Weekly Q! Week 4, 2009

Happy Wednesday!!!  It’s Question of the WEEK time again!!

Over the past 5 years I’ve had countless of women inquire about after baby boobies and Breast Implants…so for our question of the week this week, we’ll discuss BOOBIES!!

Do you have any Breast Augmentation tips, advice, warnings, boobie stories, etc… to share?? Please do!

Here is a short Q and A:


Okay, I’m seriously thinking about getting implants. I saw a friend of mine a few weeks ago and she admitted that she had them (she has two kids). She just filled in what she had lost through pregnancy, nursing and stuff.

I used to be a D cup and now I’m barely a B. However, the skin from the D is still there like a deflated balloon. So here is my question. Where do I start? I wouldn’t even know how to find a reputable doctor and such. For those of you who have taken the plunge, how did you go about it?



“Research research research…and find a surgeon with a good reputation and that you are comfortable with. If he turns out to be more expensive than another surgeon…so what…It’s your body…be VERY protective of it because ALOT can happen and you need to make sure you’re taken care of before, during, and after the procedure.

They will run higher with a lift…but if you need a lift…get it done with the implants so that you don’t have to have them re-done later. A good honest surgeon will let you know this and you will usually save money by having them done at the same time rather than in two surgeries as well!

Go to www.implantinfo.com and spend all the time that you are saving money researching, asking questions, and educating yourself.”


Hi, first I would like to say that you look awesome! I have seen in some other threads that you have talked about your implants and I was wondering if i could ask you some questions. Here goes……Did you get them over or under the muscle and why? How many cc’s did you get? And like most women do you wish you went a little bigger? I have my operation in 9 days and Im so curious as to how others feel about there own. Thanks in advance, and I hope you dont mind my questions.



Well since you asked so sweetly 🙂 I would love to answer your questions.

1. I have had 2 surgeries.

the first time over the muscle: a Big mistake in hindsight

The second under-100% better in look feel and all the way around

2. For cc’s 300 saline the first time, 600 silicone the second

3.  The first operation, i had good b’s naturally so I was happy with the size, but at times I wished I had gone bigger

for the second, after nursing 4 kids and having a much lower body fat there was no choice but to go with that size, I am very happy now with the size…not too big and not too small and silicone is SOOOO much better.

Good luck with your surgery, you are gonna love them.

Take care, Michelle

A few years ago I took some time to put together the START to a short booklet/article about how to get:

</b>” Golden rules of Spectacular Breast after Augmentation”</b>


Placement should be under the muscle especially if you are planning a family.

3)  Surgery # 2 – In 2004, I made the decision to have an augmentation revision with placement under the muscle.  Everything went according to plan and before I knew it my breast were good looking again.  I was pleased with the results but wanted to see if there was a way to make my breasts more natural looking and feeling

•             Details of surgery  This surgery took 3.5 hours  was very extensive and very painful to recover from.  I was in bed for 4 days post op and did not hardly move for 2 weeks.  By 4 weeks I was able to do light cardio and by 6 weeks was able to do some light lifting with my legs.  By 8 weeks I was cleared to start some chest / back exercise

•             Size- 600cc smooth silicone low profile implant.

•             Advantages over surgery 1- this twice as big implant did not make me look any bigger, with clothes on .  It filled out my chest cavity and the low profile prevents me from looking top heavy.

•             Placement Under the muscle-  This was very important to make the breast look as natural as possible.  I did not want to see my implant ridge or it’s ripples.

•             Advantages over surgery 1

•             Type of implant

•             Advantages over surgery 1

•             Silicone vs. Saline VERY FEW DOCTORS WILL TELL YOU THE TRUTH!

GOLDEN RULE #2-When it comes to size, err on the large side.  You will be happier     down the road.  A larger diameter implant looks better and more natural. (low profile)

GOLDEN RULE #3-If at all possible, go with silicone.  You and your husband will be happier with the feel.

II.   How to make good breasts SPECTACULAR!

•             Spectacular breasts are full, soft and most importantly VERY NATURAL LOOKING.

•             Several factors can cause breast implants to look less than spectacular- the “ridge” caused by the top of the implant.

GOLDEN RULE #4- You must rebuild your chest muscles post operation

For me this was the breakthrough!!  I needed to rebuild the muscle on top of the implant so that the natural shape to my chest would return.

I started slowly working through the pain.  I focused on re-building my chest muscles.  Almost immediately I started seeing a huge improvement in the look and feel of my breasts:

•             They were softer

•             They were fuller

•             The ridge of the implant disappeared

•             My flexibility increased and I was able to regain good posture

The workout

I advise waiting for your doctors approval before starting any exercise program after surgery.  Every augmentation case is unique and only you and your doctor know when the time is right for you to start rebuilding your chest muscles.

This workout is simple designed for anyone to do at home all the equipment you will need are dumbbells.

Post Operation lifting Program:

Stage 1: 3 weeks post operation

Cleavage squeeze- place your hands in front of your chest like you are going to pray.  Push your hands together and squeeze hold for a count of 3.

Stage 2: 4-6 weeks post operation

Wall push ups:

Stand 2 feet away from the wall place your hands a little wider than shoulder width apart and slowly lower your body towards the wall and push back up to the starting position

Dumbbell Flys: Lay on the floor or on a bench if you have one and hold 2 5-8 pound dumbbells above your chest.  Slowly lower the weight to the side as low as you can and then return the dumbbells to their starting position.

Stage 3:

You can progress to doing all of your regular chest workouts…just be aware that you need to warm up extra well, lift extra light and be in some pain due to breaking up scar tissue that has formed.  Expect full strength recovery within 6-12 months.


Hope some of this info helps you~

BTW- I love my boobies 🙂





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