Planning on having an AMAZING week!

Hey Ya’ll!!!

This week is going to be AMAZING!! I am fired up and spent a little time this morning WRAPPING my brain around the week. I also bought some Audio books for my I-phone…I’d been meaning to do that for some time and hope some of the books I got will be enjoyable to listen to!

Gracie’s birthday yesterday was fun! We went to FAST Lanes-and indoor fun/amusement place– the kids played games, drove go-carts and we all bowled! It was a good day!

Now for another couple of “AsK BuffMother!” Q&A’s:


Is it possible to do hormonal timing with no period?

Michelle! Long time no see huh? I am wanting to get started with the hormonal timing again and was curious if it is possible to do the hormonal timing without a period. I am breastfeeding my daughter and I am assuming that I won’t get my period back until I quit…at least that is how it was with my son. Should I still be experiencing period like symptoms even though I am not getting it? Is what I should be paying attention to in terms of knowing when to boost and cut?

Even though you don’t really have a normal cycle a this point so….go ahead and start buffing for 2 weeks followed by boosting.
In all honesty HT will work even without aligning it with your hormones, however when you do line it up with hormones it becomes at least 3x’s as effective.
Go for it!! – Michelle

Question for Michelle: Buffing & Boosting??

I’ve seen a lot of ppl use the term ‘buffing’ and ‘boosting’ here and I would really like to know what it means? Would you be able to explain it to me if you have the time Michelle? Thank you

Buffing and Boosting are the terms I use for the 2 phases of the month when training using Hormonal Timing.
It would be very hard to describe the entire program her in a comment….
But the first thing you need to do is CHART your hormonal cycle and symptoms,
From there you break up your “month” into 2 phases: Buffing- typically cycle day 5-18; Boosting- c-day 19-18, 1-4
Then you work WITH your body to get GREAT results and a BUFF body, lol!
Buffing generally is GO time–intense workouts, more cardio, less food, less carbs
Boosting is generally maintenance time- time to focus on building muscle, fueling your body a bit more with a few more carbs and focusing on STILL getting it done, despite your hormones causing you to feel icky.
Hope that helps a bit,

Well part of my amazing week is going to include workouts~btw yesterday was c-1…so I am transitioning from boosting to buffing this week! The yay yippee guy I can’t wait to feel more focused again!!

Here is my POA for workouts:
M-cardio; lift upper body (chest mostly)
T- cardio; lift lower body
W- cardio; lift back mostly
F-morning wake up cardio
Sa-off- My Niece’s wedding!!!
Sun-lift chest/tri/ intervals

That’s more cardio than usual for me, but it’s a weird week and I won’t be able to lift like usual, so that’s why more cardio.

Let’s be AMAZING this week,



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