Web Brain!

Oh my…I have WEB-BRAIN…I’ve been reading, learning, searching, testing, website stuff for the past 2 days~ YUCK! LOL!!

I am trying hard to figure out what type of STORE application I should integrate into my website. I even bought a shopping cart and built some of it only to realize it’s capabilities are NOT what I need.
It looks rather nice, but I am pretty sure it won’t allow for RR subscriptions or HT Pill subscriptions- www.buffmother.com/store


Anyhow…I have been sitting behind this computer way too much over the past 2 days~ I have WEB-BRAIN!

I did manage to get in a small leg workout yesterday~ my poor hip/back are still making leg workouts hard. BUT, at least I can do something…and tomorrow I am getting a massage in hope of helping the issue The yay yippee guy I haven’t had a massage in MONTHS!!

My eats are good and getting better!! It was hard sticking to my diet last night, but I did good!!! I’m gonna keep journaling my diet, it works!!

Well, I gotta go~ I’m heading to the gym to tan and workout!



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