SuperSTAR Success Contest + HUGE TV news!!
Hi everyone!I have big exciting news to tell you all!  We are going to have our very own BuffMother! infomercial so we can spread the word about BuffMother! and the success it has given so many women.A wonderful company in Los Angeles will be helping us to produce it and I am busier than ever now with script writing, photo shoots, interviews and everything associated with putting together a fantastic show.

Now comes the real exciting part!  We want YOU to be a part of it.  There is nothing better than helping other people – and by telling your story you will motivate thousands to get off the couch and get BUFF!  If you are selected to be on the “show” you will get a FREE TRIP to where we will be shooting, and you will get to tell your story!  Secretly, my hope is that it is in Los Angeles, but we do not know yet; but wherever it is, we will be sure to have a great time.

So there are 2 ways you can be a part of this:

1. If you already have reached your goal (or are close) please fill out the form below and send us your before and after photo.  Don’t worry if they are not great, if you are picked we will be shooting you again with makeup and the works!
2. If you are just starting, or not at your goal, consider joining the Rally Room our support group on .  We will be starting a 10 week contest with tons of support to get everyone in great shape.  **NOTE**If you are interested in being featured in the infomercial. I’d love to get you to submit your form NOW…we can update your pictures and stats as you continue to make progress.***Here is the FORM…and be sure to send in your photos to:

I am so excited about spreading the word that you can be fit, healthy and happy – even after children!  And I am doubly excited about getting to meet some of you in person. So please get your forms in!  You have a chance to be on TV!!! WOW!!

Here is the form:

If you’d rather answer these on a word document and send it in by e-mail to– here are the questions:
Success Story Submission

1. Name
2. Address
3. Phone #’s:
4. Age:
5. e-mail address:
6. Starting Weight:
7. Ending Weight:
8. Any other stats (bodyfat loss, inches lost, waist inches lost, hip inches lost):
9. Why did you try BuffMother?
10. What is the best part of your results?
11. How do you feel about your success?
12. What obstacles did you have to overcome in order to attain your goals?
13. What would you want to tell the world about the Buffmother system?
14. Please be sure to send in your worst before picture and your best after picture to: THANK YOU!!

Now let’s chat about our next TEAM BuffMother! contest….

ANNOUNCING!!! the “SuperSTAR Success” Contest an Official Team BuffMother! Contest!!!

Do you want to be a SuperSTAR?  I am so excited to offer each and everyone of you that possibility.  YOU could be on TV!!!  As you’ve seen from our past contest results, HUGE physical transformations can occur in just 10 weeks.  Get after it and you could be selected to be a SuperSTAR Success Story!

The- 10 WEEK- “SuperSTAR Success” CONTEST Starts June 23rd, 2008 (weeks run MON- SUN); and will end Sunday August 31st!!!

Throughout the 10 week contest I will do  MANY features which will help you utilize the Hormonal Timing Lifestyle to help you reach your goals!! I will also be doing the contest myself~ I believe leading by example is the BEST way to teach others…so you’ll gain a ton of insight into how I personally use Hormonal Timing to maintain my body.

I challenge you take the next 10 weeks and work your hardest so that you can attain SuperSTAR Success so that you can have an amazing success story to share with the world!  I would love for you to have the opportunity to be selected for my upcoming infomercial.  You could be a SUPERSTAR!!

Please, Visit our Rally Room~To SignUp for the “SuperSTAR Success” contest!!!

Let’s Rock it!!!


BuffMother! (Michelle)

p.s. I highly recommend utilizing my success secrets to attain your goals.  They are laid out for you in a fun, easy to read, step-by-ste in my books Hormonal Timing: Female Fitness Evolved  and After Baby ABS!




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