Alaska?…do any of you dream of living in Alaska?  I do…but only during the warmer months, lol!   I think it would be so beautiful and so quiet to have a vacation home/hunting cabin up there.  And actually some parts aren’t even as cold as where I lived in MN during my HS and College years, so the winter might not be tooooooo bad, lol!   I see Alaska as one of the last “untamed” regions of the USA.  It is wild and full of WILD animals, wild people who just want to be FREE and wild landscapes that are just waiting for man to discover!

Yesterday, the kids started VBS in the morning for this week…it is so GREAT- they LOVE it and I love it too!  So I got a ton done for work yesterday and got to the gym around four for my workout:
warm up r-bike 9min33 sec
chest press 3 sets
Ab machine 2 sets
chest flys 3 sets
tricep machine 3 sets

ran on treddy for a total of 27 mins and 3.8 miles~ so it was a good one!

Today’s plan is to work hard this am on some personal training plans and then lift with my legs this afternoon.
It is c-day 17 here and I’ve felt great the past 2 days.

Have a dreamy day!



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