busy week = bad blogger

WOW! this past week was a busy one for me…and this week doesn’t look much slower.
I am so excited for it though~!!!   I get to go on a ROAD trip to Omaha and meet up with some of the coolest women on this planet!

I can’t wait!!

To fill you in a bit on where I have been, I’ve been here working…I had 4 BIG projects come up last week.  I did decent on working out~ despite not being able to lift legs or do any cardio, I got to the gym 4 times and stretched A LOT for our splits challenge.  Stretching is HARD WORK!  I’m sure it burns calories!

My diet has had to be extra good since I’ve been so limited in my activity level due to my knee–I think it is slowly getting a bit better, but I plan to get an appt. with a surgeon next week.  I think I may need it scoped again– I had it scoped in 1997 and that seemed to help it, may be time to “clean” it out again???  Who knows though– all I know is that I want it FIXED!

I was in a shopping mood today- I bought stuff online on Steve Madden (*I love his shoes), VS and  in person at Old Navy– they have some cute stuff right now!  The kids also got some stuff~ the twins got dresses, Gunner a coat and GG a hat.

Here is a POA for this next week:
Diet hard-
Proteins and GREENS almost exclusively
STRETCH DAILY;  LOTS OF ABS daily; maybe do some SHIMMY (from FitTV)
M- lift back, sh, bi’s
T- lift chest
W- lift other stuff– lots of ABS and try out a little bit of leg stuff
Th- lift back, sh, bi’s ABS

Well, I am gonna watch some of the Cowboy’s game with DS now~
Love ya!!



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