Wonderful Wednesday & Weekly Q!

I feel good!! NA, NA, NA, NAAAAAAA! I woke up feeling good ~ and I had a wonderful WEDNESDAY! I got a lot of work done and also got my order from Victoria Secret!! I am so pumped to wear all the fun sundresses, shorts and tanks I got in just 17 days!!! WHOOHOOO!! Mojo is running HIGH!!!

My workout today went well:

Warm up r-bike 6 mins
Run 5 mins
leg curls
knee extensions
low backextensions


Body weight bulgarins – one set of 10
I had no balance today- weird!

Dead Lifts
135x10x3 sets

Walking lunges
55#x30stepsx2 sets

Smith Lunges

one set seated leg press

a few knee ups between sets
came home- ate a carrot
then ran about 1.5 hours later
it was a good run of just about 2 miles
did some sprint drills post run
and some laying side leg raises for the BOOTY!!

I am off to spend some wonderful time with my lover.
Love, Michelle

p.s. speaking of LOVE! I almost forgot to ask, What Foods do you love?? It’s our question of the WEEK…

What foods do you LOVE?? Do you have lustful thoughts about any foods~ What are your favoirte healthy foods? You favorite things to snack on? What do you love to drink?What are your favorite cheat foods, desserts and goodies?
Simply put what do you LOVE to consume?

Let’s all shoot to answer with at least 3 foods/drinks that we LOVE!!

I’d have to say I LOVE my coffee~ I am not so much in love with it for how it tastes as much as how it makes me perform. Life before coffee for me was a drag~ lol!!

I also love steak!

And I do LOVE a good beer from time to time

What foods/drinks do you LOVE?



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