I didn't cut my run short … thanks to YOU!

Well HELLO!!

This morning I went on a fasted run~I planned on doing a basic out an back of 3 miles total….well not even half way through I felt like cutting it short. Over and over again I had to talk myself into going the entire way…my thoughts of YOU kept me going!! THANK YOU!

Yesterday was a “active” rest day for me…I had a fun day! I cleaned in the morning, sun bathed in the early afternoon while listening to a few good Biblical messages on my Iphone, went for a couple little bike rides around the block with my DD Tia, then I messed around in my flower bed: weeding, transplanting, watering, etc…, then my DH and I played some “redneck golf’, and some1 on 1 basketball, then we painted a couple walls in the front room of our house and I finished off my day watching “under the tuscan sun”

It was a good day!

My POA for this week is to get a ton of work done before the 4th!!

M-run (done!), pay bills, work
T- legs, laundry
W- run and upper body
Th-photos, stats, final entry for contest…I am doing them on Thursday because I want to workout on Wednesday

Hope that thinking of me can help you get through your workout as much as thinking of you helped me! Thanks again!!




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