First week Friday Morning ~ Whew!
Oh boy, My kids are tired out from this first week of school.
This morning we had a HARD time getting going~ I still feel half asleep, lol!

anyhow…besides that I’ve had a GREAT, very productive week!!

yesterday’s workout was right on track with my POA~ I think I am going to actually stick to my POA for once!
I did chest, tri’s, abs and a run on the treddy and even some “bonus” cardio on the r-bike after my run!
My weight is holding rather steady too…I am 127 this am which is great for this is my Ovulation bloat day…last month it was insane~ I bloated 6 pounds over ovulation…so being up just 1 pound is GREAT!!!

This morning I wanted to talk about the WEEKEND!
I think I will issue us a little WEEKEND challenge this week~ Let’s be CHAMPIONS and really focus hard on behaving in our DIETS and staying active and even getting in at least 1 workout this weekend.

So…this is the challenge~

On Monday, let’s post ONE day from our weekend that we are VERY proud about- Either Saturday or Sunday. I’d love to see some amazingly awesome eats, workouts and activities on that STELLAR day!

Remember “Champions are made on the WEEKENDS!”

I’ll put up a forum to remind us and for the “results” ~!!!

My plans for the day are to video and workout and work, lol!
work, workout, play with the kids and WATCH the UFC event~!!!
I am stoked for that as always!

Then Sunday, I plan to go to church, relax, workout and probably work a bit :)…

TGIF girls!!



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