Love & PEACE!

“Love and Peace!!” was my truth hammer today~ and I USED it, lol! Getting back to using my Success Journal the past 2 days has been great! I am invigorated to be prompted to use all my Foundations– like my TRUTH HAMMER!! I love CRUSHING doubt and problems with positive crushing power of the TRUTH! With the kids home from school today~ continually Thinking and saying “LOVE an PEACE” came in very handy.

Today we lifted BACK, SH and Biceps….then I ran a bit, not too much but enough to loosen up my back.
The lift went like this
Pull ups
11, 6
Lat pulls
Then a few other lifts: High lat pull, seated rows, shoulder press, bicep curls, lateral raises.

It was a good workout considering my sore lower back/hip muscles~WHEW…sitting on the pot today was a chore!!

I’ve been printing off my 10 week journal and have to admit, I am EXCITED to use it!! I used to always journal by hand, but after being online and blogging so much I’ve drifted away from doing much on actual paper. The next 10 weeks I plan to fill up my journal and expect that it will be a “keep sake” for me for a long time to come. It’s very fun!!

My workout yesterday was good but cut short by a bit of back pain…nothing bad, just I always need to be careful about my back– so I played it smart and cut the workout a bit short. Next leg day will be a better one. I do have a theory about my back bothering me a bit more over the past week: I think walking may aggravate it. We’ve been going on “walks” and since then my hips/low back have been really touchy?? It’s probably like everything else– I need to get CONDITIONED to walk~ it’s amazing how change=challenge in our bodies.

So the workout went like this:
9 min r-bike
175×4 (with spotter)

45degree hack
90×10 (this is where I knew my back was DONE!)
90×20- short movements focus on glutes x2 sets

Smith lunges

Knee extensions
3 weird sets…the machine I usually use was not there~ so it was sub-spectacular feeling

Hanging sit ups- 1 set

At least my squats felt good and strong…It felt good to get the heavier weights on there.

After lunch we took the kids to the library…it was a good thing~ they have kids books on CD so the 3 girls got some books like that…I hope it will help them learn to read. We also stopped by the store and got steak! I love eating rib-eye after leg workouts~ so I am going to fire up the broiler now!!

Hope you had a lovely peaceful day like me!!




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