I desire to be DESIRABLE…

I desire to be DESIRABLE= I wanna be SEXY!!!

First and foremost I believe that God created every woman with the ability to be sexy~ He made us with a deep desire to be DESIRABLE!

I wanna be Sexy for my DH…I want him to look at me and be PROUD!

I also wanna be sexy for myself– sexy to me is about confidence and self-esteem.  When I feel sexy…there is NOTHING stopping me!  Sexy to me is not about showing skin or being overtly sexual…it is about being secure in knowing I’ve prepared for life’s situations by taking care of myself both physically, emotionally and mentally.  Being sexy is about being confident that I am bringing my BEST to every situation in life.

Confidence= Sexy
Body awareness= Sexy
Social Intelligence= Sexy
Keeping life fun= Sexy

I am so exited to spend the next six weeks digging into my SEXY SIDE!!

Today- I lifted legs then this afternoon went to the doctor for my MRI follow up…it seems I have a small cyst in my knee, but not much degeneration showing– so he gave me the first of 3 shoots of a synvisc treatment to see if that helps minimize my knee pain.  I am excited to see how it affects it!!!

Well, I am off to watch some “Las Vegas” that we DVR’d…
Have a great night!



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