The plan is to DIET HARD!

HI Girls!!…well I made it through another boosting phase!!! Today was the last day~ WHEW!!! I am so excited to be buffing again!!!
The Plan is to DIET HARD!! I haven’t been this serious about cutting down/leaning up in a long time! I’ve been at a comfortable nice weight for the past year or two and haven’t had an BIG reason to diet. I actually wouldn’t “have to” right now…but I want to feel super confident and thin for our trip to the beach.

So here is my POA for this first week of buffing:
**DIET** Each day get in my protein and greens– LOW carbs!! follow 5-3-3-3 portions and tons of water!**

M- Tia and Layla’s Birthday!!! warm up good for 10 mins, then try to run for at least 5mins- then do Legs– we’ll also probably go Bowling
T-back, shoulders, bi’s, abs and swimming– yes, I am trying to learn to swim
W-Chest, tri, ABS, run
Th-LEGS!! hard and abs too
F- Back, Sh, Bi, run and maybe swim with the kids??
Sa-Valentine’s day???— no plans yet—Chest, tris, ABS and intervals
Su-maybe go swim with kids?

BTW~ I didn’t workout today. Sunday workouts are always *bonus*, so I don’t feel bad for not getting it done today~ plus it was my last day of boosting…I needed to rest up, lol!

Well, I gotta roll…I have more b-day prep to do and more work to get done before tomorrow.

Let’s plan on having a GREAT week~ I am totally going to be focused on my workouts and diet!! it will be FUN!!!

PMA all the way!!!



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