My B-day ~ recap & super busy Sunday!

Hi Girls!
Well my b-day started off with a my first speeding ticket ever!

here is the story again for those of you who missed it: My day started off great …I woke up to many B-day greetings~ talked to Julie a bit the decided to go for a treat–WE (my 4 kids and I) then headed to Krispy Creme to get some treats and coffee. We were enjoying the sun shining, looking at the airplanes and the horses…and they started singing Happy B-day to me!! It was GREAT!! then I looked up and had a cop with flashing lights behind me!! The cop had no mercy on me despite the fact that it was my b-day, the road being an obvious speed trap, the fact that I’ve never had a ticketin my life and not even the fact my speedometer is busted. HE STILL gave me a ticket! So Happy B-day to me– my first ticket!So I expect the rest of the day to be wonderful! lol

But It went better from there~ My son had a Baseball Tourney all day~ so we were at the fields, all day~ I wasn’t too happy to spend my B-day there with 3 girls, but it turned out GREAT!
His team won!!!
then on the ride home Julie called and told me she won!!!  Double YAY!~!!  What an awesome end to the day!!

So when I got home I had 2 mini CCL (as Kim says- cold coors lights) and spent some time dancing to Britney Sprears, lol!
I also did a handstand against the wall…my first one in forever!  It was great so I held it for 45 seconds…I also did 2 bridges– I want to get more gymnastic again, lol!!
But this morning I wish I hadn’t!  My neck is OUT and has been killing me all day!  I guess I am old after all!

No workout for me today, but I did do a good leg workout yesterday and about 45 mins of dancing last night, hehe!!

I’ve been very busy today: working, going to wal-mart, backing B-day cupcakes, laundry, cleaning, etc….  I have more to do, plus get my kiddos to bed– the older 2 still have school for 4 more days and the twins will be at the sitters tomorrow…so I should be able to get tons done then!!

Have a super Sunday!!
p.s.  Almost forgot to mention my VALUE~ I value hard work…I believe that hard work always provides rewards.  If not monetary, in a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that nothing else can provide.  When I work hard or see another working hard it is so inspirational!  Working hard is needed if we expect to see change in our lives…Challenge (working hard)= Change!



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