Sow into it Thursday
What can you sow into?
You can Sow into: body, beauty, mind, spirit, emotions, attitude, solutions, others, relationships, environment, speed, strength, agility, flexibility, posture, health, legacy….

What can you sow?
You can Sow: money, time, energy, emotions, thoughts, actions, gifts, faith, belief, prayer, knowledge, photos, being an example, touch, life, truth, fun, peace, love, hope, loyalty, commitment, thankfulness, appreciation, character, manners, smiles, food, nutrients, desire, environment……..

Are you Sowing into what you want to reap?

I’ve been asking this myself a lot…I’d love to get to the point in my own maturity to where each moment of my life SOWS into something for the future.

have a GREAT Hump day~ I’m off to sow into my relationship with DH!



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