Around Town Tuesday!
I was out and about Town today!  It was good, but man…errands are a lot of work, lol!  At least now I have a license plate for my new van, my kitchen is full of food, my packages are all in the mail, my son is signed up for football and I got in a good leg workout!!!

This morning I was lucky enough to go for a walk and talk with Julie in CA…she is so sweet!  and then I was off to the races.

It was interesting last night…I saw something on my tummy I haven’t seen for months: a VEIN!  At first I thought it was a bruise, but then I realized it was just a vein.  Hard work, WORKS.

So to review:
Yesterday I did a killer upper body workout
lat pulls
push ups
seated rows
Wide high cable lat pulls on knees
push ups
incline flies
inverted pull ups
tricep dips
inverted pulls ups
knee ups

20 mins of invervals on elliptical

Then today I did legs:

R-bike 5 mins
squat- 3 working sets
barbell lunges- 2 sets
dead lifts- 2 sets
smith lunges- 5 sets
knee extensions-3 sets
walking lunges-2 sets
roman chair knees ups
abductions- 2 sets
calf raises- just 1 set
back extensions- 1 big set

I am off to watch some TV–probably some Olympics included!!!
Keep rockin’ it!!!
p.s. yesterday my greens were PICKLES, lol
Today my greens were stir fry veggies and pickles



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