3 girls in the TRASH??

I was up late last night~ we watched the movie VANTAGE POINT…it was okay, but missed something– I’d give it a C…anyhow, so I was trying to sleep in.

HOWEVER, that’s my kiddos cue to run around the house like 4 monkeys~ finally I had enough when I heard a continual loud banging in the kitchen, I got up and LOW and BEHOLD– there were my 3 girls in the TRASH CANS in the kitchen–right along with the trash!  ICKY! …they are out of control!

Anyhow, remember how bloated I felt on Thurs–the day I took pictures– well I weighed 129 that day–and guess what I weighed today 124.4?  Isn’t that insane!  I swear my body weight fluctuations are CRAZY!  So…I’ve considered re-taking my progress pics today, but I don’t think I’ll have time– We’ll see???

I had a really good workout yesterday, I lifted back heavy and then ran:
warm up r-bike 15 mins

Lat pulls (cybex close grip)

pull ups
8, 6

Seated rows

lower back extension machine
70×25×2 sets

Ab wheel
15repsx2 sets

Low lat row (hammer strength- one arm at a time)

Ab knee ups on Roman chair
40, 25, 15

Ran intervals on treddy- top speed 11mph for ONE of them– about 4 at 9mph and another 4 at 10.5mph
total of about 17mins running…
After my run I stretched really good and realized my booty is still sore!  It is MUCH better, but still sore :cool:

My plan today is to get my booty to the gym sometime soon and do something, lol!  I’ll have to modify my leg workout in order to do it since I am still sore.

My “NO EXCUSES” is really working well for me the past 2 days!  I expect it’ll carry me through the weekend, too!!!!
Let’s Rock it!



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