Back At It

I got back at it yesterday with 2 sessions of cardio/intervals that added up to over an hour!!!

My first session was fasted: a run and 6 killer 20 second intervals (Tabata style)
then some abs too…

Then later I went to the gym and rode the r-bike for 15 mins…the last 4 mins of which were 8 Tabata style intervals. Then I hopped on the stair mill and did 20 mins of intervals (10 total)…In 20 mins I climbed 117 floors and decided that I’ll challenge myself to get more floors climbed each time I do them.
After the stair mill I did 3 sets of walking lunges and the hip abduction machine.

Today, I am gonna get to the gym with DH and do some upper body lifting and maybe some intervals after it. THEN I am supposed to take pics and measurements~ eeek!!! I am not tooo excited about that because I ate pizza last night…Which was STUPID! I had a tummy ache from it and ended up breaking my NO DAIRY challenge. It’s c-day 19 here and yesterday I could feel my hormones starting to ramp up….soooo I plan to JOURNAL my eats this week. Hopefully that will help me keep in check!

Tonight the UFC event is on Pay-per-view TV~ so you know what I’ll be watching!!!

Bye for now~



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