Why Intervals Rock!

Upper Body/Interval day–why intervals ROCK!!

Quality over Quantity
You DO NOT have to spend much time working out to get results. If you
work hard, even 11 minutes can make a big impact. HOURS of cardio are often
a waste of time. Choose the most effective exercises and PUSH your body.
Focus on your BIG MUSCLES (Legs, Back and Chest) and on using BIG MOVEMENTS.
If you focus on HIGH quality exercise and keep active in life, you
don’t need much quantity.

Quality over Quantity is why…
I recommend doing most cardio in the form of interval training. A simple 2O-minute interval workout will provide optimal results in minimal time. It’s perfect for those
of us who have no time or desire to spend hours doing cardio.

    Science has proven that interval training gives the following results:

1. INCREASES FITNESS-Interval training increases overall fitness (both Aerobic and Anaerobic capacity) and efficiency of cardiac and lung function.

Interval training increases energy production (increased
metabolic rate) for up to 72 hours after a single session.

3. BURNS FAT-Interval training increases your body’s efficiency of using fat
for fuel (you will burn the fat off your butt and gut!)

4. INCREASE CONTRACTION-Interval training increases ability of muscle contraction
(great news for being able to build a great metabolism and move with
controlled ease).

5. BOOSTS BRAIN FUNCTION-Interval training causes an increase in mental
sharpness and clarity.

Interval Training “BuffMotherobics!” VS. Cardio – low intensity steady aerobics


*Stimulating and Quick (20 min.)

*In the long term and short term increases your metabolism (Anabolic “Building up”)

*Less wear and tear on joints and muscles due to shorter duration and less volume

*Increases muscle building/sparing hormone levels following session

*The best method for lowering body fat

Low Intensity:

*Boring and Lengthy (45-60 min.)

*In the long term decreases metabolism (Catabolic “Tearing down”)

*Energy Drain – uses up your extra energy stores

*Leads to wear and tear on joints and muscles resulting in injuries

*Does not raise muscle building hormone levels

*Not the best method of lowering your
body fat

I choose intense BuffMotherobics! over traditional cardio for the following
• Time- I am busy and don’t feel I can commit more than 20 mins to my
•Results- I get better and faster results from a focused, 20-min session of
BuffMotherobics! than traditional long duration steady cardio. It energizes
me versus draining me.
• Fun factor- time goes by faster when I play “games” with myself during
my session. Moving from one speed to another often adds a dimension
that keeps me from being bored.
• Injury Prevention-I have had “overuse” injuries and joint pain in the
past from running too far, too long and too often. POUNDING adds up
on joints. I like intervals because in 20 mins only so much pounding
can happen and I can get great results with as little as 3 sessions a week.
It is short and sweet, allowing my joints to rest the other 23 hours and
40 mins of the day.



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