Learning New Stuff!

Learning new stuff is fun and sooooo important! I expect that I’ll never ever stop learning and for those of you who KNOW me you know I love to self-experiment. My current experiment is “the WATER CURE”….which basically teaches people to drink more water and intake more salt (sea salt)… I have been drinking plenty of water my entire adult life, but the SALT is NEW! AND I have to say it really makes sense to me. I started taking salt with my water yesterday so it’s too soon to tell much, but I feel good so far!

For more info on “the water cure”:



BuFFING is going GREAT!!! This morning I weighed in at 126…so that’s 2 pounds off of me since last Friday when I started buffing~ MY Goal is to reach 125 by Friday and then 124 by the end of buffing next Friday….then I’ll take pics and compare to the ones I took on 3/28.

My workout today was CHEST, TRIs, ABS, intervals and 100 lunges…

Here’s how it went

r-bike 10 mins

chest press warm up- 2 sets




135×6 (barely a spot on the last 1) **PB!!!***

135×8 (spot on last 4)

135×6 (spot on last 3)

Hammer bench press



knee ups

2 sets

Tricep extensions- overhead with DB


knee ups on bench

2 sets



Cable tricep push downs with flare


Cable ab crunches on knees



Ran outside 2 times around big block~ 3miles

Intervals (basically just picking up the pace here and there…not too organized)

Then 100 walking lunges broken into sets of 30, 30, 40…my quads are a bit sore from the lunges over the past 2 days~ but my booty is not. I hope to remedy that with tomorrow’s leg workout!!!

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon outside chatting with my sister, messing around on facebook, checking e-mails, etc…It was PERFECT outside- 70, sunny and AWESOME!!!

I had a Tired TOOSHIE Tuesday!! YAY!! I love doing LUNGES~ they hurt so good!! As you can tell my week is off to a good start…I am feelin’ GOOD! Monda I got in a decent leg workout and some extra cardio- 30 mins total (includes a 15 min warm up). I was also able to get a bunch of cleaning done around the house and laundry too!!
Laundry is all done at the moment!!
So…Tuesday I did a really good BACK, SH, BI, ABS and 100 lunges workout!! It went well and I am leaning up in my shoulders and chest~ so weird to see striations while lifting–actually, It’s kinda gross…thank God that my upper body doesn’t look like that 24/7.

Well, I gotta go…I have a conference call soon~

Love ya,




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