Garbage day~
Hey Ya…
Today is GARBAGE day in the Berger household and guess who took out the trash again? ME!  I don’t understand it???  It is the ONE job I specifically have asked the men in my house to do and about 4 out of 5 Tuesdays I am the one who puts it on the curb.

ANYHOW…life could be worse, lol….but GARBAGE day brings me to my “Sowing seeds” lesson for today.  Last fall our city implemented an new garbage/recycling program which rocks!   The city provided each family with 1 large recycling can and 1 large trash can.  At first I was scared that all my trash wouldn’t fit into the trash.  WE go through a ton of trash in a weeks time!  SO I had to embrace the recycling habit….I designated a large trash can in my kitchen for recyclables and 1 for trash.  It’s worked GREAT!!  We are recycling as much as we are trashing each week!  I love knowing that I am sowing into my future ENVIRONMENT.  Doing little things each day to make the world a healthier, cleaner place each day~ it’s so fun to know that my recycling habits are sowing into the environment.

Sowing seeds is not just about encouraging others or investing your money….it is about doing the LITTLE things each day that you know will lead to future success.  We REAP what we sow!!

Well, yesterday for me was a busy Monday as usual…and I took the day off~ which is not out of the norm.  Mondays are probably the hardest day for me to “fit” everything in on….So today my plan is to lift chest, tris and run intervals. Last night I watched the Vikings play Green Bay on Monday Night Football.  It really stinks that Tavarus Jackson is so horrible and that the Vikings are so poorly coached.  They could be GREAT if they had a QB and a coaching staff!  GB deserved the win for sure and I am happy for Aaron Rodgers that he did so well.

I am off to get a MASSAGE!! I am so LUCKY!!!

Have a super duper day!!!
Love YA,



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