Heavenly Thoughts


I’ve been dreaming a bit about heaven today…I can’t wait to feel what heaven is like!!!  A book I recently read “When Heaven Invades Earth” talks about how we should expect and go after the things of heaven here on earth.  For instance we should expect that we should be healthy as we will be in heaven.  In THE LORD’s prayer Jesus even said this “…Your will be done on earth as it is in HEAVEN!”  Isn’t that cool!!!   Heaven on earth is possible!!  What an awesome dream to dream and to go for!!

My workouts the past 2 days have been great!!
I did a really good leg workout with more than 100 lunges in it yesterday followed by my RUN!!  I ran on the treddy rather hard for about 11 mins….
And when I got home my new running shoes showed up!!!  now I can really feel good about running every other day this month!!!

Today, I did a back, shoulder and bicep workout followed by 11 mins of intervals on the r-bike.  It was a BONUS workout for the week as I had planned to take today off!!  I am so happy that I got it done!

I ovulated last night and I feel so much better today …I think it was Carrie who asked about  how we feel on our ovulation, this month for me was extra bad for some reason (since I’ve had twins, I have months when I double ovulate and this makes things doubly icky hormone wise for me on those months) my symptoms were: nausea the night before, bloating, extreme fatigue, zits, horrible ovary pain and some breast tenderness.

Well I gotta go and get some things done while the kids are all occupied.
Have a HEAVENLY hump day!!



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  1. Michelle…..that book….Is it by Bill Johnson?….If so thats our old Pastor at the church we got married at in Cali, called Bethel…..He is an awesome pastor and I also have that book….You should read the book called “The Final Quest” by Rick Joyner….Very scarry (spiritual warfare) but it really makes you think……I love being a Christian and knowing the Lord Jesus….;0)

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