Crazy Day ~ Funny Night

leg workout~
warm up
6 mins on r-bike
some knee extensions

paired with bulgarians

dead lifts
paried with calf raises

Smith squats
paired with knee ups on roman chair

leg curls
paired with rotary calf machine

knee extensions
paired with lower back extensions

Crazy day~ as Mondays always are but crazier!

Last night I went up into the attic to find our Christmas Decorations…while I was up there found some old diaries of mine from my teenage years.
OH my GOODNESS!! they were soooo funny! I read a few creative writing stories I had written, some jabber about my teenage boy crazed love life, all about my early relationship with my DH and a “FAIRY tale” I wrote about Travis and I–  lol! Laughing

I was LAUGHING so hard! It was GREAT!!! :jehe:

Another conclusion I came to is that I need to STOP! I thrive in my life when I am busy, but the way this last month has been it’s just tooo insane and I need to STOP all the extra stuff and focus on 3 things: 1 my family, 2 my workouts and 3 preparing for my upcoming “shoots”.

So….no more vlogging for me at this time. I’ll pick up where I left off next cycle smile. Also, no more fretting about all the BUSY work~ it can wait!

Well…I am off to get my hair done finally! It is WAY overdue~
See you later sexy babes!!



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