NOT low carb today! Yummers!!

HI Ladies~ well we all have to splurge sometime right?
Today was the best day to do that~
I made us a turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed sweet potatoes, white dinner rolls, green bean casserole and EVEN a blueberry pie! I actually made the entire thing from scratch~ It was my VERY first and possibly my last pie crust ever! Needless to say…I made a HUGE mess!

I also had a chance to sit outside in the sun with a tank top and shorts on today~ it was the THIRD gorgeous day in a row here! I bet it was about 70 and pure sunny!
Gunner and I played some catch and are gonna go outside again for some more of it.

After today I need to do Fri, Sat, Sun and Monday with VERY low carbs…I have a photoshoot on Tues.
Seriously, I am living a DREAM…
For this shoot
I have a Stylist Inanna (she’s buying me clothes shoes, etc…for the shoot, a Hair person, and Make-up person for the shoot. I also get to go to KIM Vo’s hair salon on Monday and get my hair done!!!

Cool huh!
I am totally stoked!!!

To catch you up on my workouts–
Tues night I did a quick, fast circuit of back, sh, bi, abs workout at the gym before we went to High School Musical 3 that night.
Then Yesterday– I did more abs, more back, bi and some chest~
then last night I did “Shimmy”~ totally fun!! and intervals on the u-bike.

Today, I think I’ll do more cardio on the u-bike some push ups and more abs smile

Well…sorry for the Rambling!

ON this day of thanks….Know that I am VERY, VERY thankful for each and every one of you! THANKS for being such great friends and constantly striving to be your best. You are such an inspiration to me!!!



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