Sleeping in ROCKS!

HI ya!!
My dream today is to be able to go RVing all around the Rockies/western US with my family!!   We could go all around CO, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Yellow Stone National Park, etc….I think it would be a blast to go all around that area and just SEE all the sights, animals and small towns.  I think I’d like to move somewhere out west, but have no clue where~ Seeing it first would help with that.

We have had a GREAT past few days….I got to sleep in the past 2 days and it totally rocks!!!  I love being able to relax in the morning and take my time opening my eyes!
My workout yesterday was 18mins on the r-bike, legs and lunges!!  VERY GOOD….in just a bit  I’m gonna go do some upper body (chest mostly) and  run on the treddy for about 20 mins (since it is and even date today).

Hope you have an amazing Saturday!!
I know mine will be~~



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