Wk #4 … Power Time!


I am ready to HARNESS the POWER of my hormones this week–HORMONE POWER time!!!  Cycle day 15 is today so this week, I’ll finish off an extended buffing phase and enter into some POWERFUL boosting!!!  I am planning on lifting heavy this go around!! BUT I’d like to squeak out an extra couple days of BUFFING before beginning to Boost…

Last week was STELLAR for me~!! I worked out EVERY DAY!!! (except today, my day off) and I did my 100 lunges every day except yesterday and today :)
Here is the recap:
M-upper body lifting; 100 lunges and a bit of cardio 5 mins on u-bike and jumping abs
T- legs and ran intervals
W-upper body lift and 100 lunges and 11min r-bike intervals
Th-ran hard outside (fasted), 100 lunges (walking)
F-r-bike 18mins;Lift legs; 100 lunges
S-ran 10 mins (sore back); rode r-bike 30 mins
Su- off

My goal this week is to keep up my running- keep increasing my fitness level overall and to enter into boosting with a furry, but keep my eating as healthy as possible.
W (c-18)-Back, bi’s Shoulders,run
Th-Chest Tri’s
F-run am; pictures(I’ll officially start to boost after pics)

4 lifting
4 runs
BUT, I’d love to add in some EXTRA workouts too–some walking/hiking, some biking and some extra intervals???
My Dream today is….I dream of being able to go on several mission trips…my church has an orphanage in Peru that they are building and I’d love to physically go there to help~ it would be so humbling to see and to experience all of God’s power and how HIS spirit comes alive when we whole heartedly go after helping others.  I also feel that mission trips don’t have to be to other far off lands.  One mission that I’d love to help with is the mission to reach women in the Adult Ent. industry.  So many young girls get “caught” in that life without ever trying…I really feel I can help them see that there is a better life out there for them.

Girls…we have only 7 weeks left to getin’ in shape, lose the weight and be ready finish a SUPER STAR…will you be ready???  I know I need to focus and pull out some POWER from deep within to get my booty 100% ready…LET’s DO it!!!!


KICK IT in these middle weeks, so that at the end you can finish on top!!!
Love Ya,



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