Natural Dreams!

I love nature!!  Until I was 12 I lived in Colorado and spent many weekends/summers camping, hiking and site seeing with my family.  I really grew to love nature~ however with the having kids and a thriving business, I’ve had less time to be in NATURE…one of my dreams is to see some of the top natural wonders of the world.
the 7 natural wonders of the world list off as follows:

1-Grand Canyon- this is a no brainer…I have to see it within the next 5 years

2-Great Barrier Reef…Not sure if I have a huge desire to see this, but if it happens, I am sure it will be cool.

3-Harbor of Rio de Janeiro- I am not sure what this even is??  But Rio de Janeiro, sounds like a beach!

4-Mount Everest- this is a must see

5-Northern Lights- I’ve seen these a little bit :)…but I’d love to get further north to see them MORE

6-Paricutin volcano- a real live volcano would be INSANE to see!!

7-Victoria Falls- I would LOVE to see these!!!

at this point in my life just getting out on a walking trail, bike ride or even a run really helps center me and bring me back to nature.  It is so refreshing and beautiful to inhale the natural beauty of God’s creation!!

Yesterday I did my lunges!! and a small yet effective home upper body workout that included:
push ups
pull ups
military press
lateral raises
bowflex flys, presses and tri extensions
bicep curls

I also rode my upright bike for about 5 mins total and did some jumping abs.

My goal for today is to have a good leg workout and get in a run even if it is just for 11 mins on the treddy :)

Keep rockin!!!
p.s. my eats
PPPPP: chicken and a bunch more chicken(…not like me at all to only eat 1 type of P)
CCC: cereal bar (pre-workout); banana (post workout); rice
FFF: black olive tapenade, cashews, cooking oil
GGG: pepper, brocolli
+ my usual 2 cups coffee w/cream and sugar



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  1. My favorite place so far has been the Alps. We didn’t get to see the top of the Zugspitze ((I think that’s what it’s called, it’s early…lol)) but next time!!

  2. Hmm, what are jumping abs? and odd numbers drive me nuts…11 min. on the tread, lol, I am sure you can make it to 12, just know you can…deep breathe…I’m pullling for you! 🙂

  3. You HAVE to hike the Virgin River at Zion National Park…awesome! You actually hike in the river through all these narrow passages, gorgeous!

  4. I think my happiness is connected to getting outdoors more. Thanks so much for the reminder! I used to ride horses a lot, and hike, canoe, etc. I have put my “order” in for a new boyfriend to the universe, and he will be “all about” getting out and doing things like this!

    Today is lower body for me. TOMORROW is going to be the real trick for me, b/c I will go back to work tomorrow. (Teaching)

    Thanks, Michelle!

  5. My Daddy lives in Colorado, and one of my favorite things to do with him there is ride motorcycles into the mountains and go for a long hike through the mountains.

  6. I may do my morning cardio outside tomorrow. I just go so early I sometimes feel uncomfortable being outside. Need to get that mace.

  7. I love the outdoors, but the best I can do these days is to the park with my li’l ones. I’m excited that someday they will be old enough for the “real” outdoors!

  8. Being that I live in Florida, I do alot outside … great source of Vitamin D. Love your list of “must do” … I definitely want to accomplish a couple of those on your list.

  9. I love the outdoors too Michelle! I love to travel and experience different places. I have been to Spain but always wanted to go to Italy and Greece. I am hoping to take a trip with my family in the next couple of years.

    Yesterday I got 8 miles in on the bike in just 30 minutes. did the same the day before. Today is my push day in lifting with a 30-40 run.

    Got my daily dose P in (135) Woohoo!

  10. I love running outdoors. Went for a run this morning and am looking forward to another run tomorrow.

  11. I love nature. Today I did my crossfit WOD. It hurt but in a good way. Here’s to tomorrow! 🙂

  12. OOOh, sounds so good. I’m actually headed to lake MI today with my kids and great friend of mine. We have some big sand dunes. Yep, I love seeing God’s amazing landscapes. I also thank you for sharing your workouts. It’s an encouragement to me that I am on the right track.

  13. When I was a kid I visited some HUGE sand dunes in MI…named “bear—” something like that? VERY FUN!!

  14. It is so true that being outside just a little bit makes me feel better. I have such a crazy schedule during the week but I think Saturday is a perfect day to wash my car!

  15. I am not really and outdoor kind of girl but I can say that since I have started running the nature trails instead of the treadmill daily I have begun to appreciate the fresh air. I actually run longer and feel better after running outside….Great tips and again thanks for this forum!!!

  16. You’re right, Michelle. The outdoors is so inspiring. Lately, I’ve been fortunate to spend alot of time in Cape Cod, MA with my kids. Swimming in the ocean is invigorating. One of my fondest memories from my childhood is lying on the ground outside on a clear summmer night with my dad and my siblings and gazing at the stars!

  17. Spending time in the great outdoors today — at Six Flags! Thanks for posting your workout/food!

  18. Love to see a woman who loves coffee and isn’t afraid of real cream – good for you:)

    I like the suggestion of washing the car which I think translates into a number of other activities that these days we often don’t do using the excuse of convenience. No wonder America is growing and groaning. We need to get up off the couch and move more 🙂

  19. mmmmmm, black olive tapenade. 🙂 Yay for outdoors! I wish I lived out west…that’s the best hiking.

  20. I had just told the kids we were going biking on the nature trail before I checked my e-mail! I love being outside!

    Got to go jump on the elliptical and work my abs first though! 😉

  21. It is fun to be outside, playing and getting in activity. My daughter is having fun throwing balls, hitting balls and shooting balls…great fun and calorie burner all at the same time:)
    Great wo Michelle, and thanks again for your inspiration!

  22. So true Michelle… yesterday my daughter and I took our dog for a walk to the park. We commented on how beautiful and serene it was:)

  23. I love the outdoors too. I’m out on the bike trail almost everyday. My husband and I are on the beach most Sundays. Today I walked 6 miles with a friend outdoors, it was awesome.

  24. Born-raised-and live in Denver. The weather has been crazy this summer but it’s always awesome here. Every sunset is a blessing. I would love to visit each and every state of the US plus Greece. POA: am HIIT and pm HIIT and of course water, water, protein, protein . . . Did a good chest/abs workout at home yesterday.

  25. I went on a long walk (& talk) with a fellow “health nerd” last night. It started to sprinkle, then rain, with lightning & thunder. We just kept going and looked like a couple of drenched rats. Luckily, I have a dry pair of shoes for a Zumba dance lesson with another friend this afternoon.

  26. Went camping above Estes Park this weekend. Finished with a refreshing sunrise family hike to a lake. No wild animals, I guess they were down in the towns. Just dont tell my kids that it was good for them. Today was back day and working on the green stuff!!!!

  27. I did an at home leg wkout yesterday. KILLA! my glutes and hami’s are screaming. Lungeing my way to a gr8 bootay!

  28. My friend and I can’t wait to get outside and walk during lunch. We hate to be stuck in these cubicles all day with no windows nearby! Nothing beats fresh air and sunshine. Spin class and leg work tonight.

  29. I love running outside and having a dog that bugs me everyday to take her on a walk–gets me outside even more….dogs are great!!

  30. I did not eat well today. Due to traveling and going from one family members’ home to another, I did not eat all of my meals. I will have to work super hard the rest of this week to make up for the last couple of days. In the future I know how to plan for my eating.

  31. I just love getting outdoors and walking. The early morning is so quiet and it really sets the pace for my day!

  32. I wish I could get outside more. I used to bike & kayak but quit!! My eating today has really stunk too. It’s all a mental thing. My diet has me to where I don’t have any cravings but I got away from clean eating twice today for stupid reasons. Can’t explain but I’m working on it. Hopefully when I see more success I’ll do better. Still don’t see too many results!

  33. Since my daughter is home sick today, I went for a nice walk. I live in Nevada and the news said that we are going to get snow! I think they are crazy. It was hot out today…,

  34. Having moved from the UK to Australia, it’s great to be able to spend so much time outside : – )

  35. lol!! I bet it does~ especially if you vacuum the inside of it out. I spent 2 hours a week ago doing that!

  36. Yes, God’s creation is outstanding/awesome! I’m so amazed when I stop and think about it.

    Outdoor activities, I agree, are important!

  37. Love your must-see list, Michelle! I always have to remind myself that I am lucky to live where I do and need to enjoy more of the outdoors, too…

  38. I have a things to do before I die list. I want to see the world. I am making some progress on this next month by going to Munich for Octoberfest, Belguim to stay with my best friend and Paris just because. I want to do some mountainering with the friend in Belguim when he moves back and we always loved rock climbing together. Next year, Italy is in the cards.

  39. Checking in. Definitely need to make a must do/see list soon. And need to get back on track with my nutrition plan. Eating terrible these last few days, damn PMS!

  40. kicked butt in the gym ate good all day…came home though and got carried away with the pasta and had garlic bread too..yikes 2morrow is another day, will do better!

  41. Good thoughts. Had friends over last night and kinda went overboard. Don’t feel too good today. Working on my program for the gym next week. Thinking about joining the rally room. Anyone on it now?

  42. awesome idea! i went to Oktoberfest last year and had the time of my life! Going again this year with some friends,CHEERS! I love being single,it’s possible to take trips like this without answering to anyone..

  43. Heading to Portland,Or at the end of Aug. to visit some college buddies and hit the trails,mountain biking,rock climbing…BEER!! Have a great weekend Michelle.

  44. i went to the pool with my 3 year old, i didnt do laps, but i played catch with him.. I did get a good workout at the gym though.. and my food,is on key

  45. i went to the pool with my 3 year old, i didnt do laps, but i played catch with him.. I did get a good workout at the gym though.. and my food,is on key

  46. I love to camp with my family. Recently on our last trip I lost 5 pounds cause I was hiking and canoeing and walking, just to be outside.

  47. I love being outside. However, living in Phoenix, AZ during the summer really limits your outdoor activities since it’s so blazing HOT! But, while most of you are freezing this winter, I’ll be enjoying a gorgeous winter here!

  48. Outdoors is a great place to be. Fresh air! YES!!!! Just returned from up north where we went hiking, biking and waterfall hunting. Exercising and enjoying God’s beauty.

  49. The Northern lights are amazing. When I used to work the red eyes from Calgary to Toronto, I was able to see the most spectacular light shows. A real wonder! WOW!

  50. Nothing better than great outside and nature. I live in Tucson, AZ which is a fantastic place for hikes and bike rides. Does get hot in summer, though!

  51. day 16! speaking of the outdoors, i’m going camping and mountain biking this weekend… i leave tomorrow and i can’t wait! this week has been crazy with birthday festivities, so the workouts have been lacking. but i’ve eaten well for the most part and i have to remind myself to indulge sometimes. isn’t that what life’s about?

  52. Managed to get my hour run/walk in after we had extremely bad weather with toronado’s and extremely heavy rain. No one injured in my neighborhood but others were destroyed. Its just a reminder as beautiful as nature is, it is very powerful and one must respect it. After the rain the sun came out and there was a rainbow.

  53. OH I’d love to have you in there~~ I am in there and we are ramping up for our next 10 week contest!!! You’d love the synergy there!!

  54. Outdoor stuff does help a ton! I took my 3 yr old on a walk aroung the neighborhood, had to take it a little easy since my leggs are killing me form my workout but even walking that amount helped loosen them up a little. Then she rode her trike (with her helmet) as she did her little workout! I always tell her good job on exercising!

  55. Day #16 I am loving this 40 day challenge. Thanks for the reminder to set goals and including what you eat for your P,C,F & G’s’
    Looking forward to starting the constest on Monday for 10 weeks.

  56. Funny that this was the blog for today…I just got off the lake. I went kayaking this morning for a bit. Just enjoying the sun coming up over the water with a cup of coffee….this was more of a recreation trip then a workout.

    Rest day…maybe ab workout later we will see!

  57. I love nature too. There’s nothing better than to just enjoy what is. When it’s something great, that’s even better!

  58. I try to walk instead of taking my car whenever I can. It is so nice to inhale fresh air instead of the sweaty air in the gym. I can’t wait for winter. Walking in the snow definitely works the leg muscles…hehe!

  59. Yesterday I kind of fell off the wagon, not foodwise, but workout wise. I forgot my gym bag fo rmy lunchtime workout and then didn’t make it to the gym last night like I intended.

    But today is a new day and I have my bag and I am ready to go workout at lunch.

  60. I feel like we have some pretty darn cool natural wonders here in Idaho…the Snake River Canyon, Shoshone Falls, Hells Canyon, Craters of the Moon…anything outdoor can be a wonder…I think a lot of live in an indoor world sometimes…GET OUT!:)

  61. When you come to AZ to see the Canyon…be sure to let me know! I live about 1.5 from the Canyon, I would love to see you!

  62. Day #16…My hubby has been begging me for YEARS to go to some of those places, but we always end up in Disney World. He says that he’ll owe you one if you convince me to do something else!

    Thank you,

  63. I use to be a regular runner until about 4 months ago. I live in NorthWestern Wisconsin where the Winter can be horribly cold, but last year I managed to meet my running partners at 5:15 in the morning all winter long!!!!! Crazy!!!!!! Since I haven’t been running outside much I have to say I do miss getting in the fresh air-the treadmill just isn’t the same.

  64. Day 16!

    It’s Tuesday. As a family we watch Biggest Loser and do our work out during the show. It’s 2 hours long show and the work out is intense.

  65. Well I live in Trinidad so scenic places surround me. Today I did a plyometric session today!!! My body feels great…

  66. Today is going to be a beautiful day! My girlfriend and I are loading the kids up and heading to the park. It has 3 huge ponds and biking/walking trails that bring you back to earth! Love it!

  67. I would love to see the huge petrified wood forest with the huge trees you drive thru in oregon, and all the waterfalls Thanx 🙂

  68. We are in the middle of an ice storm, so probly not going to get much done outside. I’d like to drive to the city and swim at the Y, I’ll have to see how the roads are. Today is my day off, and I love having the day to workout without feeling pressured for time. Maybe do legs at home, then swim interval laps. Then I’d like to meet my hubby for lunch and maybe see a movie. We’ll see if it happens 🙂

  69. I love the outdoors too and do lots of stuff outside, esp with my boys. It’s winter now, so when it snows I take the opportunity to shovel to get outside and get fresh air and some exercise while doing it. They like to skate on the pond and toboggan so that is a plus. Just got a road bike for Christmas so can’t wait for nice weather. In the summer, myself and 2 friends did a tri-a-triathlon. The night before, our kids (one from each of us) sprung it on us that they wanted to do enter it too – here we were training (and came in 1st-not bad for 38 yrs-41 yrs olds), they didn’t train, their ages – 8, 9 and 13 and they came in 5th! They were motivated because of us (They thought they could beat us.) So now the competition is on and this summer fathers and other siblings want to do it. My kids are very active with other sports, but, was very impressed when they wanted to do the tri – just shows how much they look up to you and how you influence them. Funny about the Wonders…about a week ago we talked about how we are going to plan a trip once a year and travel and experience the great outdoors and the wonders (and natural wonders) of the world came up in conversation – so they went on line and looked them up!

  70. cool story about the triathlon…I don’t enjoy swimming so I don’t think I end up doing one in the near future.


  71. I don’t swim either so I did the biking part. We were able to split the parts up, another gal did the swimming and another running-it was so much fun, with the stories we had to tell you would think we were the 3 stooges… (My boys try and try to teach me to hold my breath with holding my nose, just can’t do it, lol!)

  72. I LOVE the outdoors!!! and since the snow won’t let up the last few days I have been outside for hours shoveling it.

  73. love the outdoors in the early morning. unfortunately, with all the snow we’ve had, i’ve only been shoveling in the early morning. can’t wait for the warmer weather!

  74. I’m dying to get outdoors. The weather has been so awful this winter. Can’t wait for spring! My boys are already plotting a hiking/fossil collecting trip since there has been so much frost heave etc. this winter.

  75. I enjoy the outdoors a lot but since I have transferred from san Diego to virginia it has been a transition but can’t wait until spring! I. Was wandering what is a good back workout for the “rolls” underneath the bra area?

  76. worked arms and shoulders then 1 hour dance competition training…..Samba is brutal..LOL!!!!

  77. Today was such a beautiful spring day that i washed my car and enjoyed the sun’s rays. Felt nice!

  78. Bought some shovels and chalk today going outside with the kids to play!!! Trying to convince to bf to buy a trampoline for the family!

  79. I had one when I was younger but my bf’s family have brainwashed him into thinking they are dangerous i told him they are safer these days, mine didn’t have nets around it or the pads for the springs!lol

  80. my parents wouldn’t let me jump on one as a kid…but for my younger siblings they bought one- so unfair, lol!

  81. It has been so hot here lately…the kids and I have been chasing each other in the back yard having a water fight! So much fun to be like a kid again!

  82. It’s not too hard to get in extra activity when you live out in the country! Last year we planted over 300 trees and they all need weeding and watering, plus i planted a very LARGE garden this year and it too needs tending to. Plus my daughter is not walking yet but loves to explore so i take her on long stroller rides around the farm! Lots of hills, good leg workout 😉

  83. I need to strive for more outside workouts. I’ll need to organize this. Its easier inside, because equipment is there. My goal is on vacation in 1 1/2 wks is to do more. Going on motorcycle trip to New Mexico. Taking my bands, 10# wts along in the motorcycle trailer. In case theres no fitness center near by, Ill make my own mock gym. Going to be fun.

  84. I love ‘working out’ outdoors! I walk everywhere & live on a hill so it’s great for the glutes & legs.

  85. My children are still young, 2 and 4 but I try to get us out in nature as often and safely as I can. We have some really great parks near us that have great trails to walk and then the kids get to play on the play ground when we are done with our walks. A win win for sure!

  86. The only one of these I have seen is the Northern Lights when living in Northern Montana. They are pretty cool and a little weird. ~ This is the second day of my new job and I am wiped out! I plan on doing legs and abs this evening, tho!!

  87. Had company all last week got off of my routine, but maintained on the scales ;-), back at it this week – so far had eggs & chicken fixing to burn at least 500+ calories with cardio & weights. I have doubled my water intake & increased my protein – made turkey meatballs (with onions, peppers, & eggs {no bread} – great between meal protein snack)

  88. Love your list! Have been working on my own list “30 things to do before I”m 30.” Competed in my first figure comp in August :). check

  89. Your list is great! Also I love hearing about your work outs I am way too hared on myself, I feel like if I don’t do an hour more more of cardio I have done nothing. Even though I know better! Why is that? I know the weights have brought drastic results already why do I keep doubting my own eyes? Today my pants litterally fell off my body at work!!! No kidding never seen such fast results!!!

  90. You have been brainwashed- and it takes time to learn the TRUTH. Awesome to hear you’ve had such amazing results!

  91. Got your books and read them!! Made my charts and today is C-day 1!!! I have lost 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks just really being focused and using your tips. I am ready to get started on my buffing phase…hurry up C-day 5!!! 🙂

  92. Thanks for the reminder that even 11 minutes on the treddy can still be a workout. I got a call to pick up a crying baby in the childcare center at my gym yesterday and I didn’t get to finish my workout. I was so down in the dumps about it! I’m buffing right now and I had so much energy to get in a great workout, but my kid needed me. Oh well! Something is better then nothing!

  93. I was always and outdoorsey kinda girl when i was younger and i love to go for walks outside however a good hike on a trail in the woods is just the best!!

  94. I LOVE the outdoors as well and to see new sights is so invigorating. Have been to the Grand Canyon – breathtaking…and a bit scary if you are afraid of heights (me). Went to Hawaii and took a hike through the jungle to see Sacred Falls – worth every slippery step (in sandals – no less) HA! Today I went for a run outside for the first time since Fall (the weather was just right and it was a “cardio” day for me) – oh! it felt soooo nice!

  95. It always makes me feel happier and clear minded when i get outside and in to nature…gardening hiking running. We went tubing last weekend up near a ski resort. It was great!

  96. I love walking along the river and I have to work on going on my own otherwise I don”t go 🙁

  97. I love being outdoor! Too bad it is still snowy and cold here. I’ll have to wait a bit to wash my car outside 🙁

  98. We have been working outside A LOT lately. Unfortunately it’s been sandbagging. We live in the western most part of KY right on the river beside both MO and IL so our area is flooding. Our whole community has pulled together to try to save as many homes as possible without much success. Thankfully our farm is high on the bluff over the Mississippi/Ohio river converge so we personally are not effected. On the bright-side, I’ve had a lot of extra outdoor activities and keeping a PMA has helped tremendously.

  99. I’m on vacation but still managed to get a cardio workout in. trying to stay on track!

  100. Any kind of exercise is good for kids but trampolines are best workout thing for my four y.o. kid. It can get out of it easily and it is just the right size with enough room for growth. All kids loves jumping and playing those games in it and there is no way to fall out of it.

  101. I love being outdoors. I used to spend a lot of time hiking. Now with my toddler, it is harder to get out to do it. We find time as a family to get outdoors on the weekend taking 5-7 mile walks.

  102. During the summer we get out as much as we can, whether it’s biking, hiking or walking and we have the kids go with us! The winters get kind of long and cold in Minnesota so we don’t get as much outside time as we’d like. Going to get a good upper body work and hopefully a good run today as well.

  103. I live in the country on a lake. Behind my house is nothing but trees and wildlife. A mile away, I have a beautiful river to walk along and horse farms, it’s picturesque and I am very lucky to have such scenery every day on my walks. I dont’ take advantage of it enough.

  104. Yes,love to be outside, a run outdoors is so nice, the sunshine does wonders for me, we even try to get out when its cold just bundle up for a walk, sometimes it takes a lot of convincing for my kids though! I got 116 grams of protein yesterday!!

  105. I agree it´s wonderful to stay in contact with nature. It´s such a luxury for those who live in big cities… I think we sometimes need to go to the countryside for our mental health!

  106. I need to get started on this list ASAP…I’m not getting any younger and I have not crossed any off the list yet!

  107. My husband and I have this same goal. To see all the wonders of the world. There are so many lists now! But one thing they all have in common is exercise. You either have to walk or hike to get to them and and enjoy them. That is just a bonus!

  108. Nice list – I need to make one of those – sometimes I get so bogged down with the day to day that I forget to create some fun goals! Did 30 heart pounding minutes on the elliptical this morn before spending four hours (ugh) at the emergency clinic with my daughter – she’s okay though (thank God!!)

  109. Oh yeah, I forgot you lived in Colorado…so pretty there…you need to add Glacier National Park to your list…gorgeous!!! :).

  110. I live in NC and the weather has been great. I spent time outdoors on most days. I love washing my SUV myself. I do a great job. lol. Today is the forst day of a new year. My workout out is complete. Cardio and upper body.

  111. It’s been a mild winter so far, so walking the dogs, and sweeping leaves have been an outdoor activity today. First day of the New Year.

  112. I hope everyone had a great new year weekend. To many it’s back to work and to others it’s time to set foot back in the gym for the first time this year. Stick to your resolutions this year. Believe in yourself and be successful!

  113. Just walking out to the mailbox across the street can make a BIG difference. Fresh air in your lungs and you feel refreshed!

  114. I nedd to break down my meals into smaller that I’m eating six instead of three through out the day..portions are anothere I’m having a little trouble..I want to keep it from being a big ol thing..or from being just a few bites..

  115. we had such beautiful weather in Omaha this weekend!!! took the top off the Jeep and soaked it all in!
    yard work and jogging with the dog was a pleasure!

  116. I live in the countryside in the UK and I adore being outside. I walk my little girl somewhere every day and I’ve just started running again so I get to see the beautiful English weather first hand 🙂

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