Ready to ROCK the CARDIO!

I am so Happy “Naughty Michelle” is finally gone Evil2 I have to admit that I had a bit of a naughty girl for few days…not so much in the eating department, but in the MENTAL/EMOTIONAL dept…LOL! Yesterday was a crazy Monday (as usual) and I was SUPER tired from cday-2….But I slept good last night and today I feel much more like attacking!

My last workout was a killer leg workout on Sunday afternoon…it was great and I actually did 25 mins total of cardio (15mins warm up and a 10 min cool down)…My knee is good and so today I plan to get in my first “real” BuffMotherobics intervals after a chest workout.

I hope to be back later to tell ya’ll about it smile
Keep working hard on those sexy bodies!!
And don’t forget your LUNGES!!!




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