Sunny Day & I Hungry!

First off I have to tell you….
I got to see the infomercial on actual TV for the first time today!! AND It was amazing…I really love the show~ I even started to cry again! At the taping we all broke out in tears during the Rally Room segment…It was so emotional!! IT WAS SO AMAZING!! I love seeing it on TV~~!!!! I feel like a proud MAMMA to see all the success stories featured in the show!! It is really fun~ I am so blessed to have all of you in my life!!!The past couple days I’ve been totally JAZZED about the show finally airing and the fact that the crazy busy project is almost “DONE” on my end ~ Whew!! It has been very consuming! Now all the FUN stuff will start happening and I can be free to do more fun/creative stuff.It will be a fun year ahead!!! I am truly blessed!!


“I HUNGRY!!! ”
Have you seen that commercial about the fuzzy orange monster called “HUNGRY”?? It’s funny!! and I feel like him today! HUNGRY!! In all honesty I’ve been feeling like him the past couple of days~ HORMONES!!

I am so happy that it’s sunny today…yesterday it was snowy and icy! I thought we were done with that winter crud for the year, but I guess not! The sun has already melted off the snow and ice, but it’s a bit chilly out still– MAN!! I can’t wait for my trip!! I’ll be on the beach next SUNDAY!! Due to the weather and the fact my back was EXHAUSTED from my Heavy lifting the past couple of days….I took the day off yesterday. I am going to go today though!! It’ll feel good to get in a good SWEAT!

My little DD Gracie has had a fever on and off since yesterday…so I hope she gets better and no one else gets sick! We’ve been really blessed this year in with health kids ~ It’s been really nice.

So…to catch you up a bit on what I’ve been doing:

Lifted CHEST!! I got a PB too!!!
my benching that day went kinda like this…
warm up really well
135×4+2with assist
145×2!! PERSONAL BEST!!! + I did 2 more with assistance
155×0 by myself, but 2 with a little assistance….155 felt HEAVY and I kinda lost my form as I brought the weight down– I lowered it too slow and too high on my chest, thus I didn’t get it up by myself. I will try again next Chest day (Monday) and add in extra “negatives” to prepare myself for the heavy weight.




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