Hi all~ I’ve decided these next two weeks my motto is going to have to be “NO EXCUSES”!!!  I am sick of letting myself off the hook– for instance today I almost didn’t go to the gym because of the following reasons: I have work to do, I woke up with a bit of a sore throat, I had closets to clean, laundry to do, I am so sore, I didn’t feel like lifting, and I couldn’t find my keys!  BUT guess what~ THOSE are all excuses and I’m not going to let myself make excuses~ it is too important to me to get my workout done.  My workout gives me energy, keeps my body strong, clears my mind, elevates my mood, gives me some “me” time, releases stress, eliminates toxins, and soooo much more!  PLUS, working out IS part of my job :)

NO EXCUSES”  Allowed for me!  

In keeping with that motto, I did take my pictures just a bit ago~I didn’t feel like it and I know they are not the best (I’m bloated today) but,  I did it anyway!

Here is my workout:
warm up tanning

Flys- warm up

45×15 warm up
lots of stretching between sets

Incline flys

Cable flys

Knee ups on roman chair- 2 sets
Ab Solo- throwing med ball machine- first time doing this


Tricep push downs

Tricep kick backs
1 set of 12#’s- rt elbow irritated here

that was all– I am boosting so I allowed myself  to skip the intervals, by the way this workout took 30 mins





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  1. i had excuses this morning too. tummy ache and headache…but i got up and got it done anyway. not my best workout, but better than sleeping in!

  2. Oh, Michelle…I can relate. I have not done well lately. I stayed on the road a lot for the last two days taking my daughter to college, and I didn’t take the time to work out. And now my excuse is that I have too much to do to get caught up at work and at home. I can feel the old “making excuses” Beth creeping back in. OK, that’s it…I’m going to do a little bit of exercise right now before I go off to choir practice.

  3. 5:30 came and I did not want to go to the gym, but I told myself, Who cares what you want, just do it. It was a great one too once I got there and got it in.

  4. Just made a lovely roasted pepper and tomato soup for tea, lovely, can’t wait to try some. Got a great workout in this morning too. But, my weekend on this weekend, boohoo starting tomorro.

  5. My mom just brought me some green peppers from her garden…We’re having veggie omelets for brunch today! YUM!!

  6. I just told DH the same thing!!! I have had a sore throat and super swollen lymph nodes for a few days, but I went to workout anyway. I told him that I workout every day in my POA with no excuses!!!

  7. Heading to the garage to get it cleaned up…My number 1 excuse for not working out will soon be gone! Then I need to head out to the garden and pick some peppers! Yum!

  8. I just made some soup with peppers. YAY peppers. Great job on working out anyway and being committed.

  9. Colored peppers are so good, but also more expensive 🙁

    I love working out! It is like coffee for me, can’t function without it.

  10. Help, I don’t like peppers. Wonder if I used crushed red pepper seasoning if it’s the same. Maybe I could disguise the flavor. If I get something at a restaurant with peppers in it, I pick them out!
    As far as excuses, they can happen. Esp if you don’t get the workout done first thing. Sometimes on Sat I’ll run into this cause its the only day that other people are up with me & there is other stuff to do. Today it was storming bad with high winds & I almost didn’t drive to the gym cause I’m scared to drive in storms but luckily there was a break in the action long enough for me to go. The gym is less than a mile away but hey, there was a tree that broke in half two doors down from me! 🙂

  11. I took 2 days off from the gym because I had guests and to get stuff done. I will be ready to hit it hard tomorrow!

  12. See, asparagus is ok (as I’ve posted-I don’t like) but peppers are the best! I like the red/yellow/orange ones a lot more than the green ones. I have them cut in strips in a baggie all the time.

  13. Red peppers from the jar with a slice of avocado wrapped inside a slice of turkey…..Yummy!!!….Awesome snack!!

  14. No More Excuses……..AMEN. I was so tired this morning but I made myself go and do my fasted cardio. I am going to reach my goals. NO MORE EXCUSES! Thank you.

  15. Day 32! Peppers are my favorite vegRed, orange, yellow and green peppers, raw, with Wishbone Vinegrette Spray! YUM!

  16. I really appreciate your honesty and transparency Michele. Sometimes it is good to take it a bit easy – in my case I tend to ignore a lot of what I do and that can lead to overdoing it and exhaustion. So, I really like the way you journal everything. SO much easier to figure out why you feel like you do if you actually recognize what all you have done or are doing.

  17. Very interesting about the peppers…I had no idea….I will be getting in lots more now that I know that….Great job at NO EXCUSES!

  18. You are right. No excuses! I just bought some yummy red peppers and they were cheaper then the green. I love to eat them raw, they are so crunchy and tasty!

  19. I’ve never really been much of a veggie person, but I found (once i got older) that if they are cut up small and put in things I really didn’t taste them. Now I getting more of those veggies in.

  20. this is the one area that I know that I need more dicipline. It can be such a mind set to get your self into and then there it goes. thanks for the pick me up. I have my work cut out for me. have a great weekend.

  21. checking in, watching Skins game tonight, managed to sleep the day away after working a few very long days. Still working on the no excuses parts

  22. Cleaned house all day. Parents coming to town. Almost did not workout. Did 3 miles with baby in stroller. Felt so much better!

    Life never gets easier and there is never a better time than now. Don’t make excuses, make decisions.

  23. Wow… I had no idea that peppers packed so much Vitamin C, that’s great I love them:) Agree on the “no excuses”…. I usually have a laundry list of them.

  24. OMG – did I forget to post on this day’s blog? Sorry! Didn’t feel like working out, but my hubby motivated me to join him today! Feel better that I did it, but now the legs are sore LOL!

  25. I am the master of excuses! I also absolutely love peppers, I had no idea they were so healthy! I’m not letting excuses get me down today, I had a great workout this morning and cardio later!

  26. Why is it that we can let ourselves off the hook so easily, but not others… hmmm…

    Also, I received Day 30 twice instead of getting Day 31, so I can’t comment on it.

  27. Thanks on the note about no excuses. I need to do more to see the results I want, so NO EXCUSES.


  28. I’ve been making excuses lately. I know it though and intend to fix it. I think I have the flu though, so will wait a day or two till my neck stops aching.

  29. We have at one time or another made up some excuse why we could not be out best. I try to counteract that by coming up with three good reasons why I can. It has kept me going and reaching my goals.

    Keep pumping.

  30. It seems that when I feel like I am slacking, you are sending messages that remind me to be good to myself! I had the flu last week and into this week, so I couldn’t do what I wanted to do, but have been making excuses since I’ve been better. I’ve continued with the running, but can’t seem to get up the determination to continue a workout after that. I will make “no excuses” my motto for this weekend!!

  31. I love peppers!!! Did a 3 mile interval run. I would run for 4 mailboxes, then slow down, repeat. It was a fun way to get a run in.

  32. I only eat the red peppers/orange pepper/yellow an purple. The green ones are not ‘fully ripe’ and cause bloating and are harder to digest.

  33. I knew peppers had loads of C but did not realize the reds had twice! AWESOME! I love the reds…especially with some laughing cow cheese in it! YUMMY! I like the no excuses theme…it really comes down to making the time and finding the value in it…we could make excuses for everything if we wanted…Like I did not get one workout in on my trip…I just flat out did not plan for it…took my jumprope and everything!

  34. I love having “markers” like mailboxes, hydrants, driveways, lightpoles, corners, etc…to shoot for when running intervals outside. It keeps me pushing!

  35. Good thing I caught you 🙂 Mondays are tough days for me to get workouts done…but not today!! I am going to go rock it!!

  36. I was just sitting here thinking of all the reasons why I don’t have the time to go to the gym today…..VERY timely post. I will go and I will kick butt today!!

  37. Mmmmmm Love peppers, one of my favorites and Vitamin c is soooo good for your skin elasticity and cell growth….LOVE EM!!! (I am a vitamin c fanatic! hehehe) Yeah I have made more then beyond bad excuses not to work out and it has put damage on my self image and self esteem…so no matter what the excuse is this time I will make sure it gets thrown out with the rest of the garbaaaaage 🙂 Thanx Michele I want my dreams come true just once in my life. 😉

  38. Rock on! My ready made excuse today was I was on call, so I got up early and worked out – really starts the day out right to know I have that under my belt.

  39. Oh yes it is so nice to get it done early in the day…I’ve always wanted to be a morning workout person. I don’t know if it is possible, except for in pressure situations, lol!

  40. I eat lots of peppers, but didn’t realize how much vitamin c there is in them, I like them even more now! Lol.

    There are some days I find excuses, but for most part I usually get to the gym, and usually pay for making that choice (don’t get much support-) but still make that time for me. Thanks for helping me not feel guilty.

  41. sorry to hear that you have a lack of support regarding your workout time…keep striving to be your best and stay in balance in your home life~ Bless you 🙂

  42. I LOVE peppers raw cooked it does not matter I gave myself an excuse today I didn’t sleep well, had to be a the dentist at 7:10 I will skip it today. But now it is 10:23 and I am bloated and feel bad that I didn’t work out today. NO MORE EXCUSES for me either!!!!!!!

  43. i am the only one in my family who loves peppers so i get them all to myself!;) so far, i look forward to my workouts…they keep me sane!

  44. I love pepper. They taste so good and their so easy to eat.

    I wish I could work out. I miss it so. I am eating clean though so that will help right?!?!

  45. Hi there. Where can I find pictures or instructions on how to perform some of your exercises? Thank you.

  46. I love to put the green, yellow and red bell peppers into my scrambled eggwhites with reduced fat cheese.

  47. I always used to love eating peppers until 4 years ago when i started to bloat like crazy when i’d eat them. 🙁 So i quit. Maybe my body has changed enough now that i’ll try eating them again, they’re so tasty! Not sure why my body decided to start bloating when eating them though.
    Good lesson on the ‘no excuses’, those pesky excuses always seem to pop up don’t they?

  48. I love peppers. Esp in fajatias. On the subject of no excuses, today I could have talked myself out of a workout. I work up with a lower back ache that felt like a period cramp. Almost made me throw up. Not my period yet. Probably to much motorcycle riding catching up with me. I went and did a leg circuit for 1 1/2 hr roughly. Feels a bit better. Its blazing hot today. Going to pool with DH and dgt.

  49. That’s interesting…everyone seems to bloat differently- I can do peppers no problem. Other veggies like brocolli and onions- not so much 🙁

  50. I used to love peppers, but they make me so bloated. I suppose I make more excuses with food than I do my workouts. lol

  51. When I am thinking of all kinds of excuses not to work out, i remind myself that something is always better than nothing. It usually works (-; And I definitely feel better if I just do something, rather than doing nothing.

  52. Thanks for the pepper reminder I love peppers!!! As for No Excuses I am all in! It is thanksgiving and we went to MIL for dinner she was very rude but I was nice anyway and them come home and did Legs and house work even though I didnt feel like it. you know what it put me in a much better mood and I am so glad I did! Thanks Michelle You looke awesome by thge way!!

  53. I am going to do a two hour cardio lift workout this morning! It is cold and rainy and Christmas eve and it is a thirty minute drive but I am not letting any of that stop me. My husband even gave me a new work out suit this morning just for today! Merry Christmas!!!

  54. No Excuses!! Way to get ‘er done!!! I always say just getting to the gym is the hardest part. Once I get there and get warmed up, I could stay for hours. I do have days when I’ll try every excuse I can think of to keep from going but I always regret it the next day.

  55. Monday had possible excuses for me, school was out, just started Boosting, low energy, however, my w/o buddy invited me to a Boot Camp class at a park outside, SOOO, I took my son with me, he played and I got a good workout in and felt MORE energized afterward! NO EXCUSES – I agree! And I LOVE those peppers, the red, orange and yellow ones are the bomb!

  56. A) i love green peppers red yellow and orange! i mix them in eggs and with other veggies stir fry and eat! Yum! B) no excusses! It is so easy to get derailed but keeping your workouts is like taking my life supporting medicine…like breathing! I totally feel it mentally and physically when i skip. NO EXCUSES!!! 🙂

  57. I wish I had read this earlier, I was out of motivations to go to the gym this morning. Good thing is that the day is not over 🙂 thank you for the motivation, NOW I can work out even thoug I sore and tiered and I have a lot of cleaning to do “excuses”. I’m sure all the to do list can wait for me…..

  58. Are you looking in your junk/spam email? and have you added my email addy to your “safe sender list” or your “address book”?

  59. Never knew that about green peppers. Now I’m extra glad I just loaded the fridge with them.

  60. I also have found myself thinking “I can do it tomarrow” but I’ve been pushing thru and getting it done anyways! I know my body is changing and I don’t want to give up!

  61. Checking in, Boosting so house messy as so disorganized & tired but knowing it will pass helps, trying to see housework as exercise with squats and lifting thrown in, little & often til can do more.

  62. i defitely have been putting a greater effort into not coming up with excuses to go to the gym! or at least work out at home! i have put it in my agenda so it is truly part of my day!

  63. I need to have that mindset. My gym is in the garage of my house in texas. We have been having record heat and my husband is working to instal an air conditioner. I’ve pushed off a couple workouts to help him…I haven’t seen any results during buffing as a result. So now, it is time to say no more excuses!

  64. Yep…same here! Been making too many excuses!!! Getting to the gym today no matter how late it gets!

  65. I love pepper and eat them often. I also do tend to make excuses sometimes and that is something that I am working on!

  66. I’m with you. I’ve made WAY TOO MANY EXCUSES in the last few weeks. I’m back on my clean & lean diet today, the fridge is stacked with healthy foods & I’ve found out a whole bunch of body weight strength training manuals I’d forgotten about. I’m starting again with NO MORE EXCUSES. We’re at day 1 of week 4 of the SSS Contest…….I can’t wait to prove myself TO myself

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