Talking Thursday :)
Whew!! I’ve been talking a ton today!! I woke up talking to my girls and son about being sure to smile for “picture day” at school today~ they were all so cute!!!

Then I went for a walk/talk on my phone with my friend Denise, she is always so easy to talk with~she’s a very cool lady!!
We talked for quite a bit about gobs of stuff including Silpada Jewlery…they have some cool stuff!~ she’s originally from Omaha…I have so many friends from Omaha it’s amazing!!

After conversing with her for quite some time, my DH came home and I had to chat with him for quite a bit~ I love him …then it was time for me to head out to my facial…so I chatted with a friend Karen there who actually competed in and won her first figure title this past weekend–I helped her a tish with it and let her use my suits.
BY the way Missy~ another friend of mine competed in that same contest (I was her posing coach).
Then during my facial I talked almost the entire time about so many things, lol!
After that I got the chance to chat with our BUSY TripletMom Jessica~ she’s ready to hit it hard and get uber buff for her contest that’s about 6 weeks away!! Go Jess!!

Next came my workout~ where I talked to a client I trained back about 5 years ago, Angie…she is such a sweetie! And then I ran into Denise who I had already talked to that morning at the gym and ended up gabbing for another 30 mins or so with her and a cop who was there~ AMAZING things I learned in that conversation about local crime–EEEK!!

Then I got home ate and got set for a long call/interview for business….and after a bit I have a training conference call, so my talking is not over yet for today, lol!

For my workout I did a short workout–
6min warm up on r-bike…then:
Lots of abs and push ups to start
Incline flys
Bench dips
Cable flys
Tricep push downs
more push ups
then done!

I am very excited that tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! This week has FLOWN by!!!



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