Step & Strep

Hey Ya’ll…it’s the millionth cloudy dreary day here in AR, seriously what’s up with the weather??
I’ve been going tanning to get some sort of a bright light on my face/body…and It seriously helps. I hope the sun pokes through tomorrow or I may take matters into my own hands and LEAVE this cloudy place, lol!

Anyhow…as I said this morning I did get in a great workout and I have done GREAT on my diet so far today…BUFFING ROCKS!! I just love feeling like I do today~ I wish every day of the month was this GREAT! I got to the gym at about 10:10 which is early for me…I need to get there even earlier. My goal is to get there closer to 9am, I think I’ll try to hit that goal this week but NOT tomorrow, lol!! i have a massage tomorrow at 11 am. I am terribly excited because last time it helped my back SOOOOOO much!!!!

My workout went like this:
20 min of intervals on r-bike
Tanned so that I could have a little break and allow my body to replenish a bit of Glucose from my liver into my muscles smile
Lifted Chest/Tri’s/Bi’s/Abs
Chest press
knee ups
bench press
knee ups on bench
incline flys
overhead tricep extension with db
hanging sit ups
incline hammer strength press
bicep curls on machine
pose down bicep curls
cable flys

STAIR mill~ 20 mins of intervals= 109 floors

I worked out by myself because Tia was sick and Travis had to stay home with her…I just got home now from the Dr. and she has STREP~ at least it’s not Swine Flu, right?

My plan of attack for this week is to continue on my personal challenge of EVERY DAY IN MAY!!! (BTW- yesterday I worked out~ I brought Gunner to the gym with me….did some stuff with him and the I lifted upper body a bit)
I also want to really, really cut down on carbs. I am very glucose intollerant and in order for me to lose fat I can’t consume more carbs than I use in my workouts~ so only about 2-3 portions of carbs a day…I’ll be eating lots and lots of protein and greens. I also plan to focus a lot on my abs~

POA~ week #7 of countdown to SUMMER CONTEST:

M- Chest, intervals = DONE
T- Run, massage
W- The plan is LEGS but it’s also Date day with DH… so who knows??? BUT I will get some sort of a workout done!!
Thurs- upper body (back mostly) and RUN– “National Day of PRAYER”
Friday- LOTS OF CARDIO and some lower body- whatever isn’t sore still
Saturday-Chest and run and extra cardio
Sunday- “Something”…maybe a workout with Gunner again?

Let’s have a KICKIN’ week~



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