Weekly Q! ~ Week 5, 2009

In keeping in the Spirit of LOVE for this month of LOVE! all our questions of the week this month have to do with LOVE.

Where would you LOVE to live?
I’m not sure where I’d love to live, but I have some ideas:

Colorado, for the mountains and airport (easy travel)…but it may be a bit to cold for me during the winter.
Or some other Western state like Utah, maybe Idaho, Montana, etc…
I was born in Colorado and lived there until I was 12…I didn’t know how great it was until we moved away to the tundra of MN. There are some really good things about MN too, but I wouldn’t want to “live” there for more than maybe 2-3 months a year.

I could possibly love to live in California, for the variety of climates (beaches, mountains, dessert, forests, etc…) and for the proximity to the entertainment industry.

I’d like to visit Florida a bit to see if I’d like it there, I’ve only been there once for a very quick business trip. Miami looks like a very cool place to visit, but I am not so sure about living there?

or a Tropical Island! I dream of the beach!!!

maybe I’ll have to have several homes

Do you live where you’d love where you live? OR have you lived somewhere you loved in the past? Or have you visted anywhere that you’d just LOVE to live?

I’m curious, Where would you love to live?



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