Weekly Q! Week 1 – 2009

Welcome to our very first “Weekly Question”…every Wed I’ll ask a question and we’ll all answer!! It’ll be a fun way to get to know each other and find common bonds.

For our first week of 2009, let’s delve into the past…what were you before you were a BuffMother!?..:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” />

Here is a brief outline of my work history:
Hardees (age 15)
Grocery story Bakery (age 17)
Waitress- I sucked! (age 17)
College (track and cross country were my jobs +being a wife- age 18)
Started doing a little odd modeling jobs here and there…
Sold CUTCO knives-sucked (age 19)
Went to Hawaii as Miss Fargo ND for the National Miss Hawaiian Tropic Contest
Telemarketer- for 4 weeks sucked
Hooter’s Girl-(age 21)
Personal trainer (age 21)
Went to Hawaii again as Miss Fargo ND for the National Miss Hawaiian Tropic Contest
US Home New Home Sales person in Dallas (age 22)
US Home community Activities Director (age 23)
Age 24- became a SAHM MOMMY to GUNNER
did some odd promo modeling jobs: Swiffer girl, miss Chiquita banana, car sales hostess, etc
Age 26- Mommy to GRACIE
Age 27- Mommy to twins
AGE 28- SAHM, Went back to personal training (very part time) and won 5 NPC figure titles and in the process Discovered Hormonal Timing
Age 28-29 founded BUFFMOTHER!!
worked hard at doing online training clients all over the world
Wrote articles for many websites
Age 30-Created the Rally Room
Age 32-Wrote my books Hormonal Timing and After Baby Abs

Now AGE 33- SAHM, entreprenuer, author, fitness expert, model, etc

That’s about it for me…what about YOU?



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  1. Hi Michelle,as a fan i was wondering if you’re going to release your Miss Hawaiin Tropic photos?? Hope you’re well!

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