We WIN!!

My son played his first football game for the season, he’s on the same team as last year…the 2nd and 3rd graders play together…so he’s a captain and quite a leader on his team this year.  I was nervous watching him today and I felt helpless as I wanted to get out there and “HIT”!!!   Anyhow…their team did great only allowing the other team 1 first down and winning 22-0.

At the game I took a little time to chat with Deb who is competing in Kansas City at the Gold’s Classic NANBF Figure contest…she was just getting ready to do her final preparations before going on stage.  I know she ROCKED it, she was born to be on STAGE!!

I am still in awe about how much she’s changed over the last year…I met Deb last October when I went to Omaha for Lisa’s first contest.   Deb was far from figure contest shape at that time…she had at least 35 pounds to lose and needed desperately to rebuild some muscle.  Then in January when she decided she to compete this spring I honestly didn’t know if she’d be able to do it that quickly…BUT she soon proved to me that she was willing to do everything I advised and hitting it hard!!Within our first month of training together she had already had  some amazing results…then two months after that she went on to place high at her first contest and a few weeks later win the title at her next show.  Over the summer she was diligent with her workouts and now has her best body ever to bring to the stage today and again in 2 weeks for the same show I attended for Lisa last year, the Council Bluffs show.  Deb has had an amazing journey over the last year and I know it’s just the beginning for her!  She is destined for GREATNESS!!

Here are some pictures of Deb and her progress~
Deb 2 years ago

Deb now

I am so proud of DEB and all my client’s success stories, It is so rewarding to see the transformations that take place in not only their bodies but also their minds, attitudes, lives and legacies through training with the Hormonal Timing program!!
I can’t wait to be able to help even more women get the same success!!

Believe you can live the life of your dreams!!!



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