UFC Saturday! Calling all UFC FANS!!!

Hey ALL~
Who of you are UFC Fans?  I am so STOKED for the fights tonight!  The adrenaline rush of watching some of my favorite fighters throw down is so addicting!!  I love the RUSH!!!  Anticipation~! EXCITEMENT! and  Butterflies!! are feelings that are brought out in me when I think about competitions like MMA Fighting …do you ever purposely get yourself amp’d up for things so that you can feel that RUSH?!

I think it is important to mentally prepare yourself for your workouts in order to perform…and part of that mental preparation needs to include thoughts that make you almost NERVOUS for the workout.  I’ve had my most amazing workouts and performances when I’ve planted thoughts about my performance throughout the day or two prior to it.
For instance, in my training for a track race…I would often have to run 400m repeats as part of my training…they are KILLER!  Anyhow, the anticipation of the 400m repeats workout would almost make me “ill” at times…It was torture, but it also produced some amazing results.  As I matured in my track career I learned that if I purposely SOWED positive mental images about my upcoming workout…thinking about how I ran the repeats with ease or how I blew past my fellow teammates during the 400’s or how I hit my split times perfectly, etc….I would create positive Adrenaline for my upcoming workout and get EXCITED for it and get through it with JOY vs. DREAD.  AND in turn I’d get the most effective workout possible.

My point in all of this is that you need to sow seeds of anticipation in your life…GET excited on purpose for things and that will make Life more EXCITING and FULL of Adrenaline!!  LIfe is supposed to be EXCITING!!  So go after things that excited you!!! Purposely get yourself amped up for things so that you can feel that RUSH!!

I often use my warm up time as my time to get AMPED up for my workout~ I plant thoughts of what lifts I am going to do and what goals I am going to attain during my workout time.

Today I warmed up for 10 mins on the R-bike~
then I lifted back, bi’s and shoulders…I did the following lifts:
Cybex lat pulls
Assisted pull ups
Shoulder press machine (seated backward)
Seated rows
Lateral raises
Standing military
Bicep curls
inverted pull ups
hammer strength isolateral rows
lower back extensions

then 20 mins on the r-bike…
I didn’t do any abs or my run due to the fact I had a full feeling tummy from a new pre-workout drink that I tried called Purple Wraath–it made me flush a bit from the Niacin in it, but I felt fine except for feeling too FULL.

HAVE fun tonight!! I plan on having a BLAST watching the fights!!
Go Liddell, Franklin, Marquardt and Henderson!!!  WHOOHOOO!!!




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