Spectacular Week Ahead

I am so pumped up for the week ahead~ the sun is supposed to shine every day!!! I think spring is finally really here~ whoohooo~’
Yesterday was a semi-off day for me…as most of you know I have a personal challenge of to workout “everyday in MAY” even if it’s only 11 mins and yesterday it was just about that.
I started with testing my back a bit with about 30 seconds of easy jumping then I rode the bike for 2 mins, did a set of pull ups (10) then bike for 2 mins; pull ups (6) then about 5 mins of yoga; then bike for 3 mins and finished off with3 mins of biking and one last set of pull ups (8).

It was perfect and short enough so that it actually feels like I had a rest day yesterday.

Today, I slept in cuz we finished up late watching season 1 of “24” last night (BTW- I love NETFLIX!!!)…I got up too late to make church feeling discouraged too, bad!
I ended up sitting outside for quite awhile, then I cleaned (dishes, laundry, mopping, vacuume, etc…) and just now I got done with my run and ABS. I feel GREAT and am so fired up for a SPECTACULAR week ahead!!!!

MY PLAN:Oh my!! it’s already week #9 in our countdown to summer challenge !!! your mission On A Mission!!! this week is simple– Drink 1.5 gallons of water a each day
DAILY~ ABS!!! and have fun…last week I did good on this I played catch with the FB with my DS, juggled and played tennis with the kids. This week I hope to play tennis with Travis, go to the golf range and shoot hoops in my driveway! I also want to bring my girls to the new gym for dance class on Wednesday.

M- Legs and shoot some hoops with kids afterschoola
T-Back and a run
W-Chest at new gym in the afternoon
Th-run and tennis with Travis
Sa- Back and run
Sun-Chest(short workout–maybe just a bunch of push ups)

I am SOOOO happy to report that my back is really healing up great after the chioro appt I had on Thurs! I didn’t realize how much pain I was in for the past 2 months, now that it’s gone I feel like a new person!!! Next time I will go to the chiro sooner!

Let’s all have a SPECTACULAR week!!!



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