GO Monday!!!

Mondays are wild for me~ I get rollin’ and end up making a to do list for my day that ends up taking the entire week to finish, lol!

My POA went well last week~
I ended up taking Friday sorta off instead of Sunday, but honestly I did workout some on Friday~ I shot workout videos that day and that was a workout :)…I’ll count it as .5 of a workout, lol
So- I worked out 5.5 days last week!!!
4.5 of them were weights
4 of them included intervals/cardio (3 runs)

Week#8’s POA!!
Buff hard for 3 more days- take PICS
M-upper body and intervals
T-lower body
W-massage!! and a run of intervals and 5 sprints afterward
Th-pics this am, start boosting after pics- CHEST/Tri lifting
F-Back/Bi/Shoulders and run intervals
Sa- legs
Sun- off

5 weight workouts planned
3 intervals (2 runs)

Looks do-able to me!

This morning the weather is cooler, it almost smells like fall outside~ what a wild feeling!! I like it….Fall is FUN for so many reasons, but especially for NEW RESOLVE~ every year my clients seem to get RE-focused and re-ignited come fall and that ENERGIZES me! I can feel it coming…Get Ready for a boat load of new energy around here!!!

Let’s have a GOOOOO attitude today!!! -M



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