Fun Times & Weekly Q!

I’ve been Keeping busy…having fun, lol! Yesterday was DATE day with Travis and we had a GOOOOOOD time! We went for lunch and then tried to go bowling, but due to road construction we could NOT get to FAST LANES the bowling alley. ANYHOW…we decided it wasn’t meant to be and got movies instead.
We watched:
BILL (I’d give it a C+)
MARLEY and ME (I’d give it a B)
I AM LEGEND (I’d give it a B+)

and tonight we are going to watch AUSTRALIA :whoohoo:

I ran hard and long yesterday…I feel like I am getting in much better cardio shape, but I need to do more! I am on cycle day 4 today and It was also DAY 4 of our BIKINI Week Here’s day 3:

Today for my workout I did legs, but a wimpy workout once again~ my back was being a bit bothersome. I think I’ll have to add some extra cardio in tomorrow to make up for the LAX workout I had today.

Hope you are having some FUN times in your life too~

OUR Weekly ?- HAIR
I have been struggling as of late with my hair products. I can’t seem to find hair products that fits all my hair’s NEEDS all the time– I have tons of stuff I use and from day to day, season to season those change…
I have had good success with Pantene product, Big Sexy Hair and Pureology.
I also REALLY like in emergency situations to use a dry shampoo.

What is your favorite hair products?
Do you have a hair line you love?
What type of styling products do you use?




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