Surf’s Up!
I’ve been surfin’ the web today~
Here are some of the places I’ve been-
Happiness quiz:
I-tunes: Listened to a tish of Britney’s new song
watched a bit of the video for the song Just Dance
and the pussycat dolls new video
myspace …Checkin my account

anyhow…I need to buckle down and get some work done- I’ve been “planning” our 6 week contest a bit…Now I just have to organize/simplify my thoughts about it :)…and GET the info POSTED!! I am so excited!!!

I am also going to head out to the gym after the BUG GUY comes to do my yearly “termite inspection” lol!
Oh and here is one more place I like to surf for GREAT inspirational massages

Here’s a direct link to her “on-air” broadcasts

…and here I-tunes podcast page

– I download them all to my I-phone so I can have inspiration anywhere anytime.

Now I am off to Surf the Rally Room!!



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