Whoops!!! On 2 things…
1- I haven’t posted in 2 days–BAD BUFFMOTHER!
2- I had a SCARE about my knee…I was afraid that I really hurt it yesterday.  I thought WOOPS! I guess I shouldn’t have been so aggressive with my leg workout! BUT guess what, I woke up today and It feels so much better!

That gets me thinking about sowing seeds of strength and fitness.  When look at my fitness level I think in terms of my BASE fitness and my goal fitness.  Then I make a plan~

In order to determine my base fitness, I look at what I’ve been doing over the past 3 months OR what “seed” have I planted:
How many days have I been lifting weights? what kind of split? how many exercises per workout?
How many cardio sessions am I getting in? How many of those are intense intervals?  What kind of duration? SPEED?
How much other activity am I doing? cleaning? shopping? working? traveling?
How well am I eating? Am I fueling myself properly? Am I supporting my goals with supplementation?

Once I determine how much I’ve sown into my fitness base …
Then I make a plan on how to get to my GOALS without getting injured or over-exhausted because of trying to do something I am note physically READY for or by doing too much too soon.

What seeds do I need to sow now into the harvest I am trying to gather?

Do I need to lift more often? Less often? on a different split? focus more on a certain muscle group?
Do I need to start eating more calories in general?  Do I need to eat more protein? more greens? less sugar? less fat? less processed or artificial food?
What about my workouts, where am I weak?  What movements do I neglect? is my core strong enough? Do I need to add more sport specific moves?
What about my aerobic and lactic acid capacity?  do I need to PUSH harder?  Do more? etc….
Do I need to practice a sport specific skill?  Speed drills? Skill Repetitions? Explosiveness? Power? Endurance?
Do I need to add any nutritional supplementation to help my recovery?

After the planting is done, then I remember to add the SECRET ingredient TIME!
It takes TIME to see the fruits of your labor, but with proper preparation…you will be rewarded with the harvest you want!

Well, to catch you up….
I had a great chest, tri, abs and running workout on Tuesday
Then, yesterday I did legs and re-introduced some exercises so that’s why I think my knee felt icky last night.
Here is how it went:
Squats including:
1 set full squats (re-introduced this)…just the bar
dead lifts including:
2 sets conventional- 115#(re-introduced this)
Super heavy seated calves
Side shuffle/Squats(re-introduced this)
One leg at a time leg extension (hammer strength machine)at 55# each including
2 sets toes in at 45#(re-introduced this)
Smith lunges- this is where my knee popped
Smith squats- one set- knee felt really weird on this…so I stopped

I am off now to the gym to do back, bi’s, shoulders and some intervals (maybe depending on my knee–but no running today for sure)

Have a fun Thurs night!!!



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