Thankful Tuesday!
I am so thankful today!
I am thankful for Fall being here~ it’s been beautiful outside!

I am thankful for my family!  Do you know how wonderful it is to have an amazing husband and 4 magnificent children~ I am so blessed and very thankful for them!!

I am thankful for my friends! The past 4-5 years of my life have been filled with GREAT friends and everyday I meet more and more people that I am honored to call my friends!!  This past weekend in Council Bluffs was such an amazing friendship filled time~ I expect more and more great weekends like that in the future!

I am thankful for my body~ I am very blessed that God has given me the knowledge the desire and the work ethic and the miracles needed to have such an nice physique– I will never take my body for granted!  It is a blessing from God that I am so thankful for!!

I am thankful that I was able to lift legs yesterday and am still able to walk today!!  My knee handled the workout quite well!! I know it will be at least a month until I’ll even attempt to do cardio, but I am so thankful that I can at least lift with legs again!!!

I am just so thankful today!!  I really feel honored to be where I am at in life and I appreciate the wonderful blessings God has given to me!

As I mentioned I worked out my lower body yesterday– nothing too intense or amazing– just and EASE back into it/test the knee type workout.  I am sore from it though!  I also worked on my stretching twice– once at the gym for about 15mins and then again at home in the evening.

Today I lifted Chest, tri’s and bi’s–also quite a bit of ABS and STRETCHED again:
one set of knee ups between sets

Incline Hammer press
3 sets sit ups between sets

Incline Flys

Skull Crushers followed by Bicep curls at the same wt and reps
40+curl barx6
30+curl barx12×3 sets

Tricep push downs
paired with Cable bicep curls

tricep kick backs

Abs stuff–
5 diff exercises-

I’ve eaten:
Coffee w/ cream and sugar
1/4 of a waffle
boca w/a tsp BBQ sauce
Lots of water~
Supplements- joint, Buffing pill, vit c, garlic, allergy meds

My son has a football game tonight!! I am so excited~ he is really getting good!!!  It should be fun to see~ Go WAR EAGLES!!!

Thanks for being my FRIENDS and reading this :)



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