Sprintin’ Sun

HI~ I just got back from my interval run/sprints/bike workout that totaled 30mins :)
I ran 4 intervals, 4 sprints and then biked for 10 mins~ fun stuff!!!

I expect  to be able to finish today stronger than yesterday for my eating portion of the CHAMPION weekend challenge, lol~ I ended up drinking a couple beers and cocktails and eating some CHIPS during the UFC fights last night~ so my STELLAR day will have to be today, lol!  The fights were fun to watch, but I thought a couple of them were BORING~ I tell you what though, I would NEVER want to be in a fight with Brock Lessnar…that guy is gigantic and very athletic!  Heath Herring is probably in the hospital still from the beating he took last night–OUCH!

Have a Champion day yourself!!



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