! There is alot of truth to that statement. Get my mind out of it and go…

  60. Hi Michelle,
    Just had twin boys 10 wks ago. The muffin top has got to go. Planning on using the boys for my french press set this morning. They are each 10 lbs each. Should work well.
    Thanks for the motivation!

  61. I’m still sore from my Sunday workout-KILLED my legs! Love it!

    Tonight is Chest, Tri’s and Abs, and of course Cardio!! My DH spots me for Chest, and encourages me, helping me get stronger! I’m loving my numbers, and can’t wait for the results! Love ya Michelle! You’re awesome!!

  62. Thank you, Michelle, you are an inspiration!

    I am 17 weeks pregnant with #2, and 40 days to FIT is a fun way to keep my motivation up during the weeks when my belly will start to grow!

    Today I did bodyweight circuits with reverse lunges, push-ups, woodchops, side-planks, one handed rows and extended leg-lifts. Gotta keep the core strong for an easy delivery on or about Dec. 28!!!

  63. I am very interested in controling my hormones. I believe that hormones play a big part in weight gain for women.
    I did an hour of Turbo Kickboxing and will meet my husband later for weight training.

    Have a great day!

  64. Ok..I’m “Just doing it” too!!! Managed to rid my head of excuses and did 45 mins on the treadmill tonight. Day one done and dusted!

  65. I just bought the book yesterday and am anxiously awaiting. Tired of being skinny fat. I had one thryoid gland removed, so i know the hormones, thryoid play into everything.
    Small goals – every day – today I will eat lean and drink lots of water with an hour workout during lunch.

  66. This is my official Day 1! Feeling great and motivated! I am glad it’s a 40day challenge cause that is when I have family coming in from out of thown! They have not seen me in about 1 1/2 years so I want to look my best! I would love to lose about 10 pounds but most of all just hope to increase my definiton.

    Today was 40mn cardio and then chest/back.

  67. Today is a good day all about positive energy! Looking forward to a 17 mile bike ride for part of my leg workout. Everyone should get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather :^)

  68. Man! What a time to hurt my back! I am so happy this challenge is starting today, because it will keep me on track on not being a couch potato until I feel better. I walked yesterday at a park, which resulted in my son bringing home a new crayfish friend. Today we will be walking again, hopefully without obtaining any new pets!

  69. I am ready to get started with this 40 days to fit!! What an awesome idea to help me stay focused on on track.

  70. Just do it…that is what I did this morning. No hesitation, did not give myself a chance to make any excuses…my mother cooked fried chicken last night and it smelled so good and I wanted a piece really bad…I resisted and made me a nice, healthy, fulfilling salad. Was not as hard as I thought. This is going to be a challenge but a welcome one. Thanks

  71. I am one of the many who really need this challenge to kickstart my fitness. I had ankle surgery almost three months ago and could not work out much the two months before that because of suspected heart problems (which were unfounded, thank goodness!). I am SO ready to get back into shape!!

    Yesterday my wonderful mother-in-law gave me her recumbent bike to use (a really nice one, too!) until I can get back on my treadmill. So I was up bright and early this morning and did a great interval workout. It felt SO good to sweat again! LOL!

    Thanks for doing this, Michelle!

  72. oopps…wrong blog post. I started day one on Monday instead of Sunday. Just correction there.

  73. Day one did not start well. Damn Starbucks is giving away free pastries with a coupon that’s circulating on-line. The rest of my day is planned for clean eating. Will do my work-out after work today. One step at a time…

  74. Tracking my timing, since my cycle just began a few days ago, perfect time to see what’s going on. Also doing cardio and resistance today. Clean, clean, clean.

  75. Thanks for the motivation Michelle… just ordered your books, can’t wait until they arrive, I’m “just going to do it” today!!!

  76. Day 1-Check-Did 30 minute interval and ab work on Monday. Any good tips/exercises for lower abs? (I do have a pinched nerve in lower back so roman chair is out.) But I can anything else as long as I have some back support.

  77. Doing cardio and later working on back! Will eat clean, leaving for vacation tonight, I’m worried about restaurant eats

  78. Today is day one! I love challenges. My plan for today is to walk 30 minutes during my lunch break. After work I am meeting my friend to run, possibly hill work today. After, I would like to do my leg workout with weights. I will let you know tomorrow how this worked out. I may have to move everything inside due to the weather. I hope not! I love to be outside.

  79. Day 1~so far so good, joined gym last night, tonight 1st workout in 2 years 25 lbs to loose and muscle to gain.Looking forward to feeling great again in a few months…YEAH!!!

  80. Got my 5 mile run in before work, eating right, plan on doing elliptical and toning at my daughters dance studio while she has class after work

  81. Eats are great and feelin’ good. 7 mile hill run this morning. It’s awesome to challenge yourself!

  82. Legs today, not my favorite. Pushed my self knowing the harder I work the better my butt and legs will look. 40 minutes of cardio. Done! My challenge is eating clean. So far so good. One day at a time and eventually it will become habit. I just keep telling myself nothing tastes as good as being fit feels.

  83. Funny story: Got a chemical peel (I’m in school for esthetics) and you can’t heat your body up with exercise, hot tubs etc… for 2-3 days (it might cause you to hyper-pigment). So I gotta wait another day.

  84. What about lying on the mat, legs up to the ceiling, if necessary put you hands palm down under each cheek and really concentrate and isolate the lower abs by lifting your legs ever so slightly up toward the ceiling. The movement is very slight but when you do it right you will feel it. Not very intense but a little bit of workout nonetheless until you heal up. Good luck.

  85. I also didn’t have a good start to my day one I’m deployed over in Afghanistan and it was hot today so instead of taking my walk to the chow hall I order pizza hut yeah I know I’m working out after work today so Amanda I feel your pain but I won’t make it a habit………

  86. Thanks Michelle – for all of the encouragement and information – your story is awesome – and my body is getting there thanks to your program! Day 1 – crazy balance workout followed by 30 min HIIT cardio.

  87. Hey, I saw the Starbucks free pastry thingy too, but I made myself not go. It’s killing me because I normally would pay and why not get it for free? Also, here at work, there are two birthdays and they are having two cakes!!! Please send some willpower vibes my way, I’m going to need them!!

  88. I am very excited about the 40 day challenge! I know great things are going to happen! Good Luck to EVERYONE! :0)

  89. I guess that i can’t say i’m DONE yet today since it’s not over, yet. But I got my max effort lower body WO in this morning then was a spotter for my 16-yo DS at his football WO (love iron!). Now to keep the eats dialed in for the day. THEN i’ll say done!

  90. 60 mins of incline treadmill… 650 calories. I’ve been wanting to eat everything today and the kids wanted cheesy hash browns for lunch, terrible! My mom comes tonight.

  91. I am excited to get the 40 day to Fit Challenge started…It has been a long time coming. I have 4 children and ready to get my body back.

  92. Lower body today. Hip flexor drill. And I did 25 minutes of your lower standing abs. Ouch! Really, I love the ski motion. Works the abs and the waist! Great workout for great abs without hitting the floor. My Hubby Robert is really supporting me through this. Eating really clean. Had a great breakfast. I normally skip breakfast so 40 days to break a bad habit! Bless you Michelle!

  93. Just finished my chest/back/ab WO. Drinking my protein shake with apple sauce/oats/walnuts and cinn. And fish oil. 29 days till I turn 40!!!! Rock on!

  94. Hi Michelle – 30 minutes of cardio on the treadmill. I have a question for you…some people beleive that running burns muscle and is NOT a good form of cardio. What are you thoughts on this??? Today I kinda mixed it up and did a light jog on a high incline to keep myself from actually “running”. Anyway…eating on track…also started taking Apple Cider Vinegar today.

  95. You’re right- just do it. I’ve gotten so off track with two weeks of VBS and total lack of any sort of workout – I will get back into the swing of it tonight! Thanks….

  96. Today I got up had my protein shake and fruit. I did 30 minutes of cardio. Tomorrow is my last day of conditioning. I hope to start real training. Thanks for the motivation.

  97. Thank you for creating this challenge!

    So do you want to know what I did today to “Just Do It!!”? Of course you do! When I got home from work, I was hot and sweaty, and Aunt Flo is about to arrive, so I was having KILLER cramps. For a very brief second, I thought to myself “you can just stay home and take the night off from the gym”. But I quickly turned it around and said “if you’re EVER going to be skinny, you need to get your ass to the gym.” And by the time I got in my car, the cramps were gone, and I had an amazing work-out tonight! I did 10.4 miles on the stationary bike (9.5 in 30 minutes & a 5 minute cool-down the rest of the way).

  98. Day one was fun but wishing this was easier. I know there is no easy way but I am really looking forward to the accountability to keep me on track. I will NOT be defined by the number of c-sections I’ve had!

  99. I’m done! Got my GYM on this afternoon and now off to visit w/ family from Argentina;) Great job to all the Ladies that Just DID it! today!

  100. I love the nike quote, “Just do it”….I also wear a Lance Armstrong braclet that reminds me to Live Strong….EVERYDAY…..I gave 110% today!

  101. OK. After getting on board I hit the Y did as much cardio as my ankle could take, abs & back. On my way

  102. Got my workout done this afternoon..feeling very tired though..had to force myself to go..

  103. I’m in Australia so my day is just starting….I’m feeling pumped and ready to go : – ) I had 4 kids in 6 years – my youngest is 8 months and I see Michelle as a huge inspiration…she looks amazing and gives me hope that I can achieve my goals!

  104. Did horrible today — had right knee pain & swelling (ongoing injury) & ate Rice Krispie treats with the kids!!!! 🙁

    (was going to lie but I didn’t — do i get points for that??)

    oh well tomorrow is a new day, eh?

  105. Clean eating, but no workout today. Pounding migraine kept me from getting it done. I always take at least one day off, so planning for today to be it instead of Sunday. Still on track.

  106. Ate light today, did 8 hrs at first job, 1.5 hrs at second job, then mowed grass and weeded for 2.5hrs. Pretty tired.

  107. Just getting into the working out thing. Monday did a power pump class at gym, so for today my “something” towards my fitness goal was eating right. BIG salad with chic and cup of green beans! Yeah me!

  108. I too am in Australia and just starting my day. Day 1 for me will be dedicated to food prep for the week, I am aiming at 6 small real food meals per day spaced about 2 1/2 to 3 hrs apart and after watching alot of the workout videos by Michelle, I will be doing the at home circuit this afternoon. I have a 3, 5 and 6 year old at home currently on school holidays and I don’t belong to a gym…Yet!

  109. Day 1 went very good for me. I did 45 miles on my bicycle , 18 to 20 MPH 3 hour ride. Did well with my eating clean also looking forward to day 2

  110. Day 1 went well for me. I did a 45 mile at 18 to 20 MPH 3ours bike ride. I also manage to eat clean for the day looking forward to day 2

  111. Tired from work but I hit the weights hard for shoulders and bicepts.
    Now I am going to go for a short run. 🙂

  112. Got up 5am Did a 5 mile run before work, did 30 minutes on the elliptical after work, now heading to do abs and weights. Did well all day in the eating category

  113. I walked/ran about 4 miles for an hour. I burned 545 calories, drank a protein shake then headed to the gym and did a back workout and burned and additional 182 calories in 26 minutes!!

  114. Got interval workout in on elip and abs. Time crunch so didn’t have time to go as long so up’d the resistance!

    Good job to everyone!

  115. This is day 1 for me! Thank you for all of the encouragement and support!! I’m looking forward to a healthier new me!

  116. Today was day 1 for me, I walked for 45minutes since my husband was gone and didnot want to leave my little one too long with my 13yr old. Tomorrow I will start to focus on eating better and getting a routine started. Very excited.

  117. Hey
    Here I go… just going to do it! Run RUN RUN..
    I have no man home to watch the kids but no excuses. get on the treadmill and go!

  118. The just do it e-mail came at the perfect time. Instead of wasting time on the computer, I got up and did some cardio/weight intervals.

  119. Okay, here I am – Day 1! I am ready to be fit and 40!! Ran 4 miles this am, and hopefully will have time this afternoon to hit the gym for my weight routine!
    Lets get it on!!

  120. Okay so 7/21/09 was actually my day 1 and time got away with me. I guess part of just doing it will be to blog as soon as I think about it. Anyway I am ready to just do this, and with a one day at a time approach I know I can. My office building has 3 floors and today I did 3 walks up stairs to 3rd then down the other set of stairs. Tomorrow I want to check out our weight room. Just going to do it

  121. The inspirational “Just do it” really helped me to get in a workout yesteday, interval training. I am the queen of procrastonators! Plan on it again today and to focus on eating well. Go veggies!

  122. My daughter invited me to do this, and at 65 years old I need to preserve my vitality for a good old age. I didn’t realize that I would be the only man, but I will stay with it for the 40 days to establish a pattern for the rest of my life.

  123. Wishing that I could hit the weights hard with the rest of you ladies (and Gent!)… but pregnancy is hindering just how hard I like to push it 🙂 I am planning on a 30-40 minute brisk walk with my dog later today… errands this morning! I am feeling the need to throw in some push ups and upper body too…

  124. This is day 1 for me and I am excited and anxious about doing this challege. I always seem to start off great and end up not finishing my weight loss program. I want things to be different this time. I am Just going do it! I am off to a good start I worked out this morning.

  125. I have not had any children yet but I plan to in the next few years and I am happy to see that you don’t have to lose your shape after having a baby.

  126. Day 1 – Will stick to healthy eating today and tonight!!!! Will NOT snack tonight!!!!! Will try to get a work out in tonight – might get home too late. Wishing you all encouragement.

  127. Got Kenpo X done today. Was supposed to yesterday, but vertigo kept me away from working out. Hoping to get a second workout in today, possibly Core Synergistics. Clean eating so far today. Kids have been keeping me busy, so not sure if workout #2 is doable. Will try though.

  128. Thank you for your inspiration. My hubby is gone all summer on a dangerous mission. I have 4 darling kids but at times they wear on my nerves. Exercise and Bible reading are my answer to losing it.

    Just did it!

  129. Day 2……Doing good….Went to the gym last night and did 30 min on eliptical and 30 on recumbent bike….it said I burned 350 cal on elip. and 440 on bike but is that real?…..Should heavy people do weights right away?

  130. Well I am just now getting to blog my first day for 7-21, I did not get a chance to work out today had to many errands to run and getting to the gym after working hours is nearly impossibe, no parking spaces available literally. not to mention I had one of those headaches that just don’t want to go away. mostly ate small meals yesterday. planning on going to the gym sometime tomorrow 7-22, the kids have been hounding me.

  131. Getting ready to do some jogging with my daugthers and niece (pushing stroller)… Wish me luck! It’s HOT out there! 🙂

  132. Like many others, as a mother I don’t have a lot of time to workout. Our lifestyle is complicated since we travel for work. We don’t always have access to a gym. Thank goodness for running strollers, exercise bands, and yoga!
    Speaking of yoga. There’s a great site I just love that has classes you can download: http://www.yogadownload.com/
    It’s a fantastic find!

  133. This is a great thing you are doing for women!! Keep up the great work! Lots of really good info here!

  134. Oh Man! you’ve had a couple of rough days~ your roller bladding and your daughter’s UTI sound horrid!

  135. I wonder why the headache? are you dealing with allergies, being tired or maybe your hormones?

  136. you just gave me the goose bumps with “dangerous mission”…sounds like you both are on one~ God Bless!

  137. Yesterday was day 2: cardio was a 3 mile run outside and I also worked out my lower body later that afternoon.

  138. Today is day 3 and workout was an hour long cardio circuit and i also worked my upper body.

  139. Ok, so not the greatest start to the challenge. I didn’t eat horribly bad all day, until I ate icecream at midnight after I did a feeding with my newborn. I am so bad!

    Today, not too bad. Bowl of cereal then made a turkey wrap for lunch….now here’s the toughy, I am about to make dinner, the kiddos want pizza so I am going to make a frozen one for them and the hubby, It will be so tempting to share the pizza with them. My plan is to eat a chicken teriyaki healthy choice and NO PIZZA, not even a bit. Ok…wish me luck!

    (As for workouts, didn’t happen. My 1.5yo, 3yo and newborn had me straight out. Perhaps tonight after dinner?)

  140. So this isn’t working so well… Yesterday I did try to go rollerbladding during my son’s swim practice, but it turns out that town has HORRIBLE roads & sidewalks for rollerbladding, seeing I haven’t been in almost a year didn’t help the fact that I sure didn’t look cool as I nearly biffed several times. So I tried to do some interval running, wow am I out of shape!

    My daughter was up all night with a fever due to her bladder infection coming back so I hadn’t even eaten yet today at 3pm. Got him taken care of her to the clinic and now I am going to read my books as they just arrived today! 🙂

    I guess I will have 38 days to try my best.

  141. day 1 of 40 days of fitness. walked 3 miles in 40 mins, 20 min of weights. healthy diet and portions of food.

  142. Day 1 for me. Didn’t eat great, but not my worst. My cycle got the best of me… but no excuses… i Know. Did Jillian Michaels 30 day shred… kicked my butt!! Just doin’ it, right ladies! Keep up the great work all and see you tomorrow.

  143. Wow great idea and thanks for the invite!
    Day 1 = yoga before work , {day 2 goal 45 min cardio and lift upper body}. See you tomorrow for the report!

  144. Day three and still having a hard time getting started. I have to go food shopping tomorow so this a plus…I will make a list and stick to clean fresh and haealthy foods. Went to a womens confrence and didn’t get home till Iate wish ment that I was starving and had pasta after nine. Enough of the crying, God is good and there is always tomorow to Just Do It!

  145. Day #1 for me, had a nice relaxing day great eats! it was suppose to be my “rest day” but i just could not sit still. so did a crossfit workout of the day.
    4 rounds of 30 squat thrust/10 pullups
    done in 8mins (used assisted pullup band)
    I felt good getting something done! ready for another stellar day! have a great 2morrow ladies!

  146. Day #1. This was a blue “Thursday”, the weather is very cold and windy today here in South-Africa, and as you all know,we dont feel ourselves in cold weather,but i will force myself to exercise as soon as I get home!

  147. Greetings, All! Today is my Day #1 and I’m excited! I had a horrible night’s sleep (post divorce stress will do it!) and a very busy morning at the office today. Taking the time to make this short comment is even a stretch but I know I need to spend some time working on my WHOLE SELF, to be as God intended in His creation of lil’ ol’ me!

    Here’s the rundown so far:
    8am Wake up… LATE!
    10:20am At the office
    10:30am Breakfast: 1/2 Plain bagel with butter, medium coffee (This was terrible because I could have stopped around the corner at Starbucks to get oatmeal! Plus… now, an hour later, I’m still hungry!!!
    12pm I will probably have left over whole wheat spaghetti with Fra Diavalo sauce and steamed broccoli… But I’m craving Chipotle!

    Thanks, MB, for your insight and discernment in doing this great work! I’ve been following you (on and off, of course) for a couple of years now and I’m so happy you’re allowing God to use you GREATLY!

    Love to you, Sisters!

  148. Just started this morning before work. Dumbbells and kettle balls and swam 24 laps.
    I finished it off with a banana chocolate strawberry protein shake..thanks for the invite Michelle. Your hotness is my motivation!

  149. Day 1 for me. I usually don’t have trouble with the work but the eating is another story. I did Ok but there is room for improvement. How do I resist those urges to eat Junk????? I guess I will have to find what works for me.

  150. Day two. Had to take off today to give my knee a rest, but I will jump back in tomorrow. I did do abs:)

  151. A lil late on commenting on my day 1. Thank God I keep a workout/eating journal! I did pretty good today. Got to the gym @ 5:45am for an awesome Weights/Cardio session before work =)

  152. Went for a run this morning and meeting hubby by the weight bench in the basement (he’s my other accountability person!!) tonight after kids ae in bed. We can only workout together on Saturdays, and on our own seperate time the other days, but we figure this one day meeting a week will keep us from falling off the wagon for too long.

  153. Went biking with my kids and worked in the yard. For some strength did some yoga/pilates with pushups and lunges. Not well organized workout today but some is better than none!

  154. Just Do it! Every workout is a step closer to where I want to be!
    That’s what I tell myself if I’m flagging

  155. I am starting a new phase,, I have accomplished a lot so far, but i am not where i would like to be yet.. I will go to the gym tonight, maybe do some hiit, and chest and tris..

  156. I am starting a new phase,, I have accomplished a lot so far, but i am not where i would like to be yet.. I will go to the gym tonight, maybe do some hiit, and chest and tris..

  157. I went to the gym this morning for Day 2. Ran a mile and did some weights. Getting ready to eat my next meal of egg whites. Trying to keep my focus on my goal!

  158. Day 1: Starting things out with cardio. Gotta get back into the swing of things again after being lazy for some time.

  159. Hi all the way from New Zealand, been doing workouts for awhile now, but today is day 1 of 40day fit challenge. I have 5 children so to get to the gym and remember to eat is a huge challenge but i am determined:-) Can i get the Hormonal Pill sent to New Zealand i will be getting the books? Thanks Talk soon 🙂

  160. You look amazing!!!!! I am very excited to have found your website and get started on my own fitness revolution!

  161. Just noticed I received DAY 1 today on Day 2. Yes, I agree, it is about just going for it. The only thing that stands between you and your goals is yourself! TRULY! The rest is excuses. Thanks for the inspiration!

  162. Hmm, this is very frustrating. When I look back my posts aren’t here? I posted over a week ago.

  163. Woo Hoo

    Day One but a bit late lol..ill catch up!!

    Worked on legs and abs today and hopefully im gonna go shopping for protein packed goodies!!

  164. Day one for me. Went for a walk in the cool of the morning and light weights on arms and shoulders, and glutes. Nursing a couple herniated discs makes me think about form a bit more. Looking forward to the dr. to give me the go ahead on jogging, hiking, and heavier weights again. Thanks, Michelle, for the sites and the inspiration to keep on trucking in the midst of set backs. Chrisitan women are #1!!!!

  165. Day 1 for me! Powerwalked before work this morning and plan on powerwalking again tonight. Wanna lubricate the joints to start running! Here we go!

  166. Amie-
    I am also on day 1 and am using Jillian Michaels “Making the Cut” book to assist me with this challenge. Good Luck!

  167. Hormones can do WEIRD stuff to the body and hair and everything. I didorder your books so I am just waiting to read them. I am excited to start all this and notice change.

  168. Received day 1 email this morning…Yay! I did 30 minutes of intervals on the treadmill and did 30 minutes of strength training..I worked back and obliques! Now I need to apply the Just Do It for the clean eating….always my struggle! I look forward to the next 40 days!

  169. I changed my gym membership to a local one so I actually use it! I also went shopping and bought some hand weights and a ball. Now….no excuses!!!! Just a matter of getting into a regular pattern.

  170. this is my day one as well…I dont know a thing about weight lifting! I have always been so intimidated by the machine and how much weight to put on…point me in the right direction….

  171. I’m actually starting my Day 1 tomorrow–decided to start on a Monday for organizational purposes…and because my oldest daughter turned three today! I figured one last day of goodies, then hit it hard!!!

  172. Day 1! Cardio and upperbody, hopefully the commitment to post will keep me accountable to gals on the same journey.

  173. It’s Wednesday and it’s my day one! Just getting better from a little cold but I plan to make up the difference. My motto this week for staying committed is ONLY THINK ABOUT TODAY..i’m not even thinking about tmorow..it tends to clutter my mind-so here we go! Good luck and hugs to all the other amazing women in this challenge!

  174. I am very excited! This is day one. I taught a fitness class this morning to get the engines running for the day. I am hoping this 40-day challenge will help me stay focus. Good luck to all!!

  175. Hi Everyone! Today is Day 1 for me, but since I don’t have the books yet, I’m going to try and follow someone else’s workout on here. I’ll be running 3 miles after work along with the upper body workout, since I did legs last night. I’ve started a “blog”, but I’m keeping it private for now…its just a way for me to track everything consistently everyday. I’m sure once I get the books some major improvements will start happening! 🙂

    I hope you are all having a fabulous day!

  176. okay, it’s day one for me as well. I don’t have the books but I failed miserably today… someone brought sweets to work. UGH! I did have a nice cardio walk and a nice work out here at home. I’m motivated to get back on track tomorrow… I CAN DO IT! NO EXCUSES!

  177. I am excited to get started! I worked out last night am sore today. We had the potluck bridal shower at work today. My willpower wasn’t there. Tomorrow will be a fresh start!

  178. at least you did do your workout~ try harder to resits those sweets tomorrow. Once you get in the habit of saying NO it does get easier!!

  179. Day 1 for me, did sign up for the last 40 days and didn’t do a thing. Have totally fallen off the wagon in the last 4 months due to stress but I am ready to get back on. My main goal for this week was to start off with a 30 minute walk. Did accomplish 6 out 7. Will increase the time this week and the following week will add my strength training back in. One step at a time.

  180. Day 1….Just do it!! Just do it means to me that I am the only one who can stand in my way and I am not going to make any more excuses why I can’t do it, but only motivate myself to do it! I just put the kiddos to bed and will be heading to the gym very shortly. I am always taking care of everyone else and it finally feels good to be taking care of me! I will have to be my own cheerleader 🙂 Fit and 40 here I come!

  181. Today is Day 1 for me! I am super excited and motivated. Having never been on any forms of birth control, hormonal timing has always come natural to me, it works! My 3 darlings are 16, 13, and 7 and I am 40 and feeling great! Praise Him for our relationships.. we girls need to stick together and support each other. =)

  182. Today is day one for me. I am a new mommy and have a 14 week old. I have been back at the gym for 2 weeks and hope this helps me stay focused. I hope to be looking a little more like my old self by Christmas!

    I will be doing 45 min on the elliptical today on my lunch break.

  183. Ding-Ding-Ding “Round 2 of Fit in 40!!!!” Round 1 was great!!! I lost about an 1 1/2″ around my waist and 1 inch around my hips. My plan is to do 30 min interval every morning and rotate upper/lower body weights every other day. “Let’s get ready to rrruuummmble!!!!”

  184. Day 1 for this buffmother site. I’m not a mom so I hope this doesn’t disqualify me from this club.

    I did 1 hour of power walking with a little bit of running. I did a stretching pilates video for 20 minutes after the walk.

    I am 40 and feel like my hormones rule my life and I would love to learn more about how I can use diet and excercise to help me gain more control.

  185. Day one for me! My hormonal days make me feel defeated and I need to know what to do to get over those days without ruining all my efforts those other great days of the month.

  186. My day 1, with Michelle’s 40-days club! Been picking up a little bit of cardio this week, so am gonna strive to do as she advises us! 😀

  187. You are totally welcome!! I’ve had tons of women on our TEAM BUFFMOTHER who are not mothers~
    Fun to hear your excitement about learning to use your hormones for good!!

  188. This is day #1…I’m very excited to get started. I’ve tried every diet out there – and I’m ready to do it right this time!!

  189. My Day 1

    I am ready to rock n roll!

    Already have the diet plan ready and started today as well as the work out routine (even though today is my off day 🙂

    Can’t wait to see how much change takes place in the next 40 days. I am so ready for a transformation! I have been telling all my friends and family so that my accountability will be there to not only myself but others.

    See you soon on day two!


  190. Hey Everyone!!!!!!!
    So excited to be a part of this challenge!!!! Today I did some interval training along with abs and some flexibility training.

  191. Hi Meredith! I am new here also and I had a lot of trouble with this also. I found preping stuff ahead really helps. I went to wally world and bough a bunch of 1/2 cup containers and make mini meals on the weekend and measure them into the containers so that each container has veggies some kind of carb and I try for 25-30 grams of protein for each container so that I know when I leave the house how many I need to grab 🙂 Hope that helps a little. Tammy

  192. Hey, Day one for me! I ‘m excited and I know I can do this. I worked out today and it felt good. Increasing the protien in my diet is my hard part. I love carbs. Thanks

  193. cool ideas Tammy…once you are in the habit of eating more protein it does get easier. I strive to reach for protein or greens FIRST. once you get that mentality down, things seem to fall into place!

  194. you can do it paige…keep in mind that you need to fuel your body so that it can perform well in your workouts, stay young looking and stay healthy. A calorie is NOT just a calorie…nutrient content matters a ton!!! You can do this~ I’ll be praying!

  195. Day 1= 45 minutes cardio is todays plan
    Also setting my weekly plan today for work and my workout schedule.
    My goal is to with 112 and e at 15% F
    That is a ig challenge! I have to egin planning meals again.
    I have eating disorders so it gets weird.
    Pray for me (:

  196. Day 1 for me- and a nice, long trail run with my jogging stroller 🙂 Need to figure out how to get some strength training in this week!

  197. Day #1 for me. I actually wrote down some goals on my rally room blog. Eats were better than they have been. Did some walking today. Plan to dust the bike off for tomorrow. Yea me!

  198. This blog post is Day 1 of the “40days to FIT” e-mail series….

    Day #1-FIT tip-
    Just Do IT!! Nike’s slogan is enormously successful for a reason. In order to be FIT…JUST DO IT!! Turn off your brain and just get moving. Strive to do “something” towards your fitness goals at least every other every day!

    Day #1-Feature-

    Please comment on the blog for your accountability~ stay focused…40 days to FIT!!!

    Just DO IT!!
    BuffMother, Michelle Berger
    BuffMother LLC

  199. First day for me & kinda feeling overwhelmed…I need a whole lifestyle change & I’m not sure where to start.

  200. Well this is my first day to respone. I am on a road to success. What I am having trouble with is the mind set needed to altimitly reach my goal. For me this is the hardest step. I am so stressed that at times its hard to get pass the depression in order to actualize what it is I want and thats an amazing body with amazing engery. How do one get pass this. i know what it takes but it seems that my mind is unwilling to set me free. help.

  201. I agree fitness for me is well over 90% mental! taking action helps my brain “wrap” around my goals~ so JUST DO IT and your mind will follow 🙂

  202. I have the ability and desire to work intensely, but my diet just plain SUCKS! How can I learn to stay away from all the junk? I don’t buy it, but it’s everywhere I go!

  203. I am so inspired by you and the success stories of other women. I really hope I can get back to where I was before my 3 kids, only BETTER!

  204. You have quite a great success story already!! I know you can attain your goals…just stay focused!

  205. That’s awesome of your Sorority sister Diane, tell her thanks!
    As for a place to start…some of the fit tips you’ll find here in the “40 days to Fit” will get you going along with the diet and workout info in the posts.
    Other than that the best advice I can give you is to realize that your HORMONES have a ton to do with it and have to be taken into account when designing your workout routine. My book “hormonal timing” teaches you how to workout with your hormones to get maximum results!! I’d really recommend it for a great place to start.

  206. Oh Stacy!! You totally ROCK!!! Thanks for all the promotion and excitement!! Yes you should start weight training immediately!! It’s a great way to burn calories and get amazing results~ Muscles burn FAT!!

  207. It’s always a struggle….I know working out consistently is KEY for me to keep my diet in line. When I don’t workout my willpower gets weak!

  208. I once weighed 304lbs, I went down to 169lbs now I at at 175lbs I want to stop going up and down and I want muscle tone. So I a following you.

  209. Yesterday was an awesome day because I discovered buffmother.com. I went to the gym and did 40 minutes of cardio, 20 on the treadmill, 10 on the eliptical and 10 on the bike. I’m horribly ADD so this cuts out the mundaness of just the treadmill. I ordered your books and decided to take your 40 day challenge. I’ve invited all of my friends on Facebook and all of my sorority sisters to join me on this adventure. A few have already signed up and I look forward to seeing their comments. Is it ok to start on strength training when I am so overweight? I have 70 pounds to loose and I am not sure if I just need to concentrate on cardio for a while. Thank you for your incredible encouragement through your testimony’s. I’m very excited that I have someone, many someones to help me reach my goal. I’m 43 with 3 children and it’s about time! Today…I’m just doin’ it!

  210. My friend and sorority sister sent me an email yesterday about your website and challenge. I immediately signed up for it! It’s great to have someone help you stay accountable and help keep you motivated and encouraged.

    I need to know where a good place to start would be. I am about 60 lbs overweight. Do I need to concentrate more on the toning or just weight loss at this point?

  211. Michelle, you ARE the inspiration for moms everywhere!! :]
    After having baby number two 5 months ago I hope to keep motivated this time for the long haul- I know it won’t be easy, but if you can do it, I know that I can too!!! (or so I hope this time) ;]

  212. Hey Michelle, its Megan (Josh’s wife–NRG-X)!! I saw your post on facebook and I’m ready to go!! 40 days of fit baby…here I come! Ready to get in shape for swimsuit season! happy Tuesday!

  213. Hi Michelle,
    Sooo glad that I happened upon this site as it clarifies and confirms so many things for me.. I find that out in gym world, there are so many mixed messages and often trainers will tell you that you want to “tone” and insist on focusing on cardio. I want to look like you and lift!! So I will now be taking advise from YOU! Also, the hormone stuff (in terms of fitness) is new to me and I look forward to learning more about that.. Thanks so much for providing this site.. just wish I had found it sooner.. but everything happens for a good reason 🙂

  214. hi
    iv jus joined up for 40 day challenge,im so excited to get started!! i hate this feelin of bein feelin so low and not believin i can do it,i no i can,its so hard to get passed that disbelief!!iv lost 33lbs last year and iv still no make or shape to me!! im not a member of a gym or anything(cant afford it yet) but i want to know can i burn fat at home (with out treadmill) iv got weight s and kettlebell (which i love)????please help!!!!! u look fantastic!!!! i think ur a great woman!!im signin d rest of my friends up,were all in ireland!!

  215. hi
    iv clicked on my first day page and there is nothin comin up for meal plans when i click on it??????

  216. Just got started on your 40 days. I have no difficulty hitting the weights and hitting them hard- I thrive on them. What I struggle with is the cardio, I just HATE it and have a terrible time pushing myself.

    How do you find the drive to keep the cardio going?

  217. Hi Michelle –
    I joined your 40 days to fit to keep me motivated at my goal of doing my first figure show in May. I was wondering if you could update your meal plan link. The eating is where I struggle so any recommendations you have of what you have done in the past would be great. You could also just email them direct as well.

    Look forward to tomorrows post 🙂

  218. Today is day #1 for me. Invited to join fitness challenge by a friend. I have to say, I am very impressed/inspired after reading your website. I’ve always been athletic, but the cold weather and demands of job and family has contributed to my slacking off. I am a physician and mother of 2 little girls, so plenty to distract me 🙂 I have a trip to Mexico coming up, and I need to get bikini ready in 7 weeks! Hoping to use your inspiration and motivation to jump start my program. I have always done just cardio and pushups/lunges, going to see where following your plan takes me. Here we go!

  219. I am getting healthy for Me this year!! I have let myself be on the back burner for to long!! Today my eating has been good. There is always those little slip ups, but I am able to catch myself and stop ie: a chip here, dried fruit there. I am proud that I am even aware of it!!!

  220. thanks Michell Today is day #1 for me. i have a heathy eating ,i go to the gym 5 times a week but seen like iam in a plateau iam 55kg i will like to get more muscle to enter a body sculting competition .what do you recomend for me thanks : )

  221. Thanks for hosting this 40 days to fit! After the holidays I’ve realized I’ve not been good to my body! Eating everything in site is not good! I weighed in after New Year’s and shocked myself with the 13 lb weight gain in one month! I’m determined to get that 13 lbs back off and an additional 5 on top of that to get to my goal weight! I’ve been limiting myself to 1300 calories a day and working out at least 3o minutes, I have a 2 & 4 year old and it’s hard to get that amount of time in, but I’m doing it! AND they’re doing it with me! They like to do crunches and the counting! I need to feel better about my body and I’m hoping this 40 days to fit will be just the start!


  222. This is day one for me. I have done great so far. I hope to have more inspiring stories from you, and hope to have great success.

  223. Thanx so much for being you, you are a leader and an inspirational motivator. I have always made excuses to not do it, but I wanted it soooo bad. Now I am so ready to be it and Just Do It!!! I know I have the power to be who I want to be and that is confident and not such a scaredy cat on my dreams, I am doing it for me and my determination to become a buff hot mamma!!! Thanx so much 🙂

  224. Hi – I came across your Facebook page through a friend and became a fan, looked through pics and other posts, etc. Never really read your story until now. I am small framed and never had to work out, just good genes I guess. However, when I was approaching my 40’s started noticing that I wasn’t able to stay as “tight,” so to say, as I once was. So I started working out and at first afraid to lift heavy (fear of bulking up-like you mentioned too that some of these magazines say) because I was already muscular, esp my legs. I picked up exercise magazines and started reading them and realized how beneficial weight training is. I love it now!! I always say “Knowledge is Power.” What gets me is how people criticize you for exercising. Exercising and eating healthy is more than just looking good, it’s about being heart healthy, having energy and much more. My problem is is that I get real motivated then “stuff” gets in the way and then get off track again.
    People always make comments to me about looking good, but, when the clothes come off I have that “skinny fat” now that you talked about. It’s all in my diet. I love that fact that you did it all yourself by learning on your own and you motivated yourself. Also, like that fact that you are maintaining it on a daily basis. So many people go on these yo-yo diets or do competitions and then go back to their original weight. It’s about learning to eat healthy and exercising and maintaining. Thank you for sharing your story and touching so many people in so many ways on so many levels. I am going to try to follow this 40 days to give me the extra motivation I need!

  225. Sweet to have you on board for the 40 days~ I love the chance to interact with women who are doing the challenge so keep posting.
    I sure hope we get to meet up this month!!
    BTW~ I’ve been really enjoying the NRG liver supps, greens and overdose 🙂

  226. You are right you don’t want to cut calories too much, but it really depends on so many factors- especially how much you have to lose. I think you are smart to focus on your fitness level at the moment and be sure to get in plenty of water and protein.

  227. Are you lifting? Are you taking your hormones into consideration? Are you eating to FUEL your workouts? Are you getting in enough protein? etc… I talk about all of these topics and more in my book- “Hormonal Timing” and here in these 40 days…stay tuned!!!

  228. You will be back to your PRE-Holiday weight in no time if you keep focused like you are now!! Stay Determined!!!

  229. Weights are great for sculpting your body and tons of women get buff without every stepping in to a gym!! You can do it!

  230. Well how much cardio are you trying to do? I do intervals…mostly running these days. But 20 mins 3x’s a week is totally do-able!

  231. OH MEXICO sound so nice!!! and 7 weeks is plenty of time to see some nice weight loss and fitness gains!!! STAY FOCUSED with your bikini in mind!

  232. Thanks Michelle for being a great role model and motivator for us all. You look perfect! I had my second son 3 months ago and am focused on getting in better shape. I know diet plays a huge role, and am concerned about cutting out too many carbs and maintaining my milk supply. Do you think I should do anything different?

  233. you are so right, being honest with yourself when it comes to diet and exercise effort is so key~ I know when I am giving 100% and I know when I am slacking!

  234. I have to admit im on day 2 commenting on day 1; honesty is the only way to succeed!!
    Just singing up for the 40 day challenge got my mind in the right mindset as i did it!! im ready and up for it, let’s go!!
    Thanks for being this inspiring and amazing!

  235. Day 1 and I am ready to JUST DO IT! I have a very specific goal in mind(Getting married this year!!) and am glad I ran across this challenge to give me that extra boost. You are truly an inspiration, thank you so much for the motivation!

  236. Day 1 – Yikes, “turn off your brain and just get moving” is just what I needed to get through this workout.

  237. I read Just Do it! I am ready but my body is no,t you see my problem is that I no longer have the hormones to fight with so I’m not sure what the problem is. Have not been able to lose weight

  238. You do still have hormones~ EVERYONE has hormones no matter the age or physical status.
    And you do need to do everything you can in regards to your nutrition and workout routine so that you can maximize your hormonal power!

  239. Just Do It is great for me this week. I’m in the Boosting weeks and am feeling tired!! But I still did my interval and feel so much better because of it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  240. I can’t wait to be the “Buffmother” in my town! I have already changed my eating habits and have stated working out daily! I AM going to be a BUFFMOTHER!!!!

  241. Thanks for the inspiration! I am a 45 year-old mother of 7. I’ve always been skinny, but after my last baby (at age 41) I have not liked my body. Skinny-fat describes me perfectly. I’m working out and trying to eat right and already seeing some results. My husband is my inspiration. He started working out, has lost about 30 pounds and looks better than he did when we were married!

  242. I am excited to use these tips as a tool to focus. I have lost of weight to lose, but I really want to end up with strength, stamina, and sexy muscle… Ready to listen, learn, & get busy!

  243. I have always thought that hormones had a great deal to do with women weight loss looking forward to learning more about it.

  244. Hi Michelle!

    Day 1 today: on my way, now, to the gym! I started to go to the gym a few weeks ago, and I already started to lose weight… I’m feeling energized, toned and it gives me joy to realize that I may become truly fit, with (hopefully) a beautiful body for the beach this summer…

    Sri Lalita , In Québec

  245. Ok so I am not going to lie, I haven’t worked out in couple of days. Work has been crazy and I forgot my shoes yesterday. Bummer.So today as in Sunday I am going to get my butt in gear and go work out.

  246. Hey Michelle, you are such an inspiration! I want to compete NPC and on a national level. Ib currently doing p90x to get back in shape after having my daughter last July. I am on my 6th week and I haven’t lost an ounce. I eating very clean and I exercise 6 days a week for at least an hour and on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I dk an extra cardio session at night. Any idea of what I can do to get the scale to move? I eat about 1800 calories a day. I have lost inches but the scale won’t go down. It’s even gone up a little. Is this normal or do I need to change something. I do literally watch everything to I put in my mouth. Thank you so much for these emails and for sharing your knowledge. 🙂

  247. Ok, I am brand new and today is day 1. My diet seems ok. I have been told maybe more protein??!!! Now I just have to start lifting. Ordered the book can’t wait for it to come I’m sure I’m gonna “inhale” it. lol
    Peace and Love
    Christina from SoCal

  248. Day 1 for me! I made myself go to the gym this morning – so worth it! 🙂 This past month I’ve been pretty consistent on working out in general but slipped a bit this past week. It felt good to make myself get going again today.

  249. Day 1 for me and I’m a little nervous…trying to tell myself over and over again I CAN DO IT. It’s so easy to get tired and lazy though… eh poppycock! I’m gonna do it… LETS DO THIS!!

  250. Day 1 can’t wait to get started! So excited and energized! Thanks Michelle for inspiring me, would love to do a fitness competition this summer!

  251. my day 1,
    i will be useing a workout program i have. till i get in the book. and get the coaching video.

  252. Oh that would be awesome…I am taking on contest clients until March 15th. You should consider joining our BuffMother! Contest TEAM 🙂

  253. Thanks Jen, I’m excited for you~ and I am honored that you’ve joined our contest training team!!
    You will rock the stage this year for sure.

    Your body composition is most likely changing. the scale doesn’t reflect that unfortunately.
    Be confident in knowing that your effort is working you are changing every cell in your body!!

  254. Oh wow!! you are going to rock it!! congrats to your hubby~ you two are going to have a blast on this journey together!

  255. well here is day one…well on this site anyways. I have been doing p90x im on week 4, recovery week. Doing ok working hard on the workouts,but need some help on the eating part. I just came home from buying womens active vitamin packs and protein powder. On monday i will start my vitamins and eat more protein.

  256. Day 1 today, don’t have the book yet…but i have been doing P90X for several months now…just cannot get disciplined with the eating part so i am feeling like my workout’s are a waste of time since i am blowing the eating. I do good all day and then BOOM…night hits and i ruin it!

  257. Pam, i just joined too…and have been doing P90X as well. I am on my second round but have really struggled w/ the food part. I have about 20 pds to lose yet and am frustrated. Keep trying!

  258. Hi everyone,

    Day 1 for me and WOW, can’t believe how many others have also started today… Thats great!

    I have been so inspired by you Michelle. I saw a friend had added you on FB and I took a look to see and was encouraged.

    I have been up and down the same 10 – 15 lbs for a LONG time and want to move past that and really transform my body. I have been fairly fit and a runner for many years now but can NOT get rid of my tummy pooch or lose 1 or 2 inches off my thighs and tighten them.
    I have also been lifting weights BUT just very recently added protein to my diet. I increased to about 90 grams for past 2 months but have increased to 135 in past few days AND gone from 8 cups water to 18 as well….
    Thank you Michelle for being such an excellent role model and helping to transform so many lives.
    This time I KNOW I can get the results I have dreamed about for so long. Just reading all the blogs ahead of me excites me as well!!

    Off to the gym now…..

  259. After seeing myself on our episode of Toddlers & Tiara’s (Feb 10) and seeing horrible commets about me lately I have decided looking and feeling great is the best revenge!!! I’ve struggled with weight most of my adult life, this time I’m going to take control and get fit and buff!!!!! I can’t wait to get the books!!!

  260. Well, here I go! Tried everything else. As I read the book, it feels as if I wrote it. Day 1. Let’s see how I do.

  261. Well I have a question I want to lose at least 20lbs how can I do that I have been working out for the past 3wks going to the gym and everything and so far I havent really lost anything. I feel as if i am still wieghting the same.

  262. Day #1!! I’m ready for some changes! I haven’t bought a bathing suit in over 20 years and I’m ready to break that streak!!

  263. Thanks for the inspiration michelle. I can do the workouts, I’ve got the superstar journal and ready to go today. Hormonal pills, got those too. Clean eating is what I need to work on. I know if I could just loose the last 10 pounds of fat I’d have the muscle underneath. How can I train my brain to eat clean and get it done. I’m hoping you can help with that.

  264. Here we go … day 1! Since Sept I have lost 48 lbs and now I’m excited to get in shape and firm everything up!

  265. So… it is day 1 for me and since I have never really worked out before this could be the beginning of a whole new me… Good Luck to all my fellow Day 1 gals… Just remember in Christ we can do all things!!!

  266. You are motivating Michelle. I want to be fit at 50 like I was at 36. Your site has all the resources & motivational tools needed to succeed!

  267. Today is Day 1 for me and really looking forward to getting a Buff Body in 40 days. Come on ladies we can all do this together and succeed in the war against fat! Here’s to having a “hot body” in 40 days.

  268. Okay today is day 1 for me but I walked my 1st mile yesterday. We have been in the process of moveing and things just now got settled down I have a bootcamp workout dvd plus a 5 mile walking dvd but nothing beats the outdoors. I have been eating semi clean but its hard.. I will get this right!! Here I (we) GO!

  269. HI! your story is AWESOME! I love your goal setting and determination.
    You are right running in itself will NOT make you have a 6 pack or muscular- especially long distance running.
    I’d highly suggest that if you want to be “buff” that you cut back on your running and hit the weights.
    My book Hormonal Timing lays out a great program with full details on how to get started. And right now if you buy it I’ll give you my ABS book for free.
    Check them out in my store on http://www.buffmother.com

    Thanks so much for your nice comments and EXCITEMENT about being a buffmother!

  270. Today is day 1 of 40! My name is Christine, I’m a proud mother of 4 (13, 12, 12, & 2). 2 of which I gave birth to but I love them all the same! As of January 2010 I was 127lbs at 5’4 ½”. I too was one of those skinny fat people. I didn’t have a problem with my weight but I knew the way I was living was not healthy. I’ve been an off again on again athlete since high school. I would go through spurts of working out. I’ve participated in 1-2 5K runs a year since 1999. So, I decided to form a team for the American Brain Tumor Path to Progress which will be held May 22 (1 day after my 30th birthday!). This will be the 3rd time running this run. I’ve always ran it in about 27min. This year my goal is to come in first out of all women running. Last year there were 411 women with the best time of 20:45min. I began training this January. I didn’t have any special routine. I’d just jump on my treadmill and run the 5K 4-5 days a week. My beginning time in Jan. for the 5K was 27:45min. I got married March 1st so I took a month off. Before I left for my destination wedding my time was 24:50min. I was happy with my progress but didn’t plan on taking a month off. Once I got settled into married life it was back to running. As of March 29 my 5K time was 23:45. I knew at this pace there was a good chance I wouldn’t come in 1st. I decided to go online and do some research on training for a 5K. I found a great 8 week training schedule which includes long easy runs, long hard runs, interval training, tempo running and of course rest days. The 8 week advanced schedule I’m on has me working out 6 days a week. On top of this I’ve been doing Yoga on my Wii Fit. Since starting this 8 week training schedule I’ve noticed that my weight has increased. As of this morning I’m 132! After reading all about you yesterday I knew that I shouldn’t be concerned with the number. Honestly, I’m not. I know that muscle weighs more than fat and I know from looking in the mirror that the scale is weighing all of me (muscle and all). I look forward to the challenges ahead in these 40 days. As much as I’ve been running I can see some muscle in my stomach but after seeing your picture I want the knowledge of how to achieve seeing all the muscles in my stomach. I know the running alone won’t get me that. Today is my 5 mile fast run and I’m also going to do 45 min of strength training on the Wii fit. I have the iron gym so I’ll do some reps of chin ups on that too. I’d appreciate any words of advice. Thanks for all you’re going!
    …let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Hebrews 12:1

  271. Hi everyone its day one. i am 21 years have two children. jaiden is 2 and preston is almost a month old. i love this challenge. 🙂

  272. totally– I call exercise My MEDICINE…it may not always be fun to take, but it sure makes me feel better!

  273. Start with cutting down the size of your portions on your food…then start choosing wiser 😉

  274. What are you eating? Try cutting down on your food intake…one strategy I like to use when I’ve plateaued is “extending my fast”- stop eating at 7 or 8 pm in the evening or don’t eat immediately upon getting up in the morning. extending your fast can help you cut down on calories.

  275. Hi I am happy I found this page and reading your stories. It is very inspiring for me! I am a 32 year old mother with two teenage children. I started the challenge and aiming to become fit and have a good muscular strong physique. I am resting now as my body is sore from starting to weight train but I feel excellent. I would definitely advise you to exercise it really makes you feel so much better and think better too. All the best! Love Keoki

  276. Day 1 for me on the 40 day challenge. I am already doing a Body For Life program and am on week #5! I am only 21 and I am not a mother, but I am sick of my pants being tight. Even after 5 weeks of eating clean, doing HIIT 3 days a week and weight lifting 3 days a week, i have seen no change in the way my clothes fit. i eat SERIOUSLY clean 6 days a week and have 1 free day. I am interested to learn more about this challenge because i graduate in 50 days from college, and i want to finally feel good about myself again! (im 5’4 and 125 right now. my pants are tight goal weight? 115) i have always been an athlete playing competitive soccer, ran a marathon, etc. BRING IT ON!!

  277. Been working out for the past 4 months now, and have been gainging weight! I really need to focus on not only working out, but eating healthy. It’s definitely become my worst enemy. Im hoping with your motivation, I can finally do what I’ve been wanting to do, and gain a healthier lifestyle, and LOSE the wieght!

  278. Cut down on the amount of carbs you eat and limit your wheat and grain intake. See how that affects you and
    let me know 🙂

  279. i have been working out for about 9months and have had some success.
    i love the Nike slogan and it is my inspiration when i don’t feel like doing anything. my problem is that it is taking so long ,i have about 25-30pounds to lose and i am tired of working out ,eating right with minimal results.i want to lose the weight yesterday and i am hoping this will help me fast track my results

  280. I’ve been trying to lose the last 5 lbs. Unfortunately, I’m stuck, and the scale says I’ve gained three this morning. I’m needing something to jump start this weight loss as I exercise 5 days a week, weight train, and eat clean. Although it might be the red wine!

  281. YES, alcohol is a killer when it comes to weight loss- stay away from it for a bit and I bet those 5 pounds will be GONE!

  282. It does take time– but if you UP your focus level I am sure the extra effort will show on the scale!! you can do this!!

  283. I just joined this program and don’t know what to do. I try to eat healthy and to exercise to live an abundant life. I need encouragement! Please help!

  284. Have you considered getting my books? they lay the entire plan out for you and are VERY worth the investment.
    you can get them in my strore or on amazon

    Also, the Rally room is a great resource and help- check it out for 2 weeks free.

  285. I am the mother of 3 wonderful kids! I have twin girls that are almost 4 and my little boy will be 2 in August. I am just starting my journey to do a figure competition. Not sure where to start, but I am determined! Also, do you have any tips for getting rid of stretch marks…my twins did a number on me!

  286. The best thing I can tell you is to hydrate and be NUTRIENT conscious- all that will help your skin~ AND focus on muscle- rebuild your beautiful body!

  287. you have some awesome mojo LYNN!! it is all about mindset~ you’ll love the 40 days!!

  288. Hi! I am 45 years old and Mom to 6! I have lost 20 pounds so far with 18 left to tackle. I do all my workouts at home and today is day 1 of 40 for me! Remembering my mind-set and visualizing myself reaching all of my goals.

  289. I’m so glad i found BuffMother. I have been looking for some form of motivation and for encouragement. I am a new mommy of 1. Pregnancy and delivery was very hard and i have only been able to train in the past month. It has taken me that long to heal from the birthing process!
    I was always naturally a very trim, lean person. ONce i learnt how to put on muscle i learnt how to put it on very fast with proper food intake. However, what also happened when i learnt how to put on muscle mass is i also started to get very watery, esp around the navel area. I could not shake that. And when i tried creatine it made it worse. When i went off it the water never went away. So, i went from being extremely lean and toned to muscular and watery! I want to learn how to get back to being very lean along with very muscular WITHOUT the water retention!!

    I’m excited to learn more about the Hormonal Timing!!! Sounds brilliant!

    One question, can i take the HT pills while nursing? I’m still nursing but i don’t know until when as my little girl refuses to take a bottle and she’s 8 months old!

    Thanks again!!

  290. Buffmother is awesome. If you dont have the books, get them. Join the RR. The girls have a wealth of knowledge. Happy Fitness!!

  291. Gloria!! Fun to hear you are finding such great success.
    The HT Pill is not recommended for nursing or pregnant women.
    Stick with a good multi and calcuim for now- soon you can start the HT pills 🙂

  292. I’m 50 and have been an avid runner, but have lacked a good diet and weight training. So I feel I’m skinny, but not “fit.” As I’ve gotten older my stomach has become soft and spongy. So, it’s gotta go! I have not had a period for probably 7 years… so what about the Hormonal Timing pill for me??

  293. Day # 1: I went to H. S. with Michelle and was in track with her (she was a state champ starting in 8th grade for those of you that didn’t know and continued thru college).

    Michelle: You were inspirational to me then, and I’m hoping to have success again. I’ve never tried strengh training, but was a country girl and was strong and want to have that back. Here I go……

  294. HEY Andrea!! thanks for the sweet compliments~!! I know you will love lifting weights!! it gives results!!

  295. Even if you don’t have a period you still have hormones and need to support their production. The HT PILL helps them be produced naturally as your body desires. I would still recommend them. Also I’d implement buffing and boosting into your training~ it will accelerate your results! Start with 2 weeks of buffing then switch to boosting and then repeat~ you’ll love it!

  296. today is the beginning of my 40 day journey!!!!(with a lifetime of health and fitness following those 40 days!!!)Just got finished reading hormonal timing twice since saturday, and I’m super excited about this challenge!!!!Wish me luck:)

  297. The 40 day’s to fit is not a set workout plan…I give you some tips and guidelines but no actual plans.
    You can find plans in my past blog posts and in my books~ do you have my books: Hormonal Timing and After Baby Abs?
    They are on my site http://www.buffmother.com and on amazon.com

  298. Hey Michelle aka Buffmother….trying to find the workout plans? the eating routine – full procedures for the 40 day get fit? plse help…..i plse plse help – i have been praying for strength to get where you have – i know i can do it! plse guide me……

  299. Very excited to get through another 40 days with buffmother. Thank you Michelle and everyone for such awesome inspiration.

  300. I started working out in April, got tired of looking at myself. I think you will motivate me even more. Thank you.

  301. Hi Michele, I have looked at your site (along with lots of others) and decided that this looks like the perfect place for the ongoing support I need. I have lost 40 pounds over the last year and a half with changing the way I eat and lots of exercise. I am 5’3 and now weigh 129, but I would LOVE to have a ripped body. I look fit, but far from, well…you ;). Thanks for all the inspiration you give.

  302. Glad to have gotten your 40 day email today! My son broke his arm and we have been at the doctor all day and I just didn’t feel like exercisiing. I am ready to get out there and get it done now! Thanks!

  303. I was planning on doing something for the next 3 months but then I saw your webpage. Its a shorter goal but it will get me to my 3 months. I have already lost 2 lbs in the past 2 days of eating clean. Next.. I need to workout when I get the ok from the dr. I just had my 2nd baby 4 weeks ago. So I am just doing walks right now. Cant wait to look awesome for myself and my hubby.

  304. Had a fantastic day at the gym yesterday and looking very forward to starting day 1 today! I’m so glad I’ve found your site! I have been struggling with losing this baby weight and getting used to my “new body” for 2 years now. I’m getting my butt in gear! 🙂 Thank you!

  305. I am ready to get Jacked!!

    I lost my weight already and have included working out in my routine….. but i can see I need some help to really get tone….
    Love your website and have gotten alot of GREAT infom from it already….
    I am 45 and have 3 grown dagughters and 1 granddaughter….
    My goal is be a Buff Grandma!!!!!

    The confidence a tone muscles provides….
    It’s addicting!!!

  306. I am very excited to get started today. Your website is just what Iv’e neded for motivation! i just wish I would have found it sooner!

  307. Good for you~ I love seeing people focus on what they CAN do vs. What they can’t!! Keep that attitude!

  308. I just joined and I am so excited..!! I want to look my Best..!! My First goal is to lose 5 lbs of body fat. while working out and building muscle.

  309. Susan :
    I just joined and I am so excited..!! I want to look my Best..!! My First goal is to lose 5 lbs of body fat. while working out and building muscle.

    Did I mention I am 53 yrs old..??

  310. I’m also starting, day 1, from the Netherlands. Michelle and the other BuffMother; you’re great inspirations. Thanks a million!!

  311. I am going to be 40 in a few months and have decided to countdown by getting buff! I’m going to do what you suggest and just turn off my brain and get moving! Thanks for that tip!

  312. Hi Michelle,

    Today is my Day 1. I am a mom to a 13-year old boy and a 7-year old girl. I turn 40 next Monday. Since January, I have lost 13 pounds. I tend to lose weight fairly slowly. But, at least it stays off. I am looking to tone-up and drop body fat. I am 5′ 5″ and weigh 169. I’d like to get down to 150 as a starting point. As a vegetarian, I do sometimes find it difficullt getting in more than 100g of protein daily (and that includes protein supplementing).

    I did 50 minutes on the recumbent bike and strength training at the gym last night.

    I’m looking forward to the next 40 days!

  313. Today is day 1 for me, I’m meeting with a trainer at the gym this afternoon. I had my son 6 years ago and I have NEVER gotten used to my so called new body. I was lucky not to get stretch marks but i am carrying a lot of extra weight around my middle (which I also heard is linked to heart disease) so I decided I’m ready to find my real new body not this fat new body and get back to finding myself.

  314. hey! today is MY day 1 and ive been reading so much of your site, I had to grab a pen and paper a jot a few notes for myself because theres so many interesting and helpful facts and I really want this, I love your advice and I believe in myself! 🙂

  315. I am thankful that you are a Christian, it is such an encouragement. I played 9 holes of golf & burned 400 calories. It is kinda my free day for eating but still did okay. Thanks!

  316. You are an absolute inspiration! I’m excited to start a lifestyle change instead of 12 weeks of dieting then trying not to get too big in the offseason.

    Thank you!

  317. I have 2 children and recently competed in my first figure compeition. Amazing experience! I’ve been reading a lot lately about hormones and their effects on getting your dream physique. Very interestng topic – I will be sharing this with my clients that are struggling to make progress. Thanks!

  318. I am very excited and very interested in learning how my hormones affect my training and diet. So glad I found you, Michelle! Day 1… ready for this journey!

  319. Woo-Hooo! So excited to be a part of this amazing group of women! I started working out in May after gaining some weight working nights in the ICU. I’ve lost 20 lbs and gained some lean muscle. I’m looking forward to the next 40 day journey! Thank you, Michelle, for creating a site that provides the resources I needed!!!

  320. Oh yeah! Ready to tackle a workout and burn out the fat, just as soon as I type this 🙂 I’m looking forward to some insight and inspiration to keep up a 40 day challenge! I too am glad to know of and share in your Christian faith and how that’s part of this all. Yes! Let’s go!

  321. I could not agree with you more! I am eally excited to see how my hormones play a part as well. today was day one for me. I gota lot of walking in but not much else! I need to step it up tomorrow.

  322. Hi! I am so ready for this I feel so pumped up I am reading Hormonal timing and charting everything in my planner to keep me accountable. I had a rough set back and sprained my wrist so I do not know when I will be able to do the free weights. I hate that because I am at just the right place to start tomorrow but I will not let that get me down! I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me! I just ordered the supplements I hope they will help me gain some energy. My two year old keeps me pretty busy and exhausted 😉

  323. Hello! I’m Abi and am on Day 1 of 40 days to fit! I recently had my second baby and am looking forward to remembering who I AM! I believe that the body is ready and capable of doing anything; If you tell it to walk it will walk, if you tell it to run it will run… I just gotta remember that my thoughts are my motivation. Come on Ladies, we can do it!

  324. hi michele!!!!!im back again to do the 40 day challenge!!! I figured I did so well the first time I took the challenge, that I wanted to do it again!!! You motivate me to be the best that I can be!!!! thanks:)

  325. Day one! I am a little nervous and unsure about this commitment. This will be the first time I have tried to lose weight without starving myself or taking pills. I am determined to do this though since the other ways haven’t worked.

  326. I am so happy to see so many women doing this 40 days to fit challenge! I love the feeling of having a support group!! Right on ladies! We can do it 🙂

  327. It’s all about those baby steps…one tip at a time added to a Positive attitude and you’ll be unstoppable!

  328. Michelle has been such a great inspiration to me over the years. I don’t believe I have ever seen anyone as dedicated to helping women as much as her. Thank you Michelle for being such a great friend.

  329. Hi,
    Although I am not a mom…I think Michelle is a great inspiration. I have always loved to exercise which is a plus. My father passed away a year ago in August from a heartattack. Heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure run in the family unfortunately. I also lost my job at that time and I packed on 16lbs. My ideal weight is 120 lbs..I am now 134 lbs. Stress is a killer. This site will give me the motivation I need to push myself out of the comfort zone. Yesterday I worked out to Sculpt 90 by Tony Horton and hit the treadmill for 30 minutes. Plan on working out every other day.

  330. You are definitey an inspiration, Michelle. It was with the support of you and the rally room, I was able to get my pre-baby body back fairly quickly! Looking forward to this challenge to help me keep it together over the hollidays!

  331. I’ve always loved Michelle’s message. I have her books, which I refer to all the time. I’m a former RR member who still believes in the power of hormones and think what Michelle has to offer is solid advice you can ALWAYS turn to!

  332. A little confused about the hormoness and diet but I am always interested in learning new ways to improve. BRING IT!!!

  333. Starting with a gratitude run, busy day, but meeting friends for a bicep, tricep, ab workout later. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving :))

  334. Day 1 of the 40 days. Added an extra cardio session today and got my mom to walk with me.
    thank you for this challenge. Hope it’s ok I don’t have kids.

  335. Day 1, off to a slow start, lacking the motivation but hopefully through this 40 day challenge it will continue to build my motivation. Come on somebody MOTIVATE ME!!!

  336. have you considered…that the key to your motivation is to encourage someone yourself?
    That works for me!

  337. All the info about the Hormonal Timing fitness program is contained in my books- and it makes perfect sense 🙂

  338. Day 1 for me
    I already have a fitness routine, just have trouble stickin to it. My motivation is I am in training to be a firefighter, and I’m 41 yrs old, a retired pipefitter, plus a Salsa Dancer instructor and a scuba diver, so my chances are pretty good. If I could just stick to working out, it feels so good once I get there,,, hmm laterz going to pump some iron at the gym..Talk to you tommorrow

  339. Hi Michelle, I really want to reap the benefits of HT fitness but, I’m not sure how, what, when or where to start. I have an athletic background (college scholarship for v-ball & track) & I am a member of the Armed Forces so, ftness is part of everyday life normally. However, I have hypothyroidism/metabolic syndrome & 4 months ago blew my knee out & have had 2 surgeries as a result. needless to say I’ve lost A LOT of any fitness I had. I am just starting rehab workouts but, I need to lose weight to keep the injuries away. I don’t know what to do. I am a mother of 3 of which my youngest is 6. I still haven’t lost the weight I gained with her & it’s really affecting my career & self esteem. I want my health & sanity back….NOW!
    Also, I no longer have a period but, I still get all the symptoms so, how would I calculate my C days?


  340. One of my favorite sayings of Joyce Meyer (a pastor) is “Do it Afraid!”…You can do it Patty!!

  341. HT will work for you~ start with a 2 week buffing phase, followed by 2 weeks of boosting, repeat until you figure out where your hormonal cycle is.

    You can estimate your cycle by your symptoms- bad sleep, water weight gain and huger are 3 of the biggest signs you are boosting.

    You can do this Kelly!!

  342. The key to my motivation is staying accountable to my TEAM and encouraging them along in their journey. I lead by example and refuse to be a hypocrite, lol!

  343. You are such an inspiration. I have been so afraid to even try but I know that it just takes one day…no, one step at a time…to be what I REALLY want to be. Thank you…

  344. Hi Michelle,

    I, too, am inspired by your story of accomplishment. What are you thoughts on your program for a mid-40’s woman? I am a mother of 2, 13 and 16. I competed in body building (probably more figure but that was before the figure division) when I was 36. I maintained my fitness until the last 2 years when I basically stopped working out due to work pressures and laziness I guess. My goal is 100 days in the first 5 months. I am 5’7″ and weight 128 so its not weight loss as much as fat loss.

  345. I am so excited to begin! I’m actually not a mommy yet, but am trying to become pregnant. I am hoping to get very physically fit before pregnancy, stay active during pregnancy and get back to my pre-pregnancy (or better) body afterwards. All of the stories are truly inspirational.

  346. Hi Michelle, I came across your name in the “Body by Design” by Kris Gethin book and looked you up on the bodybuilding.com web site which then led me to your webpage. All I can say is WOW…you are truly an inspiration. I’ve been strength training for a few months now and am finally beginning to see some definition but I still have a very stubborn layer of fat around my belly. Hopefully, 40 days from now, it will be gone. 🙂 Thanks for caring enough to share your secrets. You’re a real gem!!

  347. It’s a great time for you to learn more about your nutrition, fitness and hormones! Best wishes with you pregnancy plans!!!

  348. Thanks for all the wonderful stories and believeing in me when some days it hard for me to believe in myself! I am the mother of 4 kids the oldest is 14 and the youngest is 10 months. I dont believe having kids is a good excuse to be over weight. I think it is due to lazyness and eating everything you see ( as i have been). I am tryn to regain the body i once had and Gain confidence to be a BUFF MOTHER and show my kids a healthy more happy life style!

  349. Aha! I finally figured out how to comment! LOL. I was referred to your SSS 2011 contest and then I found the 40 day challenge, so I joined both starting 1/24/2011. I figure the more opportunity for encouragment and team rallying, the better. Michelle, I find your story very inspiring and know that fitness can be acheived and maintained. Exercising consistently is the easy part for me, eating clean long term is more of a challenge, so I look forward to an added source of encouragment through you and the team. Right now I am off to a good “CLEAN” start.

  350. Hi,

    I am a mother of four. I have never really seen my figure because I was 15 when I had my first daughter. I can honestly say that I understand what skinny-fat means because I feel like that explains my current body type.

    I have never been over 154 pounds in my life. I am 5’6″ and was only 152-154 at 9 months pregnant , and always went down to my normal weight (125), except from my first pregnancy. I had part of my thyroid removed when I was about 27, and had some weight issues since then. For the first time a few years ago I weighed 154 lbs., without being pregnant. I had never had to exercise or watch what I ate until a few years ago. Now I am very conscious about what I eat and that is how I have lost weight (15lbs. total over 2 yrs). Although I am thin, I still feel giggly and not tone. My arms are flabby and all I see in my hips is saddle bags, my legs (cottage cheese). Although there isn’t much there, it is there. My stomach has no muscle tone to it. I attribute some of that to the fact that I had a C-section with my second daughter.

    Currently, I am trying to slim down a little more to lose body fat and tone my muscles all over. I have never had to work out and I am unsure of where to start.

    I hope this helps to motivate me along my journey.

    Thank you!

  351. Thanks Michelle. I too am a mother of four and am dreaming of having a fitness model body. I struggle with my abs the most. I continue to work out at home at least five dsys a week. Looking forward to resding your book and traing knowledge!

  352. After having my son 13 months ago, I have become incredibly skinny. A lot of women hate when I say that, but its not all its cracked up to be. I have no butt, boobs, any sort of shape I had pre-pregnancy. Its like having him kicked my metabolism into overdrive. Anyways, its my first day and looking forward to putting on some muscle and living a healthier lifestyle. Ordered the book last night!

  353. I’ve just started the 40 days to fit…I’m on the other side of the hormonal roller coaster, just found out I’m on menopausal ‘slide’, sigh… it’s been not a lot of fun, but I’m looking forward to feeling better, finding some energy, getting healthy.

  354. I am excited to get started. Thanks for the help you are going to be giving me. I hope to have great success!

  355. I’m looking forward to change my health habits. I’ll be 36 in about a week and I realize now that I’m the only one that can make the change and t the only thing I have control is on my self.

  356. I’m looking forward for the challenge!!! Today is my first day of 40…..I’m so motivated to turn my health around, after all we are the only ones can control of our own self’s!!!.

  357. Hello Michelle,

    I got today’s email referring about day 1, however is my third day. I’m wondering if is because I’m doing my comments late at night (10:30pm WT). Would it be better for me to start making my comments in the mornings. Thank you for all you support!!!

  358. Just finished Day 1 of the 40 Day Challenge and am feeling fantastic and completely inspired! Thanks Michelle. Looking forward to hot yoga tomorrow!

  359. Not sure what is it, I’m in my 4th day but I keep getting day 1. Doing great with my diet and I’m in my way to the gym

  360. Day 1 of the 40 day challenge. I am a mom of 3 kids, the last two are twins by c-section. My kids were born 21 months apart. Fitness has always been part of my life. At the end of 2010 I changed what I was doing and got a peek at what Im capable of. A recent move to a new state has put me back at square one. Im hoping this challenge gets me back on track. Lets Just Do It!!!!

  361. I’ve been following the buffmother program for a week now and love the results. Can’t wait to see what happens after 40 day! I’m not only excited to see the physical results…I can’t wait to see the impact on my family as well.

  362. I love the fact that this program is centered around womens bodies and their hormones. It makes so much sense that I’m shocked no one has done it before!

  363. Very determined to get healthy, and in shape. Quit smoking two weeks ago. I know I can lose this weight also.

  364. I lost 44 pounds on my own and competed in my first NPC show in October last year. Looking to take my training to a whole new level….I want the SIX PACK of STEEL!!!

  365. Good Morning! Day 1 for me. Got up at 4:30 and did intervals. I realize I haven’t been getting enough protein so that will be a focus for me. Trying to get 135 grams per day. Thanks for your support and motivation Michelle!

  366. I have been going to the gym for 4 months consistently now and results are starting to show but I get discouraged because my mommy tummy still is showing. I am striving to get the abs back I had before having 2 children. I am hoping to get some pointers from your website to get me to where I need to be! Your an inspiration to all us moms!

  367. Thank you for the inspiration and getting your story out there for us to read and take in.

  368. I’m here! Day one..whoo hoo

    I did upper body buffing circuits today and a few extra ab works from After Baby Abs.

    I’ve been eating “clean” for years and years, but I’m still “fluffy” and can’t wait to buff up!

  369. Today wasn’t as successful as i would have liked. I started out with a good treadmill workout and a good breakfast but took my son to the movies and ate a butt load of popcorn. I just always feel hungry. I am not going to beat myself up though because tomorrow is another day and another chance.

  370. My first day and I am so on fire. After 3 kids/c-sections I commited to going to the gym regulary and I commited to not being fluffy for the rest of my life. I asked my trainer will I ever be able to get rid of this pouch, he suggested I get your book. Needless to say I downloaded the package and devoured it in two days. You are the inspiration I have been waiting for!

  371. Ann!! thanks so much for your excitement!! I know you are going to go from Fluff to Buff~!
    Glad your trainer endorsed me- tell him thanks!!

  372. Today is my first day of 40 Days to FIT, (4-17-11) I have followed buffmother.com for some time and finally committed!!! I WILL look better now after 3 kids than I did even before I had children! I have taken a lot of flack from doubters that I could do this sooooo, here I go!! Thanks Michelle for being such an inspiration!
    Day 1-126 lbs.
    Sunday so its a Stretch/Yoga day

  373. Glad you are excited~ it’s good to have the accountability and more information about diet/fitness always makes me excited to do better in my own life!!

  374. I’m excited about this!! So when I signed up yesterday, I went out and worked out!! And did it first thing this am!! Football tonight!!! WOOOHOOO!!

  375. Hello All! I am so excited…tomorrow is day one for me. I look forward to meeting a lot of new freinds through this site. I totally believe in the philosophy of helping other people brings your own MOJO!!! I have personally lived this philosophy already in other aspects of my life. I have my workout clothes packed and I’m going to do exercises in my office during lunch hour…I am also going to start reading my Buff Mother books and create a schedule and meal plans for the next 7 days tomorrow. I am going on a beach vacation at the end of May so have some short term goals for then….and longer term will be a Fall beach vacation and then the Grand Finale will be New Years when I look in the mirror and say YOU DID IT!!!!!

  376. Hello E
    I am hoping to stick to the forums because the words of encouragement and seeing everyones motivation will be what I need.

  377. Day 1- just read your book and looking forward to getting my body back after 2 kids delivered via C-section. Never thought it would be possible to have nice abs again but I am optimistic now!

  378. I have gone to many other sites for step by step instruction on how to be buff as a woman. They are so packed with disorganized information that I have felt overwhelmed. Here at buff mother I feel like I have the step by step instruction and daily accountability to show me the way. I think I have found the road map to my success.
    Thanks I am excited to move forward.

  379. Day 1 for me, I’m looking forward to the daily info, encouragement, & motivation!!!

  380. Today is Day 1 for me and I’m fired up! I started the day with an awesome workout followed by a clean breakfast…here’s to sizzlin in 6!!!

  381. Hi, all.

    I must say that I am ready for th elife change at this point in life. I have three kids ranging from six years old to three years old. It is time for me to get back in shape. I’m looking forward to the changes.

  382. Great introduction video. Worked out the arms and chest at the gym yesterday. Today we will actually have temps in the low 80’s with NO chance of RAIN for the first time in MONTHS!!! So I will be headed outside for a run before going to the gym later this afternoon.

  383. i always thought that after having my children (i have 4) that i would NEVER even come close to my pre pregnancy body without surgery,but after seeing Michelle achieve such a great body,i am inspired to do this….for myself and my children

  384. Day 1 🙂 found buffmother through bodybuilding.com as sick of being fat and tired. Have lost 10lbs From 194 to 184 and going to gain muscle, aiming for weight to be 160lbs. only use pool with water weights as disabled, but like the idea us ladies don’t have to use the silly little weights with a million reps when some of us have been used to hefting heavy toddlers out of car seats in our time! Thanks.

  385. Thanks for this great site Michelle! I’ve lost most of the 50 pounds I gained during pregnancy but Im struggling to loose these last 10 pounds and gain muscle. I feel motivated again after visiting your site and seeing how amazing you look. Thank you for being an inspiration to mommies everywhere and showing us what is possible!

  386. Day 1….had a good run today. I am a recent breast cancer survivor trying to get back in the swing of workin it! Need motivation. I know what I need to do, as I have worked out for several years, but for me it is all mental at this point. Thank you for the challenge AND inspiration. Love your website!

  387. a little late on the reply byut day 1 i started off with some kayaking and hiking – I was at teh cottage the past weekend and it was refreshing to try something new… i have been stuck in a rut for quite some time although i have no children i have a thyroid issue and its hard to keep the weight off regardless of what i eat! hopefully i can continue to improve as buffmother has been a great inspiration!!!

  388. Looking forward to starting. I’ve been very consistant with working out but ready to get my diet in check. I’ve lost 9 inches overall but need a little help witht the diet. Can’t wait to see what the next 40 days bring!

  389. Michele,
    I am so excited for this challenge. I am inspired by your success and motivation. As a mother of 6 and one severly handicapped daughter, finding time for ME is difficult.
    I am ready to feel alive & sexy again!
    Yesterday was a planning day…. Today its time to “Just Do It!”

  390. Looking forward to being apart of BUFFMOTHER. Michele, when I came upon this somehow, I was so siked because reading your story was so motivating and especially when I saw your faith built into your passion. I felt like you were a god sent to me. I Know FOR A FACT that you were. I hope someday sooner than later to be able to meet you in person. You are blessed in so many ways with your gifts, I am feel so inspired to share with others that share the same passion in fitness and our faith. God bless you! I look forward to communicating with you for a long time.

  391. I have been looking for a site that talks about the hormone relationship and working out for women… I have read a lot on your site and it was creepy how it sounded like myself!!! So here I am! Just Do It! I also ordered the HT supplement! I was tired of trying to make my own combination and tired of the every two weeks spiral!! Sooooo excited!

  392. Day 1:Very excited and will go back to your story Michelle whenever I give myself an excuse to not workout or eat correctly. If you could do all that with 4 kids in tow, i know i can find the time. I’m not usually a “joiner” but I have a feeling you will be a big inspirational motivator for me,thanks.

  393. I just started the challenge today! I have an eating plan set up and am planning on doing interval training and abs today. Looking forward to a great start, and a great finish Thanks, Michelle!

  394. I love your story and you have been an inspiration to me every since I found your website a few years ago (you are on my blog as one of my inspirations!). My husband and I are trying to conceive and I intend to be a BUFF MOTHER!

  395. What an amazing Day 1! God is truly great! Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this challenge…you are an inspiration to all of us…Thanks Michelle!

  396. Ready to start the 40 day challenge! I have been pretty lucky in life and haven’t had a real issue with my weight, only going up and down about 15 pounds. But I would like to be fit again. I’ve had three children and it seems no matter how small I can get I can’t get that great looking body I had before kids. I’ve decided that this time I’m going to do it. I want this and deserve this! Working out always has come last to my family, but I feel that me feeling good about myself is just as important as the time i spend taking care of my family!

  397. Started my quest for “buffness” today! Baby needed to nap dring my alotted workout time so I used dumbbells and my Tibata timer for a quick 4 minute HIIT workout. Also did some of your suggested abs moves.Thank you!

  398. I just joined the 40 day challenge. I have been exploring this website and for the first time in a long time I feel motivated. I will be buying Michelle’s products and am seriously considering hiring her for the online training. My workouts are going fine, but my eating is HORRIBLE. I keep a diary and eat around 2,000 calories a day (yikes). No matter how hard I try, I end up eating and snacking mindlessly (which is my bad habit). After the fact, I remember that I have to watch my calories. Here we go. . .

  399. Very tired today. Mondays are hard for me because I work 14 hrs but I am doing my yoga video to end the day….thanks for the inspiration…

  400. Hey guys I’m so excited I found this site. I am truly inspired by Michelle’s story. I have never been in the best shape and now at 25 I’m built like my mother. A few years ago I started a gym for the first time in my life, I was focusing on cardio (simply because that’s what I was told would get the fat off) When I joined I was the biggest I had ever been and was only 21! Within 8 months I lost just over 50lbs, and at the time I felt great and then ended up prego lol. Well I gained 50 right back in my pregnancy. Though I dropped most of that weight withing 6 months I never got back in the gym and now I have a typical mothers body. At 5 foot exactly I am 146 lbs, I have been in the process of changing my lifestyle for about two weeks now and have lost about 5 lbs. I want to fight all the genes that say I can’t be fit and sexy. I want to be a personal trainer and as a result I want to look the part. My husband is a Marine and will deploy for 8 months before the end of the year. I want to use that 8 months to transform so when he comes home his jaw hits the floor and I feel more confident for him and myself 🙂

  401. Oh wow!! you are fired up Daisy~ I’m so glad you found BuffMother also!! I know you can firm up and have your BEST BODY again!! Go for it!!

  402. Day 1 Michelle you are very inspiring woman/ mother and I look forward to your way of life becoming one that I can follow and yield positive results. I am a mother of 3 and have been very athletic during school years with sports, dancing and marital arts but as I’ve gotten older happily married with children, careers and schooling my focus of fitness has been on the back burner. I believe in YOU…I’m pumped to find the the new me!!

  403. Just starting the 40 day challenge, just started to really hit the weights hard and cant wait to see the results!

  404. Hi! Today is my first day. After having my twins, (they are three years old now) I started to have cravings, be exhausted, not exercise… and I have turn into the woman I do NOT want to be. I am really very busy and sometimes I thing I do not have the time nor the strenght to make things better. But I am commited to change now and your story, Michelle, gives me HOPE. It is time to change! Sorry for my English. Greetings from Spain!

  405. Hi all, happy thanksgiving!! Today i am very proud of myself, i went and worked out for an hour at gym then home for my Abd workout…i feel like jello but feel great. I wont be overindulging today as i work later and take my own Clean Eat food with me. Im very excited to join in on this group. I have weight to lose and muscle to gain before i get married in July and wanna look amazing for the rest of my life. 🙂

  406. HI!
    I’m very impressed and inspired by your story and lifestyle.
    I admit to feeling very defeated by my hormones, age and seemingly lack of will power or discipline to lose the weight I need to lose and keep up with my workouts. 🙁
    I’m glad I stumbled upon your site and pray it will help motivate me to get my figure and “groove” back!
    Thanks so much!

  407. Day one for me ! Michelle, you are an inspiration. I would love to get my IFBB pro card one day or just have the body of a bikini competitor. I love seeing transformations like yours as an example that I can do it with hard work and discipline. Thanks for the tips!!

  408. I am so ready to start this program!! I’ve been working out steadily for a while and need to jumpstart my fitness to reach my goals! Looking forward to losing fat and gaining muscle!!

  409. I am 50…..yikes- freakin me out! I love my life, I am grateful, I have 2 kids, 9 & 11, husband, 4 dogs and 11 (5 week old) puppies as well as 30 pounds of extra fat! I am busy and have always loved nutrition, working out and supporting others….but I’m inconsistant with myself. I think hormones are a piece of the missing link:) I am not too old to make it “click” – gonna do it!

  410. You still have hormones at 50…listen to your body and work with it!
    50 is still young~ it’s never too late to get buff!!

  411. Today is my new day 1- I’ve blogged about it here:

    But I also wanted to comment that I still workout the way I did discovered 7+ years ago…I workout with my hormones! They impact me so much that I can’t ignore them when it comes to my diet, workout routine, supplementation and my life! If you are not currently using your natural cycle to your benefit with your exercise routine- please consider starting 🙂

  412. Day 1 and Christmas countdown to NOT gaining any weight that Ive worked so hard to lose. Off to Zumba this morning! Gonna shake and shimmy the stress away!

  413. I have been “just doing it” for the last 2 months. I came to this website about a year ago, and didn’t think I could do it. Since I have just let go and started doing it, I am pretty sure I can do this.

  414. Hello, Today is Day 1. This mornings workout was a SUPER cardio workout. I went to my most fav Zumba Class. This class is Zumba times ten. LOVE IT!! Im committing myself to this blog, working out and eating better for the next 40 days. Since Oct. 1, I have lost 17lbs. I always get a workout in but i don’t always eat right. Once I made the decision to modify my eating habits the weight came off. So with that said Im on the right track and I want to STAY on it. Peace and Love and have a successful Day 1.

  415. Day 1 today, just waiting for the baby to go down for his nap and then I will be ready to get a workout in. Life’s been pretty stressful the last few months and I completely fell off track from where I was, so I’m definitely pumped to start back up!

  416. Can I just say that you are truly an inspiration to me and to women everywhere. I am super motivated and cannot wait to see what the future holds for my body!

  417. Today is Day 1 for me too! Still recovering from a serious automobile accident last year but will do what I can. Jogged in place while cooking breakfast this morning. Just do it!

  418. Today is Day 1 for me. Attempting to make better choices with cutting out processed carbs and getting all of my water in. As a pescetarian, it’s not always easy to eat all the protein I need to in a day. I think I’m going to start taking protein powder in to work with me to add to my morning oatmeal. I also need to send in my order for some Quest bars to snack on instead of the junk sitting out around the office.

  419. Tomorrow is my 51st birthday. I may go for a run today, wearing my Santa hat. (Today is a rest day for me. Yesterday was back and biceps, 300 decline crunches, 100 lunges, 100 push-ups PLUS a 3-mile run.) Never an excuse!

  420. 1st day of the next 40 days!! Excited because I will finish *3 days* BEFORE my hubby’s birthday!!! New outfit for that!!!

  421. Love your story more and more every time I read it. On baby #3 and trying to keep the training going (in prego friendly manner) ~ it does help me to feel better but it’s definately harder work.

  422. At 51 yrs young, 5 kids and 2 grandkids, looking forward to continually getting in better shape to be able to do all I like to do!

  423. Just Do It! is the motto I’m going by right now. No excuses, just do it and get it done. I have been really anxious about getting back into a gym where I am working out around people but am getting over that anxiety a little more every day. It makes me feel better when I just do it and get it over with and working out around nothing but guys for the most part really makes me push harder thus getting in a better workout. Just Do It!

  424. I am so thankful I stumbled on your website while surfing a friend’s FB page. I have read everything you post and love the motivation. I am ready for another 40 days of motivation and tips. While I have not lost weight, I am feeling the changes taking place with my body.

  425. Ready for the next 40 days to help me stay focused and on track. Thanks so much for helping me be accountable!!

  426. Today is my first day and I’m stoked I have all this positive energy and I’m gonna use it on two 15 minute work outs once this early after noon and in the evening..wish me luck

  427. I really enjoy BuffMother’s website, it’s motivating! I’m having a hard time getting started, and it’s not an excuse, but I’m finding it difficult around the holidays. So, my plan is to try to get fitter & eat healthier…and then if & when the weight comes off, that’s just gravy, lol…

  428. I think a huge part of my problem is just this my hormones and the fact that I honestly don’t understand them or now how to “read” my body. I hope to order your book next week on these matters. I blame my hormones being out of whack because of a hectic schedule but I think my hormones may cause chaos too, a vicious circle. Thanks Michelle sharing all you do.

  429. Today is Day 1 of my path to fitness and I just love the tip of the day – Just Do It! That’s what I intend to do – stay strong and just do it!

  430. Needed to hear change your mindset. I have lost 84 pounds in the last two years and have hit a HUGE mental, physical and emotional road block. I am trying to get my head back in the game!

  431. So glad I stumbled on your website. I have had two kids via c-section in 2005 and 2007. I am definitely what you call skinny fat and need muscle tone! I always thought I would not be able to get ab muscles. You inspire and motivate me!

  432. So this is day 1. I’m super excited! I’ve got a looong way to go. I would love to be at my ideal body weight next year. Which means I’ve got to lose 100 lbs. I can’t believe I actually typed that. That’s already a step in the right direction! So I’m off to the Y for the next step in my journey!

  433. Today marks day one of the “40 days to fit”. Although I weighed one pound more than I did at my first prenatal checkup (I am 3 months postpartum, so about a year since I first found out I was preggo) I look like I weigh 15 pounds more! I am ready to get back in the gym and get my body and booty back! 🙂

  434. your body composition has totally changed due to your pregnancy…trust me when I say you can change it back to your lean mean better than before pregnancy body!!

  435. Shoot for 1 baby goal at a time- take the weight in 5 pound increments. By next year at this time you can be at your goal!!

  436. Last night involved a lot of prep for today, Day 1. Hours of cooking and having healthy snacks and meals ready to go seemed to make today a little bit easier. I did have a good giggle when I passed off a homemade chocolate protein bar as a “brownie” to my 4 year old son. He took a bite and I held my breath for the review…he loved it! Good start, 39 to go!

  437. i am catching up on coments from day four.sorry, i have a real problem with commitment! i will try and just do it!

  438. I do not know exactly how this works, but I am inspired by your results. Let’s just keep it up and JUST DO IT.

  439. Woohoo, I am so ready to get fit and tone. Started today right with some kickboxing and I feel great, a little sore but it is a good sore!

  440. Everyday I tell myself this is the day “I’m gonna just do it” and somehow I continue to eat the trash. Working out is easy but strict eating for me is still within my reach, oh I must stretch!

  441. I am not a mother but I am so inspired by Buffmother. I am about 5 months in Recovery for my anorexia. I am just about to start my sophomore year in high-school. I am trying to take the Just Do It! Approach this year.

  442. THANKS!! Lifting weight is so rewarding– it’ll take years off the way you look!!

  443. I am so inspired by your story… I have recently started really eating clean and weight training I’m already seeing a huge difference! I never thought I’d get my body back after my daughter but I am more determined now than ever!!

  444. Hi April!! great to have you starting again!! Keep active as best you can on vacation…You deserve it 🙂

  445. Well I am starting the 40one day challenge over. I have sttarted doing some lifting with dumbbells at home and have been walking. Away on vacation now so this next week or so will be a challenge for me.

  446. It’s never too late to improve your body!! and hormones have a ton to do with that journey~ don’t lose hope! YOU CAN DO IT!

  447. Day 1 of 40 for me. Committed and driven!
    Started the day with a brisk 2 mile walk with my dog who was also very excited.
    Anxious to learn more about the hormonal impact. 12 years post 2 c-sections and my hopefulness of loosing my belly has dwindled to nil. And being comportly honest with myself, my pre-child body isn’t worth aspiring to.
    Here’s to something new and BETTER!
    LK. Age 43

  448. yep, they certainly do! I was dying from mine yesterday~ now today I feel like a different person!

  449. I started learning about my hormones a couple years ago and I’m finally starting to be able to manage them. They really do have an effect on a woman’s body

  450. Keep pressing forward and believing that you can get to your goals– there is nothing stopping you but the choices you make. Take them on ONE AT A TIME– baby steps!!

  451. Hi! I’m brand new to the blog and to the world of weight lifting. Looking forward to following along and hopefully finding the courage and motivation to join in! I had my daughter 3 years ago and hit the scale at 245. I have been yoyo-ing for the past year from 172-185 and just want to find some stabilization so i can get back to a healthy weight and feel better. Looking forward to the journey!

  452. Thank you for all of the information you provide through your blogs. Looking forward to future tips and blogs.

  453. Day 1 of the 40 day challenge.
    Having had a C section in January with my little girl, I’m now ready to get a flat tummy for the first time in a long time. I’ve followed the BuffMother hormonal timing plan in the past and it works……it really works. I don’t want to use my 7 month old daughter as an excuse not to get fit again so here I am ready to JUST DO IT for her sake and mine. I’ve got my diet sorted now so I’ve just got to get my butt active again. And thats where this challenge & support comes in. I need all the help I can get.
    Next step for me: ‘before’ photos and stats!!!! X

  454. I love it Karen, glad you’ve enjoyed success on my program in the past and are ready to attack it again after your new baby girl!!

  455. Looking forward to starting the challenge. Had some bumps along the road lately, trying to get back into working out and need the inspiration of a group. I’ll be away for a week without access to email but after that, I’ll be good to go. I will be keeping active during the week and eating clean.

  456. Im excited for this challenge. I had a baby in the end of January and I’m ready to lose the pooch from pregnancy. I’ve always had a gut so I can’t wait for a change!

  457. You look fabulous! It really bothers me when I hear people say “I have the body of a woman who has (x amount) of kids”. It is really hard for me to bite my tongue and not point out all of the other women in the world that arent obese with the same amount of kids or more. I know sometimes it is hard to lose the weight after having kids, I weighed 200 when I had my first and 198 when I had my second. I am 5’10 and normally weigh around 130. It was hard to get back down, but I just had to want it and make it a priority. My house was still clean, my children werent neglected so that I could have “me” time. My husband comments on how he knows that I will never get fat. I asked him why and he said because you absolutely hate being fat. Although I do not have to lose any weight, I would really like to tone up! I am so excited for this challenge!

  458. Exactly the goal of BuffMother…to make women believe and stop using their kids as an excuse to be unhealthy.

  459. Day 1 here I come!
    I gained 69 pounds with my son – who will be 13 next month. Ever since then I have had trouble with my weight. I finally lost it all about two years ago but that lost weight always finds it’s way back to me. Diet has been in check for the past 7 days and I am ready to be me again.

  460. BRING IT ON!! I’m so excited to start this challenge! I have had 5 kiddos and I really need to slim down and tone up!

  461. I’ve been on and off again with fitness training my whole life and have always allowed outside forces to interfere with my progress. I am celebrating my 50th birthday today and have decided that it is time to take care of me, long term. Besides eating clean and having a regular work out regime I signed up for this 40 day challenge to keep me motivated and focused on my end goal (which really ends up being an ongoing goal). I know and have experienced all the positive benefits of embracing this lifestyle and plan to use all your motivational tools to succeed. Thank you for your story and energy!

  462. Just moved to Singapore from CT,USA. I am a 38 year old mother of a 4 year old. I really like this website, and the advice Michelle gives to all. Michelle is absolutely right, it’s about just doing it! I have always been an athlete since childhood. I’ve always watched my weight, but the last 2 years I was in nursing school. I didn’t have the time to exercise. Fortunately I didn’t gain much weight, but I am flabby. It is my turn now in Singapore to become totally fit. I am a stay at home mother from now on, taking on line classes. All I have to do during the day is work out, and do work for 1 online class. Looking forward to getting fit. Thanks for the inspiration Michelle, you look awesome!!!!

  463. I turned 32 today. I have two beautiful children- boy (3), and girl (1 last week). I am close to my goal weight, but I want to loose just a few more inches around my midsection, and really tone up. I’ve been doing some workouts at the local YMCA and using their cardio room during lunch. My goal weight is 140, I’m currently 148. But I know that some of my weight change is due to my body change of fat loss/muscle gain. SOOOO, if I remain at 145-148, but see the difference as muscle, I will not dispair. I have been taking more control of my eating habits and making more lean, healthy meals at home. I’m on several websites daily looking for new recipes or swaps for things I already make to make them more healthy. My goals are the fat loss/muscle gain and creating a better lifestyle for my family!! Thank you Michelle- Buff Mother!!!

  464. So glad you are on board…Summer can be a tough time for consistency in workouts~ But I know you and I can do it!

  465. I want to do this, but am struggling with physical constraints. I have chronic knee issues so I have to limit DAILY knee strain. The real constrain though is chronic elbow tendonitis. I really can’t do anything that requires me to hold weights and bend my arms. I feel like there is not much I can do. I hope you have some suggestions.

  466. I am so inspired by your story and learned about your website from a man named Jarrod from muscle fire.com I met on a recent flight from Alaska back to Illinois from my best friend’s wedding. I was immediately interested after he mentioned your site! I became a born-again Christian 5 years ago after many trials in my marriage. Praise God for enlightening me and growing me through those experiences. I have always been an active person but lost a sense of myself after becoming a mother, often putting my own needs and well being on the back burner. I was one of “those women” you described who just accepted my body would be different after motherhood. I have always struggled with my body image and have NEVER felt comfortable in my skin! As a result, my husband and sons pay the price as a poor self image holds me back from Doug so many things I would otherwise probably enjoy (ex. Swimming at a public pool). Your story gives me hope that a REAL woman, who has been where I am, CAN get in shape and feel good about herself! I know God have me his body and that I am capable of being strong! Satan fills our heads with lies about ourselves. I’ve heard him long enough! Today is the start of a new beginning for me! I am pumped up about this journey!!! THANK YOU, MICHELLE!

  467. I am really looking forward to beginning the 40 day program. I signed up yesterday, and got the first email today, but technically tomorrow is my “Day 1” because it’s Halloween and there are just too many big plans, working tonight, parties after, and running errands all day. I also thought beginning on the first day of the month will keep me from getting confused. LOL! “See” you again tomorrow!

  468. I am so excited to start your 40 day challenge. I am a fitness instructor, but struggle to get the body I really want. I’m a total cardio junkie!!! Love cardio! I’m incorporating weights and am hoping to see some results. I use light weights in my circuit classes, but want to start using heavy for myself to get some results I want. I’d say I’m a fit fat person who loves fitness and I eat quite healthy. I’ve always been active, but want to start paying attention to me and what I want. If I achieve my goals I will be able to help those in my class so much more.

  469. Day 1…..I have been a follower of yours for the past year and totally admire your passion for life and fitness. I am a fitness junkie and love, love, love working out. My biggest struggle is nutrition. While “they” say nutrition is 80% and exercise is 20%, I really do not enjoy eating. I know I have to fuel my body after working out, but I have “hate-hate” relationship with food due to an abusive childhood, resulting in an eating disorder. There is NO excuse!!!! I’m excited for this new venture. THANK YOU for your passion.

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