Weekly Q ~ Your Birthday!

This week’s “Weekly ?” is a timely one for me because It’s mine on Sunday!!!
When is your Birthday?…
What do you love to do on your birthday?
Have you ever had a surprise B-day party?
What was your BEST or Worst birthday ever?
Do you have any funny B-day stories about you or others?
What is your favorite thing to GIVE others on their B-day?
As I mentioned my birthday is coming up on Sunday, June 14th, 1975! I’ve been excited for it for the past 3 months, lol!! I got a new APP on my I-phone called “Days Until’ and it has kept me in tune with my countdown to my birthday :hehe: ‘ and it has kept me in tune with my countdown to my birthday :hehe:
I love to celebrate my birthday but I really don’t do much for it most times. I often end up just going out to eat and opening a few small presents with family. Last year my DH was gone and I spent the entire day at a Baseball tournament with my 4 kids. Not the best b-day ever.
I remember back to my 5th birthday, it was probably the first one I remember and it was really neat. I woke up and came downstairs that day to see my first bike sitting in the living room!!! I was sooooo happy!! Then a couple hours later I really HURT myself by slamming my finger in the front door of our house~ OUCH!!
My 7th birthday was another great b-day…I actually got to have a BIG Party with my friends and BBQ chicken!! YUMM!!! I just loved being 7!!
The next B-day that really sticks out was my 18th…actually not exactly on my b-day but 6 days afterward, as a belated B-day gift I got an engagement ring!
My favorite thing to do for others on their Birthday has to be going out to eat with them and telling them how much I love them and how excited I am for the next year of their life. I’m not very good at shopping, so buying gifts is hard for me, I often just give gift cards or send out something I have on hand, LIKE a BuffMother! shirt, lol! –But I do love to get gifts :hehe:
I’ve never had a surprise B-day party…that’d be fun though!!!
When is your birthday and What are some of your Birthday Thoughts?
I just love Birthdays!!



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