Holy Tired Thursday!

I was sooooo tired yesterday morning and then I realized It’s TIRED THURSDAY! Thursday is one of the hardest days of the week PERIOD! I figured out that my tiredness may be due to a few factors~
I am on my period, c-day 4 today to be exact and I’ve been ignoring that and basically trying to kick it into fat loss gear too fast. I KNOW better than that and should let my body rest a bit more until about c-day 5.
I stopped taking NO2 and Gamma-O about a week ago so that I’d loose the extra water weight they cause me to retain. I felt the energy from taking them…and now without I feel like I could SLEEP at any second. I think the 2-3 pounds of water I retain from taking them is worth it; I hate feeling so tired!!!
I haven’t been sleeping so good. I’ve had a bit too much of afternoon caffeine, so I’ve had a hard time falling asleep at night. I need change that habit…I preach keeping caffeine intake to the am hours and I need to follow that advice!!!
My workout was perfect for my tiredness…I went for a walk with a good friend of mine. Emily is my favorite photographer and she designed my book layout…she made it pretty!! She had her first son last September and he’s so CUTE!!! OMGoodness, for the first time since my babies were little I held a BABY!!! and It was GREAT!!! His blue eyes memorized me!! Emily is going to do a shoot with me in about 1 month~ which brings me to the fact that we are going to do a contest here in the RR. 4 weeks to FIRE HOT for the FOURTH count down starting June 4th, lol!!! Lot’s of 4’s!!! I LOVE IT!!!!
Keep watching for details, I’ll be posting more about it over the next couple days… the sign up starts MONDAY!!! Don’t miss it, because it’s never too late to get BUFF!!!!
Love Ya’ll sooooo much, keep focused on the positive and BELIEVE that you can attain yoru BEST body, life and legacy!!!
You ROCK!!!



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