September is upon us ladies~ and My theme for the month will be to SOW Seeds!  The life principle that if you plant a seed over time you will end up with a harvest….Well in life what we plant in the lives of others reaps blessings upon our lives.

Our whole motto here in the Rally Room revolves around this principle “the KEY to your motivation is to encourage others!”
I encourage you to SOW more “energy seeds” here in the Rally Room in September so that you can reap a “harvest” of ENERGY, Motivation, Positivity, etc…in your own life.
It’s very simple to do this:

Each time you login to the rally room- be sure to post SOMETHING as a comment on at least 3 blogs you read…something as simple as a :) will work wonders!

My personal goal is to comment on at least 10 blogs a day!

Let’s SOW seeds in September!  WE can change lives by doing so!!



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